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Reclaim Divorce Proof Your Marriage Program

Reclaim Your Marriage
Divorce-Proof Your Relationship
In Just 10 Weeks!
We are on the hunt for couples to be part of our exclusive pre-release group for the Reclaim Your Marriage Program!

The Divas have been around the ol' internet for a while now, and we love every minute of what we do. {And I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what we do...honestly! We are the luckiest gals alive!}
For years, we've dedicated thousands and thousands of hours to helping our readers get more...

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Mother’s Day AND Father’s Day – DONE for You!

Mothers Day- Square Coupon-UPDATED

Mother's Day is RIGHT around the corner! Are you ready to make sure she feels SUPER special?? Our team put our heads together to brainstorm what WE would want at our beck & call to make this holiday super memorable. We recruited the ever-so-talented Erin, creator & design genius behind Strawberry Mommycakes {you HAVE to check her out... ah-maz-ing} and boo-yah! The Magic below happened!

Did you SEE all of that printable eye candy above?!? Can I just say...

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Are You IN On The Instagram Fun???

Follow Us On Instagram - @datingdivas

Pssst... are you following us on Instagram????

Because you SHOULD be! We've been having SO much fun over there!!! Plus, we are kicking off 5 SUPER-fun sections that you will definitely want to see while scrolling through your feed! Wanna hear about them??

If you haven't yet heard the buzz... we kicked this one off the beginning of February!!
Are you jumping up and down? Cuz you should be!! Let me try to calm down enough to explain......

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 30

Post It Love Notes

Post-it notes are seriously one of the GREATEST inventions!!! You can use them to stay organized, as reminders, and then... of course, as LOVE NOTES!!!!
Post It Notes
A Sharpie
Lots of reasons WHY you love your sweetie

Congrats!!! This is your LAST challenge in the 30 Day Love Challenge series! ...and it's a FUN one! Sit down, and start jotting down all of the reasons you love your sweetie. You can talk about good...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 23

Multiple Choice Date

You get to channel your inner artist for today's challenge! Even if you AREN'T an artist, it's the thought that counts and this will be something NEW you are doing for your relationship....
Colored Pencils
How SIMPLE is this?? You don't have the be the perfect artist to pull this off. You can copy this one to a "T" or customize your sheet to fit you and your sweetheart's personalities. Think up a simple...

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#DivaFashionFridays - Featuring Cents of Style

We are SO excited to present....

Are you jumping up and down? Cuz you should be!! Let me try to calm down enough to explain... because WE are just as excited! Yes, you are busy moms, wives, (....and dads... who can hook your wife UP with a fun new outfit!) and life is crazy! BUT - it's important to take a little time for yourself and to feel GOOD about yourself! Let's start with date night attire!!
#1) Make sure you are following us on...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 20

Hot-N-Ready Challenge for Day 20 of the 30 Day Love Challenge

Intimacy is one thing that shouldn't fall into a routine! Today is all about building up that anticipation for what is to come that evening!! And it all starts with a PIZZA! {...and a cute printable, of course!}
Hot-N-Ready Printable
Little Caesar's Pizza
Sexy attire for the evening
Items to set the mood {i.e. candles, music, etc}

Pizza + Lingerie?? Yep! They TOTALLY go together. At least TONIGHT they do! Head...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 18

Sunrise or Sunset for the Challenge on Day 18 of the 30 Day Love Challenge

Guys - it's sad to say that I don't remember the last time I INTENTIONALLY enjoyed the sunrise or sunset! We are surrounded by nature's beauty EVERY day, yet in the business of life, we often forget to enjoy the simple things! Today is all about slowing down, and focusing on the beauty around us!
A blanket
Yummy warm drink
Cups {optional}
Warm clothes {if it's chilly out}

Today you can enjoy the sunrise...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 15

Shower Love Notes - Just get SHOWER Markers!

I just think this is the CUTEST idea out there!! Who says that when you grow up you CAN'T play in the tub anymore???? LOL Well WE say you can!
A Shower
Crayola Bath Markers
Today you are going to leave a BUNCH of fun love notes in a very unexpected place in the house... your shower!! Some genius invented "shower markers" that wash off when you are done with them! Now, you have to be sneaky because you don't want...

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