The Husband Survival Kit

I wish every day was a perfect day.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t really work that way.  Our idea today is to help your loved one get through a rough day, while giving them a little pick-me-up.  All you have to do for this idea is buy a bag of M&M’s and use the poem, Spouse Survival Kit!

Husband Survival Kit

Each color has a different cure…

Take the prescribed dose only, and don’t take anymore!  When you’re grouchy and mean, I recommend GREEN.  For the times when you are down, I recommend BROWNORANGE is a special coating; it will help minimize bloating.  The aches in your head are cured by RED.  To help you mellow, take a dose of YELLOW. If you are agitated too, take a handful of BLUE.  If your life is a drag, just eat the WHOLE BAG! :)

My cute friend Lisa gave me a similar idea for surviving the holidays.  I decided to make a few changes so I could give it to my husband. I don’t know about you, but my day just got better thinking about eating M&M’s!


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I enjoy life! My family is my everything. I enjoy shopping and decorating and of course...being a DIVA!

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23 Responses to The Husband Survival Kit

  1. Love this! Peanut M&Ms are pretty much my favorite candy and I love the poem that goes with it! Our anniversary is coming up and I think I’m going to do this. <3 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Hi,
    This is such a cute idea but check your download because the last line has a misspelling. Should say ‘if your life is a drag….’ but it says ‘if you life is a drag….’


  3. Thank you so much for helping to strength our marriage in many ways I always turn to you for ideals that are low cost..this one is no exception!! This idea was a big hit with my man this Valentines’ day best part this IS his BEST GIFT ever..according to him..LOL

  4. So here’s my revised version for my two girls. Ages 5 and 7.

    Missing Mommy Medicine

    Each color has a different cure…

    Take the prescribed dose only, and don’t take anymore!

    You’ve done something neat, but mom can’t see it, GREEN will get you by.

    When you’re feeling down because mom’s not around, eat one BROWN.

    ORANGE is bright, it will help you dream at night, but just take 1 or it will be a fright!

    Cure the sadness in your head and eat one RED.

    When you need a hug, to pick you up, take a dose of YELLOW, but eat just one, or you’ll get too mellow.

    If you are agitated too, take a handful of BLUE. Wait, nice try you sneeky two. Just one will do.

    If your day is a drag, just eat the WHOLE BAG! :)

    I love you and can’t wait to be home.

  5. I put a bag of M&Ms into my man’s backpack this morning with this note. When he got to his classes, he got a surprise to help motivate him through the day! He absolutely loved it! Thank you!

  6. I used the husband survival kit today! I work seasonally in the office at my husbands place of work! This time of year he works 15-20 hours A DAY doing custom anhydrous for farmers! Everything that could go wrong today did! toolbars breaking, flat tires etc. So i printed this off and stapled a bag of penut m&ms to it and sent it with his service tech to deliver! Thanks for such great idea!