February 17, 2014

Who Dunit? Group Mystery Date Night


I have the most creative group of friends. For years, we would get together and play games like “How to Host a Murder” similar tTHIS one that Lisa did. We would dress up and totally get into our assigned characters. The games usually included accusing each other of the crime and looking for clues. Some of my BEST memories are of those times, so I really wanted to create my own – DIVA STYLE!  


This date has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that you need to host and play your very own murder mystery detective game. Detectives will race to figure out: WHO dun it? WHERE? and with WHAT? We have made it super easy for you with our designer Erin’s amazing printables. All you have to do is purchase the printables {waaaaay cheaper then from the store!}, print, invite your friends and play!

Here is what the printable package includes: 

  • Invitations
  • Name Tags
  • Character Role Cards
  • Suspect, Location and Weapon Cards
  • Room Labels
  • Detective Clue Sheets
  • Host Check List
  • Guest List
  • Top Secret Envelope Labels

It is all right here for you! Wait until you see the printables! Erin seriously does such a good job. Next time you host something and want customized designs – check out her site! She is amazing to work with!

Aren’t you just so excited to get these for your next group date night or party?

buy now-pink

Here's How It Works

First you need to invite your guests! For this group date night you need at least 4 other couples – but, the more the better! Choose six dramatic people to play the parts of the six suspects and the rest will be detectives. You can have as many detectives as you want! To help you organize who is who – you can use the Guest List Printable included in the printable pack!



Once you have chosen your guests – present them with these “Top Secret” invitations. Each suspect has a specific invite explaining their particular character and requests them to “come dressed IN CHARACTER”  The detective invites allow you more flexibility in customizing agent names for your guests. Their invite also requests they come in their “detective attire”.


To make your invitation: cut out the folder shape, write in the correct information for your date, fold at the dotted line and add a Top Secret sticker (included in the pack!) to the outside.

Game Preparation

Before your guests arrive, you will want to have all of your pieces organized and ready to go. Lets start with the incident cards. There are 18 incident cards: 6 SUSPECT cards, 6 LOCATION cards and 6 WEAPON cards.


The  Investigation Results Envelope

After putting them in piles by type – secretly choose 1 from each category and place the three cards in an envelope. For the envelope, I had some 6 x 9″ envelopes left over from our Amazing Race Group Date Night so I used those and they were perfect. I printed the “Top Secret Investigation Results” label onto sticker paper and stuck it on the envelope containing the 3 chosen incident cards.


*Note – if you want to play along with your guests you totally can – you just need to make sure you don’t peak at the cards you put in any of the envelopes!

After the three cards are safely in the Investigation Results envelope – mix up the rest and get ready to put them in . . .

The Suspect Envelopes

 Each of the 6 suspects will need an envelope. These are the ones that say “For (enter character name here)’s eyes only!” To label them, I did the same as the envelope above. I printed the labels on the sticker paper and stuck them on the envelope. 


Inside each of the those suspect envelopes you will want to divide up the remaining incident cards left over from above. Unlike the Investigation Results envelope – these DO NOT have to have one of each kind – any type will do. It also does not matter how many cards go in each of these envelopes. Some will have 2 and some may have 3. If you choose to have less suspects, they may have even more cards in their envelopes. The most important part is that those cards are dispersed amongst the cards.

Room Locations: 

Finally, you will want to determine your room locations. There are six different rooms, or areas,  needed for the game. Using the Room Labels in the printable pack – place a sign outside of each room that you will be using. If you don’t have 6 available rooms (like me) just choose 6 areas to represent those rooms.


As Your Guests Arrive,

Have The Following Ready:

As your guests arrive, give them the name tag for the character they were assigned. The Detective name tags allow for you to give them a specific agent name. Again, sticker paper makes it so easy! Just print on that paper and stick ‘em on! Easy!


Also, present each guest with either a Character Introduction Card (for the 6 suspects) OR a Detective Pad (for the Detectives).  Sarina-ClueDate-pic6-WebLogo

In addition to the Character Introduction Card – you can give the suspects their personalized “Top Secret” Envelope Cards that you had prepared earlier.

Now it is time to play . . .

How to Play:

Gather all of your guests and divide the suspects from the detectives. Using the host paper, read the instructions to both the suspects and the detectives. Here you get to introduce everyone to the game and explain the rules.  Here are the basics:

  • Each of the suspects will go to one of the designated areas & take a peak at their 3 incident cards so that they know them!
  • When the game officially begins it is a race for all of the detectives to figure out WHO dun it, WHERE it occurred. and WHAT the weapon was by asking the suspects.  The detectives rush to one of the suspect’s rooms and makes a guess that includes 1 suspect, 1 location and 1 weapon.
  • The suspect, uses their incident cards from their envelope, to give 1 clue to the detective. If the detective guessed that it was Mr. Banks, in the kitchen with the poison, they might say something like “I know it wasn’t in the kitchen”
  • The detective then marks on the their detective pad their clues as they go until they can narrow it down to the 3 final answers.
  • The detective then moves on to another suspect. If the detective wishes to ask that suspect another question, they must visit at least one other suspect before they return.
  • When they have narrowed it down and feel that they can make a guess, gather everyone in and check their answer with the Investigation Results Envelope. If they guess correctly – they are the winners!


How fun is that?! You can even play several times with a different result depending on the cards drawn!

When you are done playing, Stephanie has lots of other ideas in her “Clue” Date Night that would go PERFECT with this date!

