100+ Healthy Halloween Treats

Put down the chocolate and walk away slowly!

We know it’s hard and with Halloween around the corner, temptation is EVERYWHERE! If it isn’t us digging into the Halloween dish, it’s our cute kids sneaking treats and ending up on sugar overload!

Well….NOT this year! 

We’ve come up with OVER 100 sugar-free OR non-candy ideas to pass out as healthy Halloween treats! Start a trend and see how many thankful parents you meet!

Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

Small toys for Halloween treats.
51. Mini Halloween BubblesBubbles are the ultimate soother for any screaming toddler! Any parent would be ecstatic for you to drop it in their goodie bag!
52. Nail FilesWatch out kids! This is another goodie that your mom might sneak away!
53. Halloween Assortment PackNot sure what to get!? This assortment pack offers a variety of Halloween toys!
54. Halloween Punching BalloonsBalloons are probably the second most popular way to soothe a screaming toddler! Another easy way to make a parent happy!
55. Flashing Jelly RingsAll the Disney Princesses that show up at your door will go “ga-ga” for these flashy rings!

Small toys for Halloween treats.

56. Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncy Eye BallsKids LOVE anything that glows-in-the-dark and these bouncy eyeballs do just that!

57. Finger FlashlightsPerfect for tiny hands, finger flashlights are a unique idea for tossing into their goodie bag.

58. Glow Stick BraceletsAgain, if it glows, they will come! Any type of glow-stick will be a sure HIT!

59. Gl0w-in-the-Dark Fangs Perfect for scaring their siblings, these fangs are a fun option.

60. Halloween PlaydoughBy simply decorating the outside of the bag, you can turn ordinary play dough into festive Halloween-dough.

Small toys for Halloween treats.

61. Spider RingsA Halloween classic!

62. Temporary TattoosKids will get a kick out of playing with temporary tattoos and parents will be happy to know it washes off!

63. Quarters – Receiving a quarter was a FAVORITE treat of mine growing up! But be warned, your house might be the hit of the neighborhood. Watch out for repeat stoppers!

64. Glow-in-the-Dark SlimeGreat for sensory play, slime is a original idea that fits perfectly with Halloween.

65. Hot Wheel CarsAll the little boys will be running for you house! Mini cars are a boys best friend!

Small toys for Halloween treats.

66. Sticky HandsThese silly hands are one of my kiddos FAVORITE things to get from a quarter machine and probably just as fun of a toy to get while out trick-or-treating!

67. Assorted Plastic RingsWho says dressing up has to stop after Halloween! Pass out plastic rings and let kiddos express themselves well past October 31st.

68. Shutter Shade GlassesHere is another great toy that allows kids to play dress up past October 31st.

69. Assorted Plastic BugsI’ve never understood it, but kids LOVE bugs. Especially little boys! Here is another simple toy that kids will play with or use to scare their siblings.

70. Spinning TopAn oldie but goodie! This toy never goes out of style!

Small toys for Halloween treats.

71. Paper AirplanesPre-made airplanes?! DONE!

72. Glow-in-the-Dark Silly PuttyPutty is a great sensory toy that both kids and parents will LOVE!

73. Jumping FrogsKids will get a kick out of these jumping frogs! Purchase them in bulk for a easy, non-food treat!

74. Zombie GlassesOne last idea for dress up fun!

75. Skeleton DucksThese ducks fit the Halloween theme and are GREAT for bath time!


25 Non-Candy Treats

Non-candy Halloween treat options.

Non-candy Halloween treat options.
76. Juice BoxesWith plenty of organic or no added sugar options available, juice boxes are great option for Halloween treats!

77. Organic Crackers Variety PackIf you already buy these for your little one, think about picking up some extra boxes to pass out for Halloween!

78. Cheese Puffs in Pumpkin BagTurn an ordinary bag of cheese puffs into a festive pumpkin treat!

79. Pirate Booty SnacksIf you haven’t tasted Pirate Booty, you’re missing out! It’s airy and cheesy flavor is a delicious and healthy treat!

80. Packaged Apple SlicesThis is one of the HEALTHIEST options on the list and they are easy to find in individually wrapped packages.

Non-candy Halloween treat options.

81. Veggie StrawsVeggie straws are a tasty way to trick kids into eating some extra vegetables!

82. Dried FruitA bag of dried fruit can be made by hand or found at big box stores!

83. Box of RaisinsEasy, tasty and healthy all wrapped in a box!

84. Organic Fruit SnacksKids will easily mistake these chewy snacks for a fruity candy!

85. Pumpkin wrapped Popcorn PacksIf you have extra bag of microwavable popcorn laying around, all you need is orange paper to wrap around it and create an adorable pumpkin popcorn package to pass out!

Non-candy Halloween treat options.

86. Bags of PretzelsBags of pretzels are easy to find in bulk and another great alternative to sugary candy!

87. Trail Mix PackagesParents might sneak these heart healthy goodies right out of their kiddos bag!

88. Mini Water BottlesWater bottles are such a good idea they may not even make it home! Water is a perfect way to recharge trick-or-treaters as they run around town! Click the link to use our free printables to decorate them!

89. Granola BarsSave any left overs to pack in your kids lunch!

90. Instant Oatmeal PacketsWhat an original idea! Instant oatmeal packets are a healthy alternative and a perfect way to warm up on a cool fall morning!

Non-candy Halloween treat options.

91. Fruit BarsLeftover of these are another great thing to pack in your kids lunch!

92. Goldfish CrackersGoldfish are a staple in every home!  What kid wouldn’t LOVE getting a mini pack of these crackers?!

93. Bag of ChipsArguably not the healthiest snack, but some would say a much better option than sugary candy!

94. Fruit LeathersSimilar to a fruit roll ups, these fruit leathers also taste like fruity candy!

95. Pumpkin Face Fruit CupsFruit cups might be one of the healthiest options on this list and by simply drawing on a cute pumpkin face, you’ve given it Halloween spirit!

Non-candy Halloween treat options.

96. Animal CrackersA classic that isn’t going anywhere! Kids will love playing with these while eating them too!

97. Mini Cereal BoxesMini cereal boxes are easy to buy in bulk and you can give trick-or-treats the option to pick their own favorite cereal!

98. Applesauce PouchesMy kids can’t get enough of these! In fact, if I were to buy them to pass out, my kids might eat them all before Halloween day!

99. Graham CrackersGraham crackers are another childhood favorite that most kids will love receiving!

100. Moon PiesAlthough it’s not candy, it’s sweet enough to satisfy any chocolate tooth.


7 BONUS Healthy and Body Options

Health and body Halloween treats.

Health and body Halloween treats.
101. Lip BalmChapstick is always handy!

102. Mini TissuesMoms will LOVE these! Kids noses run from ages 0-18!

103. ToothbrushDon’t lie! You know your local dentist will be passing out these as their Halloween treats!

104. Face GlitterA fun and sparkly way to play “make-up” at home with out using real make-up.

105. Nail PolishAll the little girls will LOVE getting a mini bottle of nail polish!

106. Toothbrush TimerKids love a little friendly competition. Pass out sand timers so they can race against time as they brush their teeth!

107. Hand SanitizerA mom’s best friend! This item will surely be a hit with all the parents!


We’ve got you covered with TONS of ideas for Halloween treats and NOW it’s time to help you out with your costume! Check out these AMAZING round ups for ideas for couples OR families:

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