66 Family Halloween Games

66 Spooky Halloween Games 

Halloween time means PAR-TAY time! Whether you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids, teens, adults, or the whole gang; we’ve rounded up enough Halloween game ideas to keep the party exciting until the monsters come out.

Fantastic Halloween Games

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If you’re planning a spooky party this year, look no farther! We’ve gathered up Halloween games for the whole family! I mean it, there is something here for everyone! We’ve broken all of these Halloween games down into 3 categories:

  • 30 Halloween Games for Kids
  • 12 Halloween Games for Teens
  • 24 Halloween Games for Adults

Exciting, right?! First up…

30 Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Games for Kids

1. Mummy Race Halloween Game – Watch the kids race across the finish line leaving a trail of toilet paper behind them. Maybe I should have put this in the “adult” category… It sounds so FUN!

2. Poke a Pumpkin Put prizes inside orange cups with napkins rubber-banded over the tops. Let each child break through to get a treat or a trick!

3. Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe Tape a grid on a table with masking tape. The game pieces are mini pumpkins! Love it!

4. Halloween Concentration Games Let the kiddos test their memory with all things spooky with this fun halloween game! Plus, free printables!

5. Pop Goes the Pumpkin Kick off Halloween with a bang! This classic carnival game is a great Halloween game AND great party decor! Win-win!

6. Balloon Catch – Play this creative Halloween game by blowing up a few orange balloons and give every player a paper funnel. Watch the kids catch, jump, and spin until everyone falls down with laughter.

7. Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones – Print off an engineering size print of Mr. Bones and you’ve got yourself a 4 foot tall skeleton. Add a blindfold, some bow ties and you’re good to go for a great Halloween party game!

8. Pumpkin Bowling Fill each little DIY bowling pin with candy or a surprise. Bowl with a little pumpkin and whichever pin they knock down, they get the treat from inside. I wanna play!

Halloween Party Games for Kids

9. Witch Pitch See how many candy corns the little kiddos can toss into a cauldron. Whether they make it or not, there will be lots of yummy candy corn to munch on!

10. Cupcake Walk Kit – My kids love any game that ends with eating cake. Guess what?! Free printables too! Sold!

11. Skeleton Games Roll a dice to gather all of the pieces of the skeleton. First child to gather all of the bones wins!

12. Halloween Bingo This free, printable Halloween Bingo is easy to play and perfect for kids because it’s all Halloween pictures! Candy corns are the perfect place holders.

13. Pumpkin Golf – Carved pumpkins are not only great lanterns, but your very own miniature golf course. Grab some golf balls and get puttin’.

14. Touch and Feel Halloween Sensory Game The old “peeled grapes for eyeballs” classic is a great go-to Halloween game for kids. Gross!

15. Spider Web Walking Halloween Game This activity uses balance, problem solving, and the imagination. Grab some colorful tape and create a fun spider web for the kids.

16. The Great Pumpkin Treasure Hunt Lead the kiddos from clue to clue until they find The Great Pumpkin…. {Well, at least the movie.} We watch this every year and my kids LOVE it!

Halloween Activities for kids

17. Pumpkin Toss This DIY Halloween game is well worth the time spent making it. Oh, and don’t worry about tossing pumpkins into a nasty mess. Draw pumpkin faces onto tennis balls to avoid all that!

18. Ghost Bucket Toss – This DIY Halloween game is not only cute and fun, but easy and inexpensive. Plus, it’s a game you can use year after year.

19. Candy Corn Guessing Game For this sweet guessing game, fill a large clear bowl with candy corn, making sure to count each piece as you fill. The child who guesses the closest gets a prize! {Or the whole bowl of candy! Yummy!!}

20. Halloween Charades This game idea is a fun way to let children interact and play together at any Halloween party. Free printable game cards!

21. Monster Dice I really LOVE this little DIY game! An easy, creative and a great way to get the kids moving!

22. Pumpkin Hunt I love the simplicity of this game, and it’s a great way to have some Halloween fun outdoors!

23. Halloween I-Spy My kids love i-spy games and this one is perfect for a Halloween party.

24. Halloween Game: Balancing Act Challenge all players to walk the plank without falling into the spiderwebs! You’ll need some tulle and cheese cloth to create your spider web. Eep! I hate spiders!

Halloween Games for family

25. Easy Indoor Obstacle Course These little bag ghosts are so cute and all of the obstacles look so easy. They can be thrown together with things already in the home. Right up my alley!

26. Pin the Eye On the Monster – Blind fold the little ghosts and goblins, spin them around and watch as they try to add an eye to the monster poster. Monsters can have spooky eyes from top to bottom!

27. Halloween Blind Guessing Game Add some creepy Halloween fun to your party. Hide different food items behind a sheet, add a small slit, and let the little hands slip through and feel the spooky items.

28. Ghost Races This Halloween game is designed after the traditional Potato Sack Race, except the white pillow case is decorated like a ghost. Boo!!

29. Gourd on a Spoon Challenge Have the kiddos balance gourds or mini pumpkins on a wooden spoon as they walk around a course of pumpkins.

30. Fall Halloween House Turn a cardboard box into a little Halloween house for all of the small party guests to play in. Let them all practice their trick-or-treating by knocking on the front door.

Now that we’ve got the little ones taken care of, let’s up the scary meter and give the older kids a turn! Zombies and witches and murder – OH-MY!!

12 Halloween Games for Teens

Halloween Games for Teens

Lots of Halloween Games For Teens

31. Donut on a String This inexpensive Halloween game is just as fun to watch as it is to play. Donuts all around!

32. Mind Reading Here is a fun guessing game to get the whole Halloween party involved!

33. Bob for Apples (scroll down in the post for this one) The one who picks the apple up out of the water without using hands wins! Maybe have some hair ties available. Those teen girls might not like getting their hair wet. 🙂

34. Would You Rather: Halloween Edition Here is a great way to get the conversation started. Plus, it’s a great spring board for making up your own spooky questions.

