50 Unique Family Reunion Activities

Family Reunion Activities Planned For You

Summer time is one of my most favorite times because it’s a great excuse to get together with your family.  It’s also the perfect time to plan family reunions. Planning the perfect reunion can be difficult.

That’s why I gathered the most unique and fun activities to help you plan your next family reunion.

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I’ve narrowed down 50 ideas that are all fun, exciting, and will help YOU plan the most memorable family reunion!

Usually I like to list each idea by putting them into categories, but I found that my search was so wide and unique that I felt putting them in categories would ‘limit’ their creative potentials!  I want you to read the ideas and let YOUR imagination run wild with the possibilities and not be limited to use each activity exactly the way it is presented.  Have FUN with the list below.  See what memories your family can build when you plan your reunion using these activities from The Dating Divas!

Fun Family Reunion Activities

1- Frisbee Golf with a Twist by The Dating Divas: Frisbee golf is such a fun sport to play.  Make it super unique by creating your own ‘course’, split the family into teams, and at each ‘hole’ have a fun family fact, trivia question, mind game, etc. for each small group to complete before moving on to the next hole.  Instead of keeping score, the fun becomes learning more about your family and building friendships.

2- Family History Date Night by The Dating DivasA family reunion would not be complete without trying to gather more information about your ancestors!  If you think about it, without your ancestors, your reunion wouldn’t even be happening :)!  Make sure to include this activity when planning your reunion.

3- Candid Photoshoot by The Dating Divas: Every family reunion has to have a family photo shoot.  But this is no ordinary shoot – have each immediate family take their own pic using the timer on their cameras, then put together a slide show of all the pictures for everyone to enjoy. OR your whole family picture could be a candid shot instead of the normal point, smile a shoot pics that are tradition!

4- Story Book Time by The Dating Divas: When you plan your reunion, you have to include this activity.  Have each child coming to the family reunion bring their favorite childhood book to share with everyone.  You can either have Grandma/Grandpa read them out loud to the group (depending on size of reunion), or split the group in small groups and have the books read there.

5- Donut on a String by My Joy Filled Life: Every reunion has to have a little friendly competition to make things interesting!  Hang donuts on a string, tie the participants hands behind their backs, and see who can eat their donut the fastest.  For large groups, you can split this into different age groups, or pick individuals to represent each individual families.  Whichever you choose, this is sure to be a hit!

6- Ping Pong Toss by My Joy Filled Life: This game gives any carnival game a run for it’s money…set up plastic cups (filled slightly with water), in a formation, write different point values on the front, and have a competition to see who can bounce ping pong balls into the cups and get the most points.  You might be surprised to see who ends up being the winner!

7- Balloon Stomp by My Joy Filled Life: This game might get a little rough, so be prepared :).  Blow up balloons, tie them to your ankle, then go around and try to pop everyone else’s balloon.  Whoever has the last unpopped balloon is the winner!  Fun!

8- Save the Kids by My Joy Filled Life: This is a fun eating contest involving candy and whipped cream.  Yummy! Get some plates, whipped cream, sour patch kids, and messy clothes and see who car untrap their sour patch kids from the cream!  Having this game as part of your plans is to for sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces!

9- Cheesy Head by My Joy Filled Life: This is meant to be more of an outside game…but, get some shower caps, whipped cream, and some cheetos (cheesy puffs, etc), split the family into 2-3 groups, then divide up to see who can toss the most amount of cheetos on the other person’s cap.  The group with the most points wins!

10- 4th of July Conversation Starter and Joke Cards by Happy Home Fairy: Every planned family reunion needs to include conversation building skills, or someone telling jokes!  Even though this conversation starter is designed for the 4th of July, you can use it any time of year!  See who picks the best jokes and conversation started with kids

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11- Ring Toss by Roots and Wings Co: Create your own horseshoes using the materials you have inside the house and getting some rings.  This will be a crowd pleaser, no matter the ages.

12- Family Parade by How Does She: Every reunion must have a family parade!  Throw on a family reunion banner, decorate some bikes and have a blast showing off YOUR mad decorating skills to the rest of the family!

13- Ring the Flag by Grandparents Plus: All you need is a hula hoop and a flag to play this game.  Try to get the hula hoop around the flag and whoever does the most times will get a prize!

14- Lawn Twister by Echoes of Laughter: If you like Twister the game, then you will for sure love this version!  Paint the circles onto the grass and play to your heart’s content!

