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Love Story: Nate and Wendy

Love Story: Wendy and Nate

Nate and Wendy's Love Story

Nate's story: "One night I was at a Jazz NBA basketball game, and during halftime I saw this super hot lady up on the jumbo tron and knew I had to meet her. So I found the section she was in and went over and introduced myself. She thought it was so cute and romantic that I was so determined to find her, things were bliss from day 1!" 
That was actually a story my husband told a friend of mine! He is good at thinking he is creative, but...

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Family Movie Night Date

Family movie night idea.

Shauna over at "My Mix of Six" has the CUTEST family of redheads!!  Her blog first caught my eye because my mom is also a redhead....which she passed down to a few of us!  Under my blonde highlights...I have some RED just dying to come thru!  AnYwAy....I really liked the "spin" Shauna put on their family movie night!

She bought tickets from Walmart and began giving them out to her kids for doing chores.  She was amazed at how quickly the chores were done!...

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Anniversary Gift Idea

The Memory Jar Anniversary Idea.

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary! I have been working hard on making his gift...a memory jar! Jared and I have known each other for over 14 years, so we have A LOT of memories.

Here is how I made the jar...
STEP ONE: Find a jar!

STEP TWO: Decide how many memories you want to write about and then cut that many tiny papers! ( I decided to do 100 memories.)
STEP THREE: On each paper, write a memory that you and your...

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Dinner & Movie: Date Night

Date night movie date

This date was inspired by the new movie, perfectly titled: 'Date Night', starring Steve Carrel and Tina Fey. In my opinion these two stars were brilliantly cast for the leading roles in this film! Can I just say HILARIOUS! This is what you might refer to as a 'Dinner and Movie Date', but so much funner! Since you are planning on taking your spouse to see a movie, why not surprise him by using movie tickets! These tickets were created by fellew Diva, Tara, but modified...

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Let’s Grow Old Together!

Grow old together with your spouse.

I had a conversation with some other teachers today that rather stuck with me...and made me a little sad!   It also made me think...and I thought I would share the experience as well as a few thoughts with all of you.

When asked about my weekend plans, I shared a little about the date I was planning for my husband.  A few of the teachers exclaimed things like, "That sounds like so much fun!" and  "He's going to LOVE it!"

A few others mentioned that they...

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What’s Your Love Language?

The Five Love Languages

Jason and I have read many marriage books in our short 4 years together. One book that I absolutely love and refer back to ALL the time is called 'The Five Love Languages' by Gary Chapman.

Learning each others Love Language was a HUGE part of us really understanding each other and how the other needs to be shown love.

Jason's Love Language is Words of Affirmation, which I regrettably do not do enough. Thanks to the Dating Divas I am getting lots of ideas on how...

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Cruizin to the Caribbean Date

Caribbean beach themed date night idea.

Okay since it is still pretty cold here in Utah,(Although really nice the past few days)I decided to spice things up a bit and plan a date with a Caribbean Island feel. So I wrote a little poem and decorated the table the night before so my husband would see it before he went to work and have all day to get excited for our date.

Since I have two babies at home, I just used a bath pirate ship toy and used blue flavored Hawaiian punch to dye the water. I am sure...

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Love Notes Printables

Printable love notes 8 Days of Love.

(Image courtesy of Vol. 25)

Anyone need some super cute love notes? I LOVE this gal and her awesome art. (Seriously, love her stuff. We ordered a print of hers for my son's pirate nursery and it is adorable.) Well, today she posted a FREE download of love notes. They are so fun and I think my husband might enjoy getting them each day as he is preparing for his med school finals. Click here to see her blog and download the love notes....

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