March 12, 2012

Family Date Night!



I love to go on dates with my husband, however, I also love to have Family Date Night!  We try to do this at least once a month.  My kids will do or help with just about anything to earn this special night.

At the beginning of the week, I give each child an envelope. Then, they get to decorate and write their name on the envelope. This envelope is like a wallet. Throughout the week, I give my kids tickets each time they are helpful or do their chores.

Once Family Date Night arrives, they get to redeem their tickets for popcorn, drinks and movie treats. I soon learned what drinks and candy my kids would go for.



Before the movie starts, we have a “Make Your Own Pizza” bar.  We each like our pizza a different way, so we have a lot of fun making our pizzas just how we like them!

In addition to the “Make Your Own Pizza” station, we make donuts! For Christmas, we received an awesome donut maker. I have seen donut makers at Kohls, Target and Wal-Mart. You can create donuts in literally a matter of minutes!  After we make the donuts, we set up a station for frosting and decorating!

Once the food is created,  the kids buy their treats and then it is time for the movie!

All in all, this special date night costs around $10 and the memories last forever!

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57 Responses to “Family Date Night!”

  1. Denita says:

    Awesome idea! Thank yo so much! LOVE your site so much!

  2. Wendy wendy says:

    Cute Corie! Thats for the fun idea!

  3. amy says:

    Our favorite family fun activity is backyard baseball… can’t wait for summer!

  4. Ashlee says:

    Love the movie night idea!!! :) Our favorite family fun activity in the winter is playing board games together!! During the summer, it is taking long walks! Love being together as a family!

  5. karis valgardson says:

    We love to just go to the park and play basketball or kickball!

  6. Bobbi says:

    Very cute idea! I love family date nights…we like to take our kiddos roller skating as a family and then home for a movie :)

  7. Katie says:

    Such a great idea! We love to pop some popcorn, and watch a movie! We also love to make forts and play chase with our 2 year old daughter!

  8. Christina Burrell says:

    We love picnics in the park.

  9. Heidi Humphries says:

    As a family we like to get outdoors, or play games, or make pizza & watch a movie too :)

  10. Beth says:

    Love the idea with the tickets! Can’t wait to try it !!! Our favorite family activities include bike riding, camping, movie nights, and playing the wii together. Another one we have been really having a lot of fun with is playing hide and seek in the dark with the kids!

  11. Katie says:

    We love movie nights, but our favorite family date is a picnic and 4-wheelers up in the moantians.

  12. kerri says:

    Jumping contest on the trampoline!!!

  13. Deanna says:

    We play baseball in the driveway/street, just my son, my hubby and I… ok they make me shag balls but every now and then I surprise them with my skills :)

  14. Kylee says:

    This is such a fun idea! Our favorite family activity is going on picnics. We’ll go to a park where we can build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Our little girl loves it!

  15. Alicia says:

    What a fun family night! Thanks for the idea! My family loves to go camping. Whether it’s out in the dessert, up on a mountain, or even just out in the back yard – we always have a good time!

  16. Tammi Wagner says:

    I love our dinner nights. My kids are older so when we get together and cook together and eat together. Dessert is always fun, it usually ends up in a cake batter/icing fight and then movies and relaxing.

  17. Amy Bateman says:

    We love family game nights.

  18. Megan W. says:

    LOVE this idea. Thank you thank you thank you!

  19. Becky Van Volkinburg says:

    A new favorite for us is geo-caching – it’s great exploring and going on a treasure hunt together – although my 3-year old keeps asking where Hook is!

  20. marisa says:

    my family loves to find new places to go bird watching

  21. Rachel Whitney says:

    My daughter is still pretty small, but she loves to go to the park, so we try and go there as much as possible for our family fun.

  22. Melissa Nelson says:

    Our favorite family activity is going to the zoo & having a picnic :)

  23. Stephanie Dobbins says:

    Our favorite family activity is to go to Dollywood!! But when it is closed we love to play board games and have Family Movie nights!!!

  24. Jessica Pearson says:

    We like to go Play Miniature Gold. My two boys love to hit the ball as hard as they can!

  25. Roxy Sanchez says:

    One of my favorites is making dinner together. We also enjoy taking our dog for a walk together

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