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For the first time ever, we will be doing a giveaway that is exclusive to our Diva Central Community Members! Wahoo!! Are you excited! The Dating Divas Community has been focusing on making marriages more amazing, more incredible, and HOTTER than ever, through our Marriage Masters Program. NOW, we want to add in some fun incentives to keep that marital fire blazing HOT! If you are already a Dating Divas Community Member, go to our Carrie Miller Films Giveaway post on November 11th and enter to win! Since this is a Community Member exclusive giveaway… your chances to win just went WAAAY up! And that’s not all! This will be our first giveaway of many giveaways exclusive to our Community Members. Want to join our Community? It’s easy! Just go to our Diva Central Sign Up Page and sign up today! Enter to win our Carrie Miller Films Giveaway, enroll in our Marriage Masters Program, and start chatting with the Divas one-on-one via our Diva Dialogues. There’s even more exciting news… just read below for all of the new changes coming to our Dating Divas Community!

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Carrie Miller Films Giveaway

On November 11th, our Dating Divas Community Members have the chance to win this AMAZING giveaway by Carrie Miller Films! If you live in Idaho or Utah, enter to win today! You’ll have the chance to win a film created by Carrie Miller herself. Isn’t that amazing!? If you are a member of our community already, go to our Carrie Miller Films Giveaway post to enter today! If you aren’t a member of our community yet, go to our Diva Central Sign Up Page to get started today! And here’s a few words from Miss Carrie herself!:

I cannot begin to tell you how completely thrilled I am to be working with The Dating Divas! Let’s just say I may have jumped up and down like an excited little girl when the opportunity came!

     While there are many reasons why I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a videographer, my foremost reason stems from losing a loved one and wanting so desperately to be able to go back in time so I could bottle up all of the wonderful memories I had of that special person. I have discovered that, thru film, I could make memories last a lifetime. I love capturing one’s most treasured moments. Then by adding a few artistic elements, I have the joy of creating a keepsake of those moments to relive forever.

    I find my passion for film-making grows as I film events and everyday moments that bring focus to what matters most in this life — family. Like the famous childhood song states, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage” …and might I add, many diaper changes, birthday parties, family outings…the list goes on and on. These are the moments we wish to relive. These are the moments Carrie Miller Films captures and preserves for you to cherish for a lifetime.

To see a sample of some of Carrie Miller Films work, go to Carrie Miller Films: A Perfect Day and Carrie Miller Films: A Baby Story.



Dating Divas Community Book Club

On November 18th, we will be starting a NEW Book Club in our Diva Central Community. Hmm… Book Club!? Yep! That’s right, a Book Club! We know that many of you want to improve your marriages, but sometimes reading a book about strengthening marriage can be daunting or you can’t seem to get your spouse to read it with you. Well, you know, the Divas don’t do anything snooze-worthy! This won’t be just any normal hum-drum book club. For starters, we’ll be giving away a FREE copy of each book that we read in our book club at the beginning. If you are a member of our community, you’ll have a chance to win! The books we’ll be covering in our book club will be all about strengthening your marriage… so we’ll have lots of questions throughout the book posted in our Diva Dialogues to help you discuss the books with other Community Members and Divas to gain insight and motivation, and to make those changes in your marriage that you’ve been wanting. But, let’s not stop there… we’ll also be creating new date ideas, or quick and easy ideas, or gathering up our best ideas from past posts to compliment each book. We want you to learn, to grow, and to make your marriage better than it’s ever been before! You’ll find all the tools you’ll need on our Dating Divas Community!

Can’t wait to get started? We’ll be starting our first book, The Marriage Garden, on November 18th. Grab your book today and get ready for the conversations to start!


NEW Community Exclusive Posts

Starting November 25th, we’ll also be adding in new exclusive posts for our Community Members. Not only will you be getting exclusive printables, but now you will be getting ideas for your marriage that are exclusive to our Community Members. We’re excited to introduce a new post to our Community every Monday starting in November. You can keep up to date using our NEW Community Newsletter (above) or by checking our Community regularly for new posts. We feel that it’s about time for our Community Members to get even MORE out of their marriages {WINK}, and we want to say ‘Thank You’ for being our loyal readers. What better way to do that then by giving you MORE of what you love… Dating Divas Ideas!


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