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If you’re like me, then your hubby travels A LOT!  I miss him terribly, but I know he misses my son and I more…. sitting alone in his hotel room at night! To wave those lonely moments, I took the elementary activity, Flat Stanley, and created a FUN spin-off with Flat Hubby! For those of you who aren’t familiar, you can check out http://www.flatstanley.com/about for the full 411!

DIY Craft Tutorial Long Distance Ideas

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This adorable and fun long distance idea includes:

  • Full Description of what is a “Flat Hubby”
  • Materials list to create your own
  • Instructions on how to create your own
  • Ideas of what to do with your “Flat Hubby”

DIY Long Distance Craft Tutorial

** Remember, your flat hubby doesn’t have to be perfect, just like your real hubby, you love him for his flaws and ALL! 😀

Check out the Miss U Card, by Erika, as another way to show your hubby you’re thinking of him while he’s away!

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About the Author: Paige

I am madly in love with three men (1 big and 2 little)! I am lucky enough to be married to my true complement. I spend my days doing any and everything 'boy!' I have a passion for fitness and love trying anything that makes my heart race.

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22 Responses to Flat Hubby

  1. That is such a fun idea! I love that your husband will never know where his ‘flat hubby’ will be when he gets those pictures throughout the day.
    My husband has conferences out of town once a year and usually I go with the kids. I was thinking this would be so fun to do when daddy’s in meetings and we are touring around the town:)

  2. I seriously LOVE this idea!! As a teacher, I’ve known about Flat Stanley forever!! This idea is darling. You could also send your sweetheart off with “Flat Kids” and have him take fun pictures of the kids at different locations of where he is traveling. So many possibilities!

  3. I know this is a site devoted to making your special someone feel that little bit more awesome throughout his day – but this post brought up a question on the flip side of that.

    What tips or tricks would you recommend for the lady who’s on the other end of her man’s work trip? The girl who misses him like crazy, and needs something to keep him in her day between garbled phone calls (damn poor reception!)… she (I) needs his presence and some ideas to keep me sane.

    1. Hey KP! I totally understand how hard it is while your man is away! Here’s one idea. My mother-in-law lives far from us…and misses her only grandson. So everyday, since he was born, I’ve text her a new picture. Ask your man to text you a quick picture of himself everyday while he’s away! That way you have something new each day to smile about until he returns!

  4. Paige that is soooo stinking adorable. What a great idea. My hubby is away a lot too and I think I’m going to make a flat hubby for myself and a flat wife for him! Such a great idea!!!! xox <3

  5. This is tender. It would be a great idea for military families or ones with dad’s who travel a lot. I actually am going to use this on my upcoming trip. My husband has a business trip to San Fran, and although I’m going with him and leaving our 2 girls behind, he will be in meetings allllll day while I sightsee. I’ll shall make 3, my hubby and my 2 girls. Haha 🙂



  6. My kids are going to go nuts over this one! My hubby doesn’t travel for work, but the kids and I do enough fun things without him and it would be fun for us to pretend he’s there.

  7. My husband travels all over the country and we miss him terribly. When he came home I showed him this and he thought it was such a fun idea! Flat daddy even went to school with our teenager son and his friends had fun with it too! Great great idea to make it feel like he is home when he is so far away. In the evenings we set him on the couch like hes watching TV with us.

  8. I loved this idea but….my husband is sick of traveling, he hates coming home on the weekends to see how much the kids have grown. We used to Skype but he said that makes it harder to be gone when we hang up. I ran the Flat Husband by him and he said, “Great, so now I can see all the fun your having that I can’t be there for”. Is that selfish? Or just sad for him that he hates being gone so much? My two kids and I do miss him but I work full time, am going to school and they have school so being very busy keeps our minds off it. Any more suggestions to help him not miss us so much without maybe showing him what he is missing?

    1. Hi Crystal!!! I’m sorry…traveling gets exhausting so I don’t blame him! He may be bummed to see all the fun stuff you are doing while he’s not there but on the other side of the coin, he won’t be going a whole week without seeing the kids if you do decide to create a flat hubby and text pics to him! Also, it might make him smile to see the silly/fun things they are doing…making his week easier. Another idea may be to save some of those things for the weekend…or pick them up to bring home for a treat that night. For example… if you and the kiddos go out for ice cream, pick up some to bring home for him or pick up enough to store in the freezer so you all can enjoy them later, together!

      Hope those ideas help!!!!

  9. I absolutely love this idea! I’m in the 2nd year of a long distance relationship with my boyfriend who is in the army! Wish I had found this a long time ago. I will be making one very soon!

  10. so great! We are familiar with Flat Stanley b/c the 4th graders here all create one and send one out of town for some vacation time. My sweet husband is out of town right now and I came here looking for an idea or two to let him know we are thinking of him. Thanks!! He already got his first flat hubby pic. This is going to be fun and make the time apart go much more quickly. Our daughter is also spending her first early Christmas season away from home so I made a Flat Kathleen for her to go along on with us while we prepare for her homecoming and Christmas.

    1. My hubby LOVES this idea! He travels a lot and so I use it often! I’m so glad you can use it too and what a great idea to make one of your daughter while she is away! You can make a Flat anybody and have fun with it….i just love that! 🙂