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“Back to School” Date Night

This Back-to-School date night is sure to make you both feel playful!

 It's the time of year that most kids dread - time to go back to school from summer break! Aaaahhhh!! Ha, ha! So, when planning my date I decided to focus on all the FUN parts of school: lunch, recess, and PE! And let me tell you - my date was a BLAST!!!! I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

Remember when you used to write notes to friends and fold them in a cute way? Well, the morning of my date I gave my husband a note. I had so much fun remembering...

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Love Story: Lisa and Dominick

A Love Story: Lisa and Dominic

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful 17-year-old girl. One day, while out cruisin' state street, she crossed paths with a dashing 20-year-old guy. They were immediately drawn to each other and quickly got to know each other.  For the next two weeks they spent every moment they could together. That's right, no playing "hard-to-get" for these two lovebirds, they were like magnets, there was no keeping them apart. She soon discovered that his days in...

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The Power of an Invitation

The power of an invitation.

Think back for a the first time you ever received an invitation.  This invitation may have been to a birthday party, some type of celebration, or a special event.  Can you recall the feelings you had upon receiving something that was specifically created for you?  I still remember the time I was invited to a neighbor's birthday party when I was six.  Oh, I was so excited!  I kept the invitation on my mirror and each morning and night, I would...

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Fall into Fashion!

Fall into Fashion!

Don't we all love Fall?  The crisp air, the warm scents, and THE FASHION!  Right now is the time when we get a new wardrobe, even if we aren't going back to school.  I still think Fall is the perfect time to get a few new things especially if you are going to be taking family pictures for your Christmas cards. So I am going to let you in on some of the new trends you have to try this Fall Season.  After reading tons of fashion mags (something I love to do)...

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Fitness Tips

Fitness tips for couples to stay active.

The Top Ten Ways To Be Fit Together This Summer...

1. Go on a walk while holding hands.
2. Ride bikes together while laughing and talking about your day.
3. Count your partner's sit-ups.
4. Sit on your front porch and eat a healthy snack.
5. Go swimming, hiking or running together.
6. Load your man's IPOD with awesome songs that will pump them up for fitness.
7. Set up the Wii and play fit games for a fun date night.
8. Find a new healthy recipe to cook...

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Rockstar Date

Rockstar Date

Everyone wants to be a Rockstar, right?  Well, this is your chance to be that "rockstar."

My husband was greeted with this trail of rocks when he got home.  At the end of the trail was this invite.

Download your free copy of the invite here.

These "hot rocks" are all over the Internet right now.  It is easy and fun to do - get your kids involved! My little guy is too small, so I did it myself.  Here's what you do:

1. Go outside and find...

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Date Ideas Book

Oopsey Daisey blog DIY coupon book.

Hello, my fellow divas!! I am so tickled to be a guest today! I had been enjoying The Dating Divas blog for a few months when one day I realized that I actually knew one of THE divas! Corie was actually my mentor teacher when I was student teaching at BYU. Corie is truly amazing, and I carried her inspiration with me all the way through my first grade teaching career!! It has been so fun to have a friend in the blogging community!

I am Alison,...

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Not Just For ‘Da Garden

Not just for the garden - decorating with rose petals.

Psst!  You, yeah, you…there’s a secret weapon each diva needs stashed under her bed… No, no, not this weapon (…but it’s good too!)… I’m talking about a little box of rose petals that will change an ordinary event into an extraordinary one!
Rose petals aren’t just for honeymoon hotel suites (Although, it’s exactly that stereotype that gives them that va-va-voom touch!)  Here are a few ideas for you to use tonight with the help of these sweet...

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Pork Ribs and Strawberry Cake

Pork ribs and strawberry cake recipes.

I Cook Because I Love Him

The realization that I have had in cooking is that I generally only cook what I will eat.  I am not big on certain kinds of meats (i.e. steak, ribs, pork, etc.)  I know, I'm weird!  If I don't like it, I generally don't cook it.  However, my husband LOVES a lot of the food I don't. Like Kipper Snacks.  BLAH!  Gross. That's all I'm gonna say.  Disgusting! {lol}  So in my venture to be a better wifey, I have learned how to cook...

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