April 27, 2013

Introducing: Family Date Night



Hi!  I’m Hilary and today I’m launching a NEW fabulous series for The Dating Divas – Family Date Night (inspired by my darling daughter Julia!).  I don’t know if your kids are like mine, but as soon as my husband and I started taking date night more seriously, and having it more regularly, they started noticing how much fun we were having! After a few months of our fun times, my eight year old daughter said, “How come you guys get to go have all the fun?” And so began our efforts to include them in our great adventures! We have had so much fun including our children in our dating efforts. Sometimes we go out as a family, sometimes it’s the parents and a few kids, and sometimes we go on daddy/daughter, father/son dates or mommy dates with just one kid. We have had a great time and hope to inspire you to have the same fun!!

My husband and I created this printable idea and Sameeha of The Inked Leaf polished up this beautiful design to help YOU incorporate your kids and family date night into your busy lives! Download our printable clock reminder and list of date ideas. You can choose which day appears in the window of the clock and what time Family Date Night is!  Use the list to brainstorm some super fun ideas from your whole family!  Sit down together and let everyone contribute.  Then use the clock to commit to a time and day that you are free to carry out one of your ideas!  

To make Family Date Night a little easier for you and yours, we’ve recruited some of the BEST mommy and family lifestyle bloggers out there. You can look forward to fun ideas from Steph of Somewhat Simple, Sierra from Blue Robin Cottage, Kierste from Simply Kierste, Rebecca from Blue Cricket Designs, Rach from Family Ever After and more!  Each month, we’ll feature one of their ideas on the blog to get your creative juices flowing too!  If you’re planning some at home one-on-one time with your kids, be sure to check out this cute door hanger to keep everyone else out!  Let your kids know that they are each a priority!

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  1. Kimberley says:

    Such a wonderful idea! Our children are only 17 months and 5 weeks old but we can’t wait for them to grow and to have lots of family dates!

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