Happy sleuthing!

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28 Responses to “Who Dunit? Group Mystery Date Night ”

  1. Becca Becca says:

    Ahh, this looks SO fun! Can’t wait to try it. :)

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to play this!!!!! I love dressing up and having a murder mystery party, this one looks like sooo much fun!!!! Love it! xox

  3. Tara Tara says:

    This is SO amazing, Sarina! You are so stinkin’ creative! It blows my mind. XOXO

  4. Crystal says:

    I love your ideas. Cant wait to try them out.

  5. Lorie Brown says:

    This looks like tons of fun. My question has to do with purity. Every murder mystery game I have seen has someone sleeping with someone – and that kind of thing. From what I can see, this one isn’t like that. Is there anything at all that would make this inappropriate for Christians to do? Thanks so much for all the amazing things you guys do and make available to us!

    • Sarina Sarina says:

      I completely understand! I have felt the same way. This one is EXTREMELY tame. I am going to play it with my middle school students next week! It is very similar to the game of clue, but you get to play the parts yourself.

    • Lauren says:

      Does not have anything sexual that would make it uncomfortable for a good Christian. Just good old fasion, wholesome murder.

      • Sarina Sarina says:

        You are right! This date night has nothing that would be uncomfortable. This is the game of clue. The couples don’t have scripts in any way – they just reveal the clues to the location, murderer and weapon!

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi! This looks like TONS of fun and I just threw the idea out there on facebook and tons of my friends are interested in doing it!. I do however have a few more questions. So, you’re saying that there is a way for me to participate in this, even as the hostess? I do not understand how that would work if I am printing them. Can you please assist me in understanding this. I’m a little slow figuring it out tonight, sorry! (sick kiddo) haha Also, on average, how long would you say it takes for a group to figure this out? Is there a way to incorporate a meal or some adult beverages into this evening, or will that take away from the experience too much? Thanks in advance for all you have done to get this put together and give me some additional information. I have always wanted to do a murder mystery but have never known where to start with any of it! I am looking forward to doing this! :)

    • Sarina Sarina says:

      Amanda –

      I hope you have so much fun with this! You ABSOLUTELY can play. In the post is says “*Note – if you want to play along with your guests you totally can – you just need to make sure you don’t peak at the cards you put in any of the envelopes!” and that is it! Nice huh? The game is a lot like the game of Clue – but LIVE! Just don’t peak at the cards as you put them in the envelope and you are good! PLUS every time you play it can be different.
      You definitely could include food. I would have the guests come in and over dinner, or appetizers do the introductions, go play and return for dessert!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hey Sarina! We are hosting a group date night this Friday and super excited to play Whodunit!! Thanks for the great idea! I purchased the download and printed off everything. I don’t seem to have the Top Secret For “character’s” Eyes only page. Also, am I to understand that I just disperse the remaining 15 incident cards into the envelopes for the suspects randomly? I understand that 3 will go into the Investigation Results Envelope. Thank you so much for your help, we are SO looking forward to this!

    • Sarina Sarina says:

      Jennifer –

      I am so excited about your date night on Friday. It is going to be a blast – I am sure. To answer your question – YES. You disperse the remaining 15 incident cards into the envelopes randomly. You got it! To answer your concern – you are absolutely right. That file doesn’t have the “top secret” envelope labels. I have contacted our amazing designer and she is on it! No worries! We will get it to you. Can you send me your email so I can send it directly to you quickly? sarina@thedatingdivas.com I am so sorry! I hope you have a fabulous date night!

      • Jennifer says:

        Thanks Sarina! We are super excited for this party!! Thanks for all your hard work! It makes it so much easier to have the printables all ready created!! Can’t wait!!

  8. Lisa says:

    I am trying to come up with my daughter’s 18th birthday party theme. Both the who dun it and Amazing race look like great group themes. My daughter has a group of about 24 friends that have been getting together to have a game night (plan it and they will come) do you have a favorite or one that would be better for teens. And can we divide our groups into 4-6 rather than 2?
    thanks for your help,

  9. Aspen says:

    I can’t download it. But I paid for it.

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Aspen! Can you please email Ferren & forward her your invoice {ferret@thedatingdivas.com} and we will make sure you get your download! Thanks! XOXO

  10. Mary says:

    I paid for this game, but I can’t find the link to download and print it. Thanks!

  11. Kira says:

    I love this idea! I am confused however with the remaining 15 cards as if each of the 6 suspect envelopes is to have 3, then won’t that leave one envelope empty? Or will 3 envelopes have only 2 cards each? Forgive me if my maths is a bit out, it’s 1am, but I just couldn’t get it to make sense!

  12. Ana Thomas says:

    This looks like a fun game ! I like to use it for Christmas presents…..Thank you for the fun ideas…

  13. Courtney says:

    How long do you think this game will last for?

  14. Lauren says:

    Hey! Stumbled upon this! Curious if the printables were still available for purchase and the average turnaround time.

    Thank you!

  15. Melinda says:

    I purchased this game but can not download it. How do I download it?

  16. nicole says:

    This sounds amazing!!! would i be able to play this with 9-11 people??

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Hi I have downloaded your product so I can use it with my your group however I am not able to open it , I get an error message stating that there is an error with the file, I have had this issue before with other files and the easiest way to solve the problem is if you email me a copy of the pdf, somehow the download process corrupts my files my receipt details; Order# 20782

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