15- Glow Lawn Bowling by Echoes of Laughter: Make your own bowling game in the dark using glow sticks!  Any participant will love the added challenge of playing in the dark! Ha!

16- Hula Hoop Contest by Echoes of Laughter: This one is sure to bring the laughter when watching those that might not be the best at hula hoop.  It’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face as they watch family members try to keep their hula hoop moving!

17- Paint Birdhouses by Echoes of Laughter: This unique activity is fun for all ages…get birdhouses, lots of paint, and let the imagination run wild.  I’d be excited to see the final creations.

18- Homemade Ball Toss by Echoes of Laughter: Create your own ball toss using string, cans, and of course a ball!  No matter the age, this will be a popular game at your reunion!

19- Burlap Hopscotch by Echoes of Laughter: Make a hopscotch board using tape and burlap.  With this version, it’s portable AND you can use it for family reunions in the future as well.

20- Burlap Sack Races by Echoes of Laughter: Split the family into different age groups, give each participant a sack, then hop to the finish line as fast as you can!

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21- Lawn Checkers by Echoes of Laughter: Make your own over-sized game of checkers and play to your heart’s content!

22- Egg and Spoon Race by Echoes of Laughter: This one might get a little messy :)!  Race holding an egg in a spoon to see who wins.  If you want to make it a little harder, have an obstacle course in your way!

23- Old Fashioned Musical Chairs by Echoes of Laughter: This original idea was just to listen to music on an old record player but I thought you could play musical chairs while listening to the old records!  Perfect!

24- 2 Finger Hoop Game by SCP Events.com: Can make this into a spiritual event or family trivia game – split into 2 (or more) groups, have  to have a list of scriptures at your feet, let go of hoop, bend down and look up scripture or trivia, then go to next person.  Whichever team finishes first wins.

25- Minute to Win It by Let’s Get Together: Oh my goodness!  Minute to Win It is such a fun game!  Plan this for your next reunion and you will be popular with everyone!

26- Family Trivia Game by Martha Stewart: Family trivia games are so much fun to play.  Everyone ends up learning so much about the family.  What a fitting activity for a reunion!

27- Activity Badges found by Anna Bryner: Split the group into 4 different groups and assign them a color.  Then give them a badge that they must complete by the end of the day.  The next day, switch colors for the fun to start all over again!

28- Talent Show by 71 toes: My kids’ favorite thing to do when my family gets together is to participate in a talent show!  They love showing off for their cousins and seeing what everyone else will come up with.  This is a for sure when planning your family reunion!

29- Olympics by 71 toes: Everyone likes the Olympics, and might even wish they could compete in them!   Well, now’s their chance.  Set up your own Olympics for your family reunion and see who wins.  You could even pass out medals for each event!  Your events could be: water balloon toss, relay race (on land or water), potato sack race, broom stick jump, basketball toss, wheelbarrow race, three legged race, limbo, home run contest, swimming relay, fastest swimming contest, etc.  This will be a hit overall.

30- Tennis Tournament by 71 toes: Some families are lucky and will have access to a tennis court.  Well, be one of those when planning on your reunion.  Have a tournament and pass out a prize.  Everyone will enjoy.

Family Reunion Activities

31- Slumber Party by 71 toes: I haven’t had a slumber party since I was a kid.  What better time to do another one, than on a family reunion.  It’s time to get the party started with your slumber party!

32- Paper Airplane Competition by 71 toes: Find this idea under her ‘favorite aunt competition’.  She brought a book of how to build paper airplanes and the kids were loving it.  I thought, why not do a whole competition for the family and see who can get an airplane to fly the farthest?! Fun!

33- Science Experiments by 71 toes: Again, not an ‘actual event’ at her family reunion, but a fun one she did with the kids.  Why not include fun science experiments with the whole family where you not only get to create your own volcanoes but a great learning experience for them too!

34- Group Meetings by 71 toes: This activity sounds BORING! BUT it doesn’t have to be!  Have a family meeting to discuss family matters or learn about your ancestors, but make them more fun by passing around treats or a small ball that you never know will be thrown at you or not.

35- Dance Party by 71 toes: Let’s Dance!  Get your groove thing on with a dance party for the whole family.  No one should be left on the sidelines for this memory maker activity!

