“Fore” De’ Golfer Scavenger Hunt


You have probably been seeing our little countdown on FaceBook AND our right-hand sidebar. SO excited I could scream!!! The best part is… there is only 1 more day left until we reveal to all of our totally awesome readers, our biggest secret so far!!! Stay tuned!! November 8th is tomorrow!!

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I love being the lucky girl who gets to post everyone’s awesome ideas!! I get so inspired by your creativity! This next idea could very easily be turned into a golfing date or it would just be a super awesome gift {Christmas!} for any lady or guy who loves golfing. We want to thank Suzanne for sending us such a great sporty way to show love for that special someone!!

Supplies needed:

A bag of tee’s, some new golf balls, a towel, and some new socks! You will also need a set of golf clubs (this could be a new gift or just use the ones they currently have!)

Golf Tee’s

Golf Balls




Print THESE for the fun flirty messages on eat item listed above.

Start your day off with a scavenger hunt! Suzanne even included the kids with it. The pics kind of tell the full story. You can go HERE to print off the clues to the hunt!

At the end of the hunt, Suzanne left THIS fabulous love letter for her hubby to find with his *new* clubs.

You have to agree with me some people are just plain gifted! This is such a great idea, especially for the die-hard golfing man! Nothing will say I love you more than this awesome surprise! Plan your golfing date today or just send the hubby out on a man date with some friends!!

If you want more ideas for golfing dates, check out Wendy’s and/or Erika’s dates previously posted!

Thank you Suzanne for sharing this phenomenal idea with us!


Oh and remember…

November 8th…. BIG day!!! Make sure you come back to our website and check out the exciting news!!! Dating definitely helps strengthen a marriage… but there’s more to having a happier, healthier marriage and we can’t wait to show you!

What can we say??? We {heart} our readers!!!

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