35. Apples and Mallows A great relay game for the whole group that takes bobbing for apples to a whole new level!

36. Halloween Photo Props Free printable photo booth props to jump start that teen Halloween party!

Halloween Games for A Teen Party

37. Battle of the Halloween Balloons Have your guests split into two teams, each grab a balloon, and tie it to one of their ankles. Using only their feet, they have to try and break the other team’s balloons.

38. Halloween Video Scavenger Hunt – Each team has a list of fun and wacky Halloween tasks/items to capture on video and bring back to the party to share with all of the guests.

39. Murder in the Dark – Find a dark room, a deck of playing cards, and a group of teens excited about a game of murder!

40. Dizzy Mummy This fun teen Halloween party game offers tons of fun and very little prep. Steal of few rolls of toilet paper from under your bathroom sink and you’re ready to play!

41. Cat Got Your Tongue At the start of the party, declare certain words off-limits. Use a common word people use during Halloween. If someone is caught saying one of the “forbidden” words they have to perform a “trick”!

42. Ghost Rockets Have you seen these Alka seltzer rockets, made with film canisters?! Serious fun for a group of teens!

Move over kiddos, it’s time for some real fun! Halloween games aren’t just for the trick-or-treaters! My favorite part…

24 Halloween Games for Adults

Halloween Games for Adults

Lots of Fun Halloween Games for Adults

43. Guessing Candy Game – After the kids are in bed, the candy is just sitting around waiting to be tasted. This is the perfect way for you and your spouse to sample the GOODS!

44. Fear Factor – Nothing makes me more scared than this… Fear Factor is a great game to play for Halloween! Worms…gross!

45. Pumpkin Win It In A Minute Games – This is an evening for planned and prepared games that are sure to please all Halloween party guests! Plus – free printables!

46. Pumpkin Decorating Party  Carving pumpkins is such a wonderful Halloween tradition. Turn it into an evening of fun and games with free printables! 

47. The Body Part Toss Game – If you’re a zombie fan and a little handy with a saw, I think I’ve found you a new DIY Halloween game. The toss game isn’t just for kids anymore!

48. Murder Mystery Party This incredibly creative Murder Mystery Party Pack has everything you’ll need to throw a killer at home date!

49. Everything Halloween from A-Z How much do you really know about Halloween? This game challenges your knowledge of everything Ghostly from A to Z!

50. Witches Scattergories – Download this free printable and play this fun witchy game while eating your Halloween feast!

Halloween Party Activities for Adults

51. Winking Murder Game –  When guests arrive, each one picks a slip of paper out of a bowl and the murderer is assigned. If the murderer winks at you throughout the evening you’ll have 3 minutes to “die” in an elaborate and dramatic way somewhere in the house. Figure out the murderer before he gets YOU!

52. Costume Contest Hand out these CUTE award ribbons to the guests with the best Halloween costumes!

53. Halloween Scavenger Hunt  Clues lead teams to different places in town, where they must take a photo with their phone and send it back to their host for proof. There are some great ideas for Halloween clues, too!

54. Ultimate Halloween Printable Pack Fun activities are just the beginning for this Halloween party pack. Food ideas, decor, and gift bags to take your party over the top!

55. Spooky Halloween Boggle This printable game is played just like the real game Boggle (a super fun game for two or more), but is already set-up and has a Spooky, Halloween twist.

56. Halloween Trivia This Halloween game has invitations, envelopes, and cards for an exciting and spooky night of game play. Plus, it has free printables!

57. Monster Mash Dance Party Get everyone out on the dance floor for a Halloween Dance Competition! Here is a great Halloween song playlist to get the party started!

58. Monster Match-Up Each guest gets a small paper with a Halloween theme on it. Each guest tries to find another guest that is paired with their items. Great icebreaker idea! (Examples might be fangs and Transylvania or Werewolf and full moon.)

Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

59. Chalk Outline Invite guests to volunteer to have their forms mapped out in a chalk outline and challenge the other guests to identify who the outline belongs to.

60. Petrified Pyramid Similar to the famous television game show, this game has players compete in teams. They choose categories and attempt to get their partners to guess as many answers in that category as they can within a time limit.

61. Halloween Film Festival Do you have creative friends that always want to do something different? Well, challenge them to present at your Halloween Film Festival. Recreate a short Horror Movie film moment and share your creation with the group!

62. Halloween Guess Who? –  As each guest arrives to the party, stick a label to their back with a Halloween character listed on it. As guests mingle everyone should be treated like their “character.” All guests that correctly guess their label win a prize! Candy of course!!

63. Pass it on Ghost Story Have everyone sit in a dark room and turn on a flash light. The person holding the light starts to tell a spooky ghost story. When the timer dings, pass the light to another person. Continue passing until the story comes to a creepy ending!

64. Have you learned anything from Horror Movies? After watching a scary movie we often find ourselves talking about mistakes the characters made that often led to their death. Lets turn this idea into a Halloween game and see how far you could make it in a horror movie!

65. Movie Picture Clues Print out this great list of scary movie clues and have your guests match the clue to the movie.  Easy and so fun!!

66. The Grave Keeper Any zombie fans out there?! This Halloween game will test your staggering skills. Pick one person to be the grave keeper and all other guests are zombies trying to eat the keeper. If the grave keeper sees someone move they are out of the game. Eep!!

Your spooky party is sure to be a success with all of these fabulous Halloween Party games! The hardest part is picking which ones to play!

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