36- Group Flags and Badges by 71 toes: Start this by splitting the children up into age groups, have them pick a group name and decorate a flag, and challenge the group to do random acts of service.  Then Grandma and Grandpa get to hang out with each group to give them some awesome one-on-one time.  At the end of the reunion, the group caught in the most random acts of service will get a small prize!

37- Award Night by 71 toes: Assign a very creative person to come up with individual awards and present them on the last day to each individual.

38- Reunion CD by 71 toes: This family tradition sounds like a fun must have for anyone’s family reunions!  Before getting together at the reunion, each family member sends in a favorite song, then at the reunion, you try to guess who sent in each song.  FUN!

39- Scavenger Hunt by 71 toes:  This is a fun, and easy activity to plan for a reunion.  Assign a super creative individual to come up with the scavenger hunt or have a random list of items and objects for the teams or individuals to find.  Whoever finds all items first, wins!

40- Volleyball by 71 toes: You don’t have to be good at volleyball to play with your family at a reunion!  Relax, play and have fun while enjoying a little friendly competition!

fun and friendly family reunion activities

41- Fear Factor by 71 toes: This game of Fear Factor only encompasses the realm of eating yucky things.  See who is the best at choking down some nasty foods!  Sounds like a party to me!

42- Create a Family Crest by Family Reunion Helper: My mom grew up knowing what her family crest was, thanks to her grandma.  What a special time it would be to create a family crest for your family to enjoy and help build relationships.

43- Who’s Who Photo Game by Family Reunion Helper: Have everyone send in a baby pic before getting to the reunion.  Then have a competition to see who can guess who is in each picture! Fun and easy activity for your reunion!

44- Video Scavenger Hunt by Family Reunion Helper: Instead of doing just a regular scavenger hunt, each member of the family should be given a camera or video camera to PROVE they found the items.  This leaves no room for cheating!

45- Make a Deal by Family Reunion Helper: Assign a family member to bring random small prizes and then throughout the reunion challenge other family members to ‘make a deal’ or not :).

46- Jugball by Family Reunion Helper: This is a fun game that was made up by a family about 20 years ago.  You need lots of milk jugs a couple of balls, and then pre-determined goals.  It sounds very similar to football.  Make sure you check out the link for more in-depth instructions on how to play this fun game!

47- Ice Breaker Game by Family Reunion Helper: Unfortunately there are some family members who have never met each other or don’t know each other very well.  This game is perfect because it allows each individual to relax and get in the groove of having fun with each other!

48- Brain Games by Family Reunion Helper: Everyone loves games – so why not challenge your mind and other family members to play these brain games!  You will have fun while learning new things!

49- Bingo by How Stuff Works: Bingo is a classic game that never grows old!  Play a few games to really get the party started!

50- Hot Potato Camera Game by How Stuff Works: This is just like the game hot potato, but with an awesome twist!  Get a camera that has a timer on it.  Pass it around the group, with each person having to hold it up at arms length (as if they were going to take a pic of themselves).  Whoever is holding the camera when it actually takes the pic is out of the game!  Be careful not to drop the camera!  You might want to sit on the ground to minimize damage!

Aren’t all these 50 ideas just perfect to help you plan your next family reunion?!  Remember, be creative!  There are so many different variations you can use for each of these activities to help it fit for your family.  If you are looking for more family ideas check out these 101 Best Family Vacations or Family Date Night: Making Homemade Food Gifts.


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  1. We haven’t had a family reunion since I was a little girl! This post is shouting at me that it’s time for our family to have another one! This is an awesome collection! xox

    1. Michelle-

      It’s high time you and your family have a reunion! It’s waaaaayyy past due. I hope you have fun putting it together using some of these ideas!

  2. I have questions about the 2 finger hoop game and couldn’t see any info about it on the link. When do you pick the hoop back up and is it a hula hoop or something smaller and finger-sized? I think this would be great and would appreciate any additional info you could share.


    1. Hi Lexie- The hoop game is played by having a each member of a group hold a hula hoop with 2 fingers (both hands) – then have some questions or some other activity for the group to do. If it is your turn, you let go of the hula hoop, bend down to pick up the question, then once your group has answered the question, riddle, etc. then the person holds the hula hoop again with their 2 fingers on each hand, and the next person goes in line…continue around the circle doing this until your team is finished. It’s supposed to be a fun, goofy time, so please don’t take this too seriously! Have fun and let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!