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I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm”. My favorite things in life is my family…especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! {Oh – and love letters from my man….} I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST doing this website with some of my closest friends!

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Can ‘O’
June 12, 2010

Can ‘O’ Dates!!

Sugardoodle recently highlighted this idea on her Facebook Fan Page…which I thought was PERFECT for our blog!  My Creative Stirrings came up with THIS fun idea: A “Can ‘O Dates”!! She…

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June 10, 2010

A "Recap" of The Dates

I recently did a guest post on Simply Modern Mom in which I shared a “list” of SIX different types of dates you can do with your spouse (…or significant…

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Tara - Sassy Suggestion Inner Child Date - Pinterest Pic
June 7, 2010

"Sassy" Suggestion: Inner Child Date

When Robyn emailed us to let us know about her fantastic date, I told her that she could be our *honorary* 13th Diva!  Super creative with lots of fun details…

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Tara - Sassy Suggestions Love Footprints - Pinterest Pic
June 4, 2010

"Sassy" Suggestion: Love Footprints

We seriously love it when readers email in ideas…especially when they are GOOD ones.  {LOL}  Candice sent in a cute little idea that anyone could whip up in a matter…

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Hubby Highlights:
May 29, 2010

Hubby Highlights: Fresh Flowers

The divas decided that we wanted a section on our blog where we could “highlight” the men in our lives.  I mean, they truly are the reason we started this…

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Tara - Sassy Suggestion Penny Jar - Pinterest Pic
May 26, 2010

"Sassy" Suggestion: The Penny Jar

One of our readers, Mindi, sent in a super cute idea that we thought we should pass along!  I will let her take over:   “I had a friend tell…

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Tara - Guest BLogger - Simply Modern - Pinterest Pic
May 21, 2010

Guest Blogger: Simply Modern Mom

We were so excited to learn about Tiffany’s Project 52 and even MORE excited when she agreed to introduce it to our readers!  She is the mastermind behind Simply Modern…

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I’d Get LOST With You
May 20, 2010

I’d Get LOST With You Any Day!

It’s true….my husband and I are “LOST” fans!!  *sigh* ….and it’s all gonna END this coming Sunday!  It’s the two-hour Season Finale!  Now…’s confession time….hopefully you’ll still love me……but……..we are…

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Tara - Sassy Suggestion Dessert Off - Pinterest Pic
May 14, 2010

"Sassy" Suggestion: The Dessert-Off

One of our readers, Alicia, recently sent us this email: My name is Alicia Voigts.  I ran across your blog link on LDS Chatter and I am in LOVE.  Such…

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May 12, 2010

Personalized Gifts For Him!

Need a gift idea for your man? Check out these 4 personalized ideas for an extra meaningful present.

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