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Becoming Fireproof

Becoming Fireproof: marital advice worth reading.

Fireproof Your Marriage

Like many of you, my husband and I are movie fans! A.K.A "cuddle on the couch with a good flick after the kids are in bed fans." With the standards of Hollywood, it's not often that a movie comes out that actually is centered around morals and values faith, but I think it's a glorious event when it does happen, and I like to support those kind of film makers. So... I just wanted to mention just such a movie that my husband and I saw a while...

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Love Footprints

Love Footprint - love him every step of the way.

We seriously love it when readers email in ideas...especially when they are GOOD ones.  {LOL}  Candice sent in a cute little idea that anyone could whip up in a matter of minutes.  I am always trying to come up with new ways to express my love to my husband so I appreciated her fresh take on "love notes".  Here she is:

Candice & Hubby
"First I want to thank you for this blog! It is exactly what every person needs to do to keep marriages alive...

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A Surprise Break!

Give your spouse a surprise break for Father's Day!

The BEST Gift For Your Spouse

My man comes home every day from a long workload, hoping for a good ten-minutes of peace and quiet to unwind. But is that what he gets?? Nope. Most of the time he comes in from the garage and walks right into.... a loud, crazy house, with kids jumping off the walls and ringing in his ears just to welcome him home. After all, they are bored with mom at this point and are extremely excited to get a chance to win over his attention. But...

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