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Our 3rd Annual Tele-Retreat Series starts TONIGHT! Whoot! I know you are all just as excited as I am. All of these speakers bring so much inspiration to my own marriage, and I love being able to listen to them in the comfort of my own home. For those of you who unfortunately can’t attend, do not fret! We’ll be recording ALL of our Tele-Retreat speakers just for you!! You can get exclusive access to all of our Tele-Retreat Speakers from ALL of our Tele-Retreat series on the Diva Central Community! That’s right!! You can listen in to any and all of the speakers that you’ve missed… or maybe you were able to listen in, but want to hear their message again as a refresher. Either way, we want you and your spouse to be able to listen to these amazing speakers at your own convenience. Um… great date night idea!!

PLUS — We’ve got a little something special just for YOU! In addition to us finding amazing speakers that are going to ROCK your marriage, we’re going to give you a 7-Day trial for our Diva Central Community for FREE! Now are you totally excited!? Sign up today and you’ll have complete access to our Diva Central Community for  an entire week! Try it out for yourself and you’ll be amazed at everything our community has to offer. If your not sold on it, no worries! Simply cancel your membership. It’s that simple! But, before you hop on over to our Diva Central Community Sign-up Page, allow me to tell you a little more of what you’ll get when you sign up for Diva Central…

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Marriage Masters Program

We just launched an exclusive program that we’ve spent months pouring our wealth of successful marriage techniques into… it’s called the Marriage Masters Program. It’s a 6-month program that can be as intense or as simplified as your situation demands. We want you to have the marriage you’ve always dreamed of, which is why we’ve put the best-of-the-best cumulative Diva-knowledge into this rockin’ program! Not only will you get a FREE copy of our A to Z Guide Workbook when you sign-up, but you’ll also get exclusive access to additional content pieces designed to help you make the changes you’ve been wanting {or in some cases, needing} in your marriage. Our Marriage Masters Program will give you the ideas, motivation, inspiration, and support you need on a daily basis to improve your marriage exponentially! What’s even better? We want to reward you even more!! You’ll get fun surprises from The Divas throughout the program, but when you complete your Marriage Masters Program journey, we’re going to present you with a Marriage Masters Diploma Certificate AND a Diva Swag Bag filled to the brim with all of our absolute marriage favorites! Not only will you have a rockin’ marriage by the time you done, but you’ll walk away with our favorite Swag to keep your marriage successful. For more information on this program, go to our Marriage Masters Program post.


Exclusive Access to ALL of our Printables

If you love The Dating Divas, then one of your favorite things about us is our amazing printables! And we know that because we love our printables, too! Haha! As a Dating Divas Community member, you’ll get exclusive access to ALL of the printables we’ve ever created! If we’ve created it, then you’ll have access to it! Plus, we’ve even created printables that are exclusive only to our community members! That means you’ll get printables that none of our other readers have access to. Whoot!! That is incredible, right? So when you sign-up for the Diva Central Community, be sure to click on the ‘Printables’ tab. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Exclusive Access to The Divas

We love our readers!! We love getting to hear your marriage success stories and to be your support through the challenges you may be facing. We are anxious to get to know our readers better and to build a lasting friendship with you. When you join our Community, you are joining our Diva sisterhood with a similar goal in mind — to strengthen marriage. We’re here to listen, give ideas, give support, and lend inspiration and motivation to keep your marriage strong. By joining our community, you’ll have more access to the Divas and to other members of our community through our Diva Dialogues forum. Ask questions or lend support to other members. Create friendships, strengthen you marriage, and be lifted up through positive marriage topics. We are all about supporting one another through this journey of making our marriages amazing!

All that we’ve mentioned above is just the start of what our Community has to offer. We will continue to provide even more exclusives because your marriage deserves the very best! When you join the Diva Central Community, jump right in! We are thrilled to have you be apart of this amazing journey and to provide you with the tools you need to make your marriage incredible, fulfilling, and keep your romance swoon-worthy!

If you would like to learn even more about what the Dating Divas Community has to offer, go to our Diva Community: Revamped! post.


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  1. SOOOO excited about everything in our community! So many things to improve marriages! I can’t WAIT until couples start to reap the rewards from the Marriage Masters Program we just put together!