Discover a New Town Together

 Get out of the house and explore!
Make new memories with your spouse today with this impromptu date idea that will have you discover a new town together!

First thing Saturday morning I got all my things together and left Jason with this note, and I headed down to the car.

It says; “It seems it’s been too long we’ve been stuck here in this place,

let’s take a little drive and discover a new taste.

before we begin, there are rules you must abide,

No fighting, No phones, you’re driving, I’ll guide.

Holding hands is a must, I know it’s hard to do,

But this is going to be so much fun, I promise you.

So go to the car, I’ll meet you outside,

don’t take too long, I’ll be waiting with a surprise.”

(Yes, I made that up, I know it’s cheesy, but Jason loved it. Feel free to make up your own poem)
I made sure to crinkle the paper up and burn the edges for effect. 😉
Once Jason got to the car I gave him his first surprise, which was a stack of his Cd’s (the ones I like) and told him he could listen to his music the whole car ride. 🙂

*this is a great time to burn a cd for your honey, and I would have done just that if he didn’t already have ten thousand cds of his own music to choose from!

I had him look at the map again and choose a random place that we have never been. His choice was; Ojai.

*even though you might live in the same place you have your whole life i guarantee there are small little places you have never discovered yet, so pull out a map and see what’s around you.
*lots of gas stations sell local maps.
The car ride was a date in itself. It was fun not knowing what we were going to find when we got there. It could be some way Podunk town, or really ghetto, or super nice… We were Jammin’ out to his music and eating this really yummy snack I had prepacked, Peanut Butter Banana Sushi.

As soon as we arrived in Ojai it was time for lunch so we found the smallest cafe we could.
It was just as I pictured, Bonnie Lu’s Country Cafe.

*it’s good to support the local cafe’s when your visiting their town. plus their food is usually reasonably priced.


We spent the afternoon getting to know this new area and walking down the streets hand in hand. We found LOTS of Thrift Stores, and lots of interesting people we met and chatted with.

Before the sun set we drove around trying to find the highest point in the town for a good view of the sunset (too bad it was cloudy)  but we did find a great place.

This is where everything I packed before hand comes into play.


I put a country cd in the cd player and it wasn’t hard to talk Jason into dancing with me, it took me back to when we were dating, and it was so much fun! I think your attitude is everything so make sure you make dancing sound really fun and act excited, if you expect your spouse to enjoy doing it with you.

Then we laid out a blanket and had sparkling cider in champagne glasses and sat and talked and cuddled just like the good ole days.

Well, your date can pretty much just end here….

When was the last time you “parked”?? …I’m just saying…. 😉

*every town is going to be different. if you’re ever worried about what you will do once you get there, you can always scout out the town online before you go. 🙂


JuSt a Little BiT ExtRa to MaKe yOu LaUgH~~~

We found an awesome lookout point to take pictures of the town. It’s in this vacant campground area off the main road, and it’s just Jason and I. Well, we get our camera all set up and all the sudden Jason notices this guy totally camped out like 100 feet in front of us. Jason was like, “Kristen, there is this guy camped out, I think he’s homeless, we gotta get out of here!” …all along the camera is capturing Jason’s face. hahaha! PRICELESS!

And then again when we had found our final spot to park, Jason thought he heard something in the bushes and turned around really quickly and exclaimed “What was that? I think I heard something!”

And this is why I will never go camping with my husband alone, cause he’s just as scared as I am! lol LOVE YOU HUNZY!!!!

Later when we were looking back at the pictures we took we were DYING laughing!! These are moments that I’m sure will always make us laugh and we will never forget them.


*If you don’t have a camera that takes automatic pictures this is a must! If you have a digital camera chances are you probably have that setting you just haven’t figured out how to use it. We have a small tripod (seriously like 5 inches tall, probably cost like $5 on ebay) remembering to use it is the key. Most digital cameras take a tripod.

About the Author: Kristen

In December 2005, I married the most amazing man who compliments me perfectly. Together we love to travel, discover new places, and live an active lifestyle. We also love our movie nights consisting of a redbox and a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. My interests range from being a momma, to hairstyling, to photography, to crafting, to decorating, to planning, to blogging, to meeting new people, and the list goes on forever...

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15 Responses to Discover a New Town Together

  1. What a GREAT date. girly!! We are TOTALLY gonna do this one….especially since we have NO CLUE what is around here!! I love that you found such a cute "mom & pop" place to eat AND I was dying laughing when I read the last story and saw Jason's face! SUPER funny!

  2. You guys are awesome! I just ran into this blog, and I love it! 🙂 I am so not creative, but I'm always wanting to do something fun! Thanks so much for sharing these I'll be using some for sure! Keep it up!

  3. My husband and I had a Friday off and that's exactly what we did! Hit some junkin' stores, a small soda shop that we found out was the largest and oldest one left in the US… the day ended too soon for us! It's a blast isn't it!

  4. Hey Kristen! I was looking at past posts on here and saw your map. I grew up in Thousand Oaks!! I dont live there anymore though, I wish I did though I love that place seriously the best place ever to live!! I miss it so much! Hope you like it there!

  5. you are adorable!! i enjoyed reading about your date.. my husband and I met when were 13 so from the git go our relationship was just childish and fun 24 / 7 now that we are 26 I still want to do fun things but the super duper mushy romantic stereotypical dates we just cannot take very seriously and are not “us”… but THIS is right up our alley.. so much thoughtfulness on your end.. which is how I am, mixed with lot’s of adventure <3 thank you for inspiring me !! our one year wedding anniversary is friday <3