December 28, 2010

Family New Year’s


Can you believe 2011 is fast approaching?  Well, do not fear!  We have quick, fun and inexpensive ideas to help you ring in the new year as a family!

What better way to ring in the new year than with an hour-by-hour COUNTDOWN BOX?

The idea behind this box is simple…each hour starting at 8 P.M. the kids get to open one bag!

Inside each bag is something different to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

(I received some great inspiration here.)



We have created the perfect printable for your family to use!  Just click print {at the bottom of the post} and you will have a 2010 time capsule letter! Be sure to have your kids write a letter to their future selves!  It will ask them their favorite color, book, food, etc.  The capsule letter also has a spot where your kids can write what they hope the next year will bring.  (I plan on packing my letters in my Christmas decoration box!)  Next New Year’s Eve will be a blast reading the letters they wrote!  It will be fun to see if things have changed or stayed the same!

9 PM: Festive Shakers

For the 9 o’clock hour these simple shakers will be a blast to make! Find any ribbon spools in your house that are almost out of ribbon. Inside, place something that will make noise when it is shakes.

(I used Skittles from Halloween!)

You then cover each side of the ribbon spool with scrapbook paper!

Then voila, you have your own shakers to ring in 2011! Plus, this will be something fun to use down the road. Now that you have your shakers….

it is almost time to ring in the New Year!

10PM: Goal Setting 2011

One of my favorite things to do to ring in the new year is to set resolutions.  In this activity, your family will get to set four new goals together. These resolutions can be anything from eating dinner together to doing a service activity together. To create a flap book, you need to fold the paper in half and cut under each number.  Once you’re done, you can place this somewhere in your home that is visible for all family members to remember the 2011 goals.

11PM: 2011 Lucky Penny

I know I can use all the luck I can get…so start the year off right with a lucky penny!

After each family member has their new lucky penny, have each family member share two things they love about each family member.


What is a party without glow sticks?  Ring in the new year sporting these fun, inexpensive

sticks that will add excitement to the end of the night.


There you have it!  A few ideas to end 2010 and begin 2011!

How will your family ring in the new year?


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15 Responses to “Family New Year’s ”

  1. Leigh Ann says:

    This is wonderful! We always have a sleepover for New Year’s.

  2. paula Maier says:

    it’s nice to find child-appropriate New Years Eve fun!

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