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P.S. I Love You Project

P.S. I Love You Project Note Card

Whether Together or Apart, Spoil Your Sweetie with These Note Cards
Spending time away from your spouse, whether it’s a short business trip or a long deployment can be difficult. We have the P. S. I Love You Project, a Diva Central EXCLUSIVE printable bundle, filled with ways for YOU to spoil your spouse while you’re gone. This date idea requires a bit more planning, but is well worth it to show your spouse how much you care!

Diva Central is the one place...

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Take Notice

Take Notice Thank You Notes

Show Appreciation for Your Spouse Using These Tips!
Everyone wants to feel appreciated. We all want to be recognized for the efforts we put into our relationships and into our home. This is definitely true in your marriage. Sometimes home responsibilities can quickly become expectations rather than services that get recognized and receive appreciation. In this Diva Central Exclusive, we share with you 4 tips to help you and your spouse take notice of those things your...

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Separation Postcard Pack

Separation Post Card Pack Long Distance Relationship

Send Your Love Snail Mail Style
Being apart for long periods of time is one of the hardest parts of a relationship. We hope to ease the pain with this Diva Central EXCLUSIVE Printable Bundle of separation postcards.

Diva Central is the one place online that’s dedicated to YOUR marriage, where you will find exclusive information tailored to YOUR specific relationship needs, with ideas, advice, and TIPS galore. When you become a full member of Diva Central,...

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Sweet and Sassy Bedroom Card Games

Sweet and sassy bedroom card game

Pillow Talk Has Never Been This Much Fun!
Newlyweds are just beginning their journey with their spouses and nothing is as exciting as diving into the fun and entertaining topics that surround pillow talk. This deck of sweet and sassy game cards are a Diva Central EXCLUSIVE printable bundle. We’ve also put together 12 of some of our favorites when it comes to intimate date nights. Check out more of Diva Central for access to printables that are exclusive for our community...

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Dates to Reconnect With Your Spouse

Tips to really reconnect on date night

Connect With Your Spouse Through Date Night
It's date night! It has been on the calendar and the night is here. But how can you really maximize the evening to truly reconnect with your spouse? Netflix on the couch isn't going to create the bond you want and need. But THESE dates will! In this Diva Central Exclusive post, we have 10 key elements to a successful date night that will help you really reconnect with your spouse -- PLUS 50 date night ideas that provide you...

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Lunch Time Love: A Romantic Playlist

Connect with your sweetheart at lunch time!

Send Your Love in a Song
Being away from your spouse all day long can be difficult. Those little reminders of our love really help me get through my day. Why not help your special someone get through the hours apart with some Lunch Time Love using this Diva Central Exclusive post?

Diva Central is the one place online that’s dedicated to YOUR marriage, where you will find exclusive information tailored to YOUR specific relationship needs, with ideas, advice,...

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52 Romantic Long Distance Ideas

52 Romantic Ideas for Long Distance Relationship - miss you idea.

52 Long Distance Romantic Ideas
The ULTIMATE list of ideas to keep the romance alive no matter how far apart you are from your spouse! Whether your sweetie is in the military or traveling for work or for school, being apart is NEVER easy! Sometimes it gets lonely and tough being miles away. Here at The Dating Divas we can TOTALLY relate! Several of us have been in or are currently in long distance relationships! Thanks to all these gals and hours of searching the web,...

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Setting Goals in a Relationship

How to set goals in a relationship

Set Goals Together & Create a Strong Marriage
One way to consistently work towards a stronger relationship in your marriage is to set goals together and help each other reach them! So much excitement comes from achieving something together. Use these tips from this Diva Central Exclusive post to set goals and achieve a stronger marriage as a result!

Diva Central is the one place online that’s dedicated to YOUR marriage, where you will find exclusive...

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Best Military Spouse Advice

The best military spouse advice

Operation Marriage - Reporting for Duty!
Military life can be demanding, stressful, and if you’re new to it, just plain and simply overwhelming! We’ve put together a list of advice from military spouses that represent several military branches and have experienced so much for a Diva Central EXCLUSIVE! While challenging, military life is also rewarding and with these tips, you’ll have the hang of it in no time.

Diva Central is the one place online that’s...

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