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Are you one of those people that LOVED or HATED high school? I don’t know if it was the friends I had or that I met my husband in high school, but I loved my high school experience. With such fond memories of high school and after seeing this amazing and this awesome idea, I decided I needed to create a Return to High School date!

Start the date off right with the decor! Gather anything around your home that reminds you of your school days. Dictionaries, notebooks, apples, pencils, and definitely yearbooks! I went with my Alma mater’s school colors (blue and yellow) and added some balloons to the table with the utensils.

This was probably my (and everyone else’s) favorite part of the decor. With How Does She’s inspiration, I had two banners of photos – one of each guest from when they were in school sent to me earlier by email and then a “High School” photo I MADE of everyone over at Jostens – Yearbook Yourself. These were hilarious and everyone got a kick out of seeing themselves in a different era. At the end of the night, everyone got to take their photo home as a memento. (These are so easy to do thanks to Jostens, just upload a photo of each guest and then you can adjust as needed. I then photoshopped them to add each persons name to look like it came straight from a yearbook.)

Mine wasn’t THE funniest but I definitely think I could pull off that hair!

We served dinner Cafeteria style with milk cartons, pizza, fruit and veggie cups, and tater tots all on disposable trays. I found a pack of 10 at the dollar store but I also saw a bigger pack being sold at Wal-Mart.

For dessert, ice cream cups!

Make sure the other couples know how to dress for the date by sending out this invitation. It informs them to wear something from high school – a t-shirt, prom dress, class sweater/jacket, or something they’ve been holding on from the glory days. I really wanted to wear my old pep club uniform, but being 8 months pregnant just wouldn’t allow for that! Thankfully, we have awesome friends that go all out for these dates and made us laugh!

My husband and I sporting our old class shirts. Scott and Laura didn’t send in their own photos but rather made posters including such memorobilia as their letters, tassles, and student ID! They also both wore an exact outfit they have a picture of!

Here are our other guests sporting their old high school looks! Michelle’s eyebrows were a favorite of everyone’s!

After eating our cafeteria style dinner we played a High School Quiz I created asking questions of things you should (could) have learned in school – like elements from the periodic table of elements, characters from High School literature, and even a few High School famous movie questions. Each couple was on a team and picked a school mascot to represent their team.

Lastly, we voted on our “Class Favorites” and gave out prizes. I used the adorably cute tags from somewhatsimple and only changed a few of the actual prizes. Our “Most Likely to Succeed” got some Smarties, “Best Hair” took home a comb, “Best Smile” got some toothpaste, “Class Clown” received Laffy Taffy, “Most Athletic” some sponge balls, “Best Dressed” went away with hangers, “Best Eyes” had a funny face disguise with glasses, and the “Best Couple” won a pack of Sweetarts.

Everyone had a great time and could put behind them any bad memories of High School, being replaced by this fun date night. This would be a perfect date for a group of friends if you have a reunion coming up this summer or to celebrate the end of the school year!


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I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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  1. My favorite gift would probably have to be a cd compiled of songs that made my boyfriend (now husband) think of me when he heard them.

  2. Gift Sling sounds like such a neat idea! Like their FB page. I”m going to have to try them out; maybe for Father’s Day.
    I’d have to say my most favorite gift would be from my husband. He bought me a hand-made glass necklace. It was so thoughtful and gorgeous. I get complements every time I wear it.

  3. I had just thought the other day I’m so glad my husband got me a kitchenaid mixer so Christmas several years ago. I would never have asked for it come it has come in handy so many times that now I LOVE it! I know that’s nothing lovey dovey but I love the person who gave it to me! Does that count? : )

  4. Great giveaway!! I am already a fan of you gal’s on Facebook & receive the newsletter. I also, liked Gift Slings Facebook Page!
    I looove the idea of a high school flashback date! My husband and I were childhood sweethearts from the age of 4 and have been together since our senior year of high school. He still gives me butterflies!

    1. Ashley, my husband and I dated in High School as well and that is why I thought the date was so fun! Sweethearts since 4?!?! That is amazingly wonderful.

  5. I re-created our 1999 Jr. Prom Date including a creative ask, a limo ride, pictures and even the original dress I wore. It was awesome.

  6. My favorite gift I ever received was a coffee cup that my friend made me with pictures of my kids all over it. I started crying because it was sooo thoughtful.

  7. My most favorite gift ever was my Cricut because my husband totally surprised me with it. I wasn’t expecting it at all – heck! I was surprised he even knew what it was cause I barely did. :)

  8. I subscribed to the newsletter. I was ALREADY a fan of your page on facebook and I went to’s Facebook Fan Page and became a fan…. Pick me :)

  9. I look forward to each newsletter I get and I am also a follower of the dating divas. I liked gift sling on facebook. Can’t wait to see who wins. Thanks for the give-away! :)

  10. I’m a follower of your wonderful and fun blog! My fave gift would be the new bike and baby trailer my dear husband purchased for an early mother’s day gift! SO nice and fun! My 10 month old loves it!

  11. Favorite gift….hmmmm….that’s hard. I like just being surprised by my hubby to do something fun on my birthday. I also liked my hand stamped necklace he gave me with all my childrens names for valentines this year.

  12. I did add them on my facebook. My favorite gift was my hubby taking a day off to make me a mother day surprise: he built a garden with strawberries and vegetables! What sweet heart!

  13. my favorite gift would of course be my ring!! :) but after that, i’d say our surprise (for me, HE did ALL the planning) 10 yr anniversary trip to vegas! it’s where we went on our honeymoon but was sick for 90% of it. yay for do overs!! <3

  14. Erika! Girl, I love this blog and I SO love your posts! It’s so fun to see all of the awesome ideas you come up with, and to see you and Justin in the pictures! Miss you!! (and I’ve totally been subscribed to the newsletter for a LONG time!!) Congratulations on your baby– I hope everything goes great :)

  15. I love you on FB and your news letter!! I “like” gift sling and cannot wait to use them!! Thanks again for all you gals do!