Hubby Highlights: Fresh Flowers

Hubby Highlights: Fresh roses idea.

The divas decided that we wanted a section on our blog where we could "highlight" the men in our lives.  I mean, they truly are the reason we started this whole thing!  :)  So - the "Hubby Highlights" will be dedicated to us talking about why we love our husbands or awesome things they may have done for us.   Basically, a celebration of the men we married.  I will jump-start it all by telling about something my husband recently did:

I came home after another...

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The Penny Jar

The Penny Jar intimacy idea for newlywed couples.

One of our readers, Mindi, sent in a super cute idea that we thought we should pass along!  I will let her take over:

"I had a friend tell me something fun they did and I adapted it a little to be fun for me and my husband. It's a penny jar.  Every time you "have-a-little-fun-in-the-bedroom", you put a penny in your jar.  We started it with the new year and our goal is to top the number next year."

"There's all kinds of variations, though.  If...

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Project 52: Date Nights

Project 52: Date Night

We were so excited to learn about Tiffany's Project 52 and even MORE excited when she agreed to introduce it to our readers!  She is the mastermind behind Simply Modern Mom.  Her website has a variety of helpful hints, tips, and tutorials for the mom on the go.  I am over there today introducing her readers to our blog which goes right along with her Project 52.  You are going to love this!  Here she is: 

Hello Dating Divas!

I am excited to...

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I’d Get LOST With You Any Day!

Let's get "LOST" together.

It's husband and I are "LOST" fans!!  *sigh* ....and it's all gonna END this coming Sunday!  It's the two-hour Season Finale!'s confession time....hopefully you'll still love me......but........we are about 1 1/2 seasons behind!! I know, I know....please think we are still cool...'cuz we ARE!!  We have faithfully recorded this entire be watched as soon as we finish Season FIVE!  :)

My husband recently went back to school...and he...

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The Dessert-Off Date

Dessert-off Date night

One of our readers, Alicia, recently sent us this email:

My name is Alicia Voigts.  I ran across your blog link on LDS Chatter and I am in LOVE.  Such a GREAT blog... I wanted to share an idea that 3 of my girlfriends did with all 3 of our husbands.  We called it the "Dessert-Off" ...kinda like a "Bake-Off"... I guess you could say.  We girls sat around and chatted while the men went to the store to buy the items.

When they returned, they each...

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Personalized Gifts For Him!

Personalized gifts for him!


(photo courtesy of Book By You)
I am NOT one to read those "sappy" love novels....BUT I absolutely LOVE to I about died when I stumbled across this idea.  There is a website/company called "Book By You" (...they were featured on The View - BTW)...that helps you personalize your OWN "love novel!"  You provide the names, places, features (eye color, etc.) and you can even include your dog or cat!  Seriously???

It's actually...

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“Choose Your Own Adventure” Date

"Choose Your Own Adventure" theme date.

This date was inspired by the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books I used to read in Elementary School. I was a pretty outgoing kiddo….but I was also SUCH a bookworm! :) Seriously! Even now…when I pick up a book, the whole world disappears….and my husband has to say my name at least four times before he can get me to respond! :)

First the INVITE!! The wording was “fashioned” after the wording that is on the books….you can download the invite HERE...

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Family Movie Night Date

Family movie night idea.

Shauna over at "My Mix of Six" has the CUTEST family of redheads!!  Her blog first caught my eye because my mom is also a redhead....which she passed down to a few of us!  Under my blonde highlights...I have some RED just dying to come thru!  AnYwAy....I really liked the "spin" Shauna put on their family movie night!

She bought tickets from Walmart and began giving them out to her kids for doing chores.  She was amazed at how quickly the chores were done!...

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Let’s Grow Old Together!

Grow old together with your spouse.

I had a conversation with some other teachers today that rather stuck with me...and made me a little sad!   It also made me think...and I thought I would share the experience as well as a few thoughts with all of you.

When asked about my weekend plans, I shared a little about the date I was planning for my husband.  A few of the teachers exclaimed things like, "That sounds like so much fun!" and  "He's going to LOVE it!"

A few others mentioned that they...

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