March 10, 2011

The Tourist


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Are you in the mood for an action movie with plenty of suspense? Well, do we have a great movie for you! The Tourist stars Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. This movie revolves around Frank (Depp), an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Elise (Jolie) is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path. The Divas have put together an extroardinary list of fun ways to make this ordinary movie night one you won’t soon forget. Check out these ideas!


Tourist Ambiance

  • Have a CD already in your husband’s car CD player ready to play in the morning when he goes to work. Have a sticky note on the CD player that says “Push Play for Tonight’s Preview”. Use the Movie’s Soundtrack song “Starlight” by Muse.
  • The two main characters meet on a Venice-bound train. If you do not want to go with a hand-written note….then create two train tickets. :)
  • A letter was delivered to Elise (Jolie) at the beginning of the movie. Invite your spouse to watch this movie later that night…with a “mysterious” handwritten note placed somewhere extremely noticeable OR you could even have one of your cute kids hand-deliver it.
  • Make a cute invite on tourist scrapbook paper. They have all kinds of phrases like Venice on them at the store.
  • Since they start on a train, you could leave an invite for movie night with a toy train, train whistle, etc.
  • Set out pictures of you and your spouse of places you’ve traveled.
  • It would be fun to do dinner at home, make or create or print a bunch of tourist attractions, like Eiffel tower, London bridge, pyramid of Egypt…decorate in all the fun attractions if the world.
  • Send your spouse on a fun scavenger hunt!
  • Dress kind of sexy. Angelina (Elise) seems to be quite the vixen in this movie (Well, in all her movies. HAHA).

The Good Eats

  • Try this delicious recipe for dinner: Spinach Manicotti
  • Angelina’s character travels to different places throughout the movie so you could pick a food from each place to enjoy for dinner or dessert.
  • For dinner, use old road maps as your place mats or tablecloth.
  • For dessert make some yummy crepes!
  • Oooh! Or make these Chocolate Croissants for dessert. YUM.
  • Have Italian food for dinner followed by the board game, Ticket to Ride,  and ending with the movie.
  • Since she is sitting next to an American tourist, maybe plan on an American meal for dinner like hamburgers and french fries.
  • Turn your dinner table into a french cafe’ table! Dress it up with a red & white checkered table cloth, some romantic candles, romantic french music in the background, maybe some fresh flowers…

Tourist Travel Center

  • Going with the “tourist” theme. This is a DATE I wanted to do….”Kiss & Snap”. Do a double date with another couple & take cameras. Go early enough that you will be able to catch sunlight. THEN – drive around to different (fun) places in your city & snap pictures of each other. LOTS of “kissing” pics! :) You could even create a “passport” of the places you need to hit and take pictures there. It’s so much easier to take pictures when you have another fun-loving couple with you who can do the “shooting”.
  • Start with a board game about trains. Going back to the board game – Ticket to Ride – there is a Europe version which would fit the movie really well. Then maybe during dinner you could play a game of “wish I could travel” and name all the places in Europe you could like to go.
  • I would suggest having a secret in a safe (or locked box of any type) for the end of the movie. Hype up that you have your own secret locked away for him when it gets to that part of the movie. Maybe he has to do a task of your choice or kiss you 15 times throughout the movie in order to get the “code” or the safe. The secret could be a love letter, your dessert for the evening, a little gift for him or whatever.
  • Play a round of Monopoly before the movie.
  • I think it would be fun to have you and your spouse play “Guess where?” You can each give three clues to a place you have been and see if your spouse can figure it out. After you have each had a turn, you can each pick a new place you would like to go. Give your spouse three clues to see if they can guess where?
  • Because there is a lot of mistaken identity, you could pretend to be the characters from the beginning of the show. You could make bets throughout the show as to what’s gonna happen with them. Like when they meet, guess whether he’ll fall for her; When they get separated, bet whether he will rescue her or vice versa. There is a lot of back and forth during this suspenseful movie. The twists and surprises could make for a fun guessing game. Keep score or not?
  • Grab out or buy some handcuffs so you can be the police officer. This can be a game for afterward {Wink}.
  • Be a tourist in Paris. Borrow a book from the library that is all about Paris and read some interesting facts about the city you are visiting…or just make a traditional Paris dish for dinner.
  • Throughout the movie she is given notes and directed to go certain places and do certain things so giving notes leading up to their date night with clues in each one would be fun.
  • Before you watch the movie, pretend to be tourists in your own town.  For ideas on this check out Kristen’s Discover A New Town Together date.
  • Make up an alibi about each other as an activity AFTER the movie as to not give away what happens.

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Diva Movie Disclaimer:

The Dating Divas’ purpose is to help other couples find ways to strengthen and enrich their own marriages.This post is not an intended endorsement of the movie herein.  These date ideas are designed to find positive and innovative ways to connect with your spouse and can certainly be used for another movie of your choice. The movie industry tends to glorify many views that we do not particularly agree with or advocate. Unfortunately, nowadays, Hollywood doesn’t quite seem to value marriage the way we do.  Please take these ideas and put them to use in a way that fits your circumstances.

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  1. Jackie Koll says:

    Cute ideas. We saw this movie recently and like it – it was almost “cute” and just fun to watch. I know you put the disclaimer on this post about movies but just an fyi to readers . . the movie does drop some strong language – we were surprised by it. It could be very offensive to some people.

  2. Hannah says:

    I love this website, thank you for your fun ideas, i especially when you do movie themed date, i am just not creative enough and it really helps thank you

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