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Julie's favorites are her husband, her children, Downton Abbey, root beer slushes, and really good pasta.

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Flashback Friday:
November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: November, 2011

A collection of the best dates from 2011.

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Rockin’ Review
October 19, 2012

Rockin’ Review Paging Supermom

Just a few weeks ago I came across a fantastic website that I just had to share with all of you!  It’s called Paging Supermom and the two writers, Aimée and Bettijo…

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Home Run World Series
October 18, 2012

Home Run World Series Date

The Major League Baseball World Series is coming up next week.  If your man is a sports fanatic and loves baseball then he will be over-the-moon excited to go on this date…

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Dating with
October 6, 2012

Dating with Cents of Style

One of the rare occasions that I will get dressed to the nines is for date night. Most days I am a jeans and t-shirt girl (er…okay, sometimes a sweats…

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Kiss Me,
September 18, 2012

Kiss Me, Baby!

Kissing can be soooo yummy, especially when it is with your #1 man!  Sometimes though, it can be missing that ‘fresh’ factor.  Today, I am going to share with you a…

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10 Terrific
September 5, 2012

10 Terrific Toddler Tips

Eating out with a toddler or two can be daunting… unless you are well-prepared!  Our little family loves going to restaurants and after a lot of trial and error we have figured out…

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Road Trip Fun
August 30, 2012

Road Trip Fun with kids

With Labor Day around the corner & families getting ready to HOP in the car for some fun trips, we thought it was high time we shared a fabulous find…

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Watermelon Toenails
August 23, 2012

Fun Watermelon Toenails Using Acrylic Paint

Watermelon toenails always make me smile!  These are super cute and really easy to do.  The best part is that I use Acrylic Paints to do it (ya, that super…

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August 13, 2012

Pool Party

Hot summer weather + a refreshing swimming pool = the setting for a great date! Your husband is gonna love this one, what could be better than splashing around with…

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To Do List -
July 26, 2012

To Do List - Done!

Are you ready to cross chores off your list faster than you ever thought possible?  If your answer was ‘YES!!” then I have a great idea for you.  Our ‘To…

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