August 25, 2014

Couples Wacky Game Night


Fun Date Night Idea with Your Favorite Friends

Are you ready for a memorable filled evening with your favorite people?  I thought so!  This group date night idea is sure to inspire laughs, silliness, and a bit of mischief!

Wacky Games Night

An ordinary invite will simply not do for this wacky game night!  That’s why Kristin from CdotLove designed a fun, interactive card that slides!

Wacky Game Night Invitation

To construct this one-of-a-kind invite:

  1. Cut out both invite panels.
  2. Center the smaller ice cream panel in the center of the larger one.  (You should be able to clearly see the turquoise border text of the bottom panel.)
  3. Keeping everything in place with one hand, use a punch to create a small hole in the top, left hand corner where the red dot is located.
  4. Position a decorative brad in this spot to bind both pieces together.
  5. Fill in all the WHERE & WHEN details of your couples game night.
  6. Send to your favorite peeps! Don’t forget one for your hubby :)

Wacky Game Night DIY Invitation

Wacky Game Night Challenge 1: Pudding Pictionary

You will be testing your artistic muscles during this round!  Instead of using a normal pen and paper to draw out Pictionary clues, you will be using PUDDING!  It’s bound to be messy AND delicious!  You will need:

  • A Large Batch of Pudding(1 bowl per couple)
  • Printable Pudding Pictionary Cards
  • Blank Paper (at least 10 sheets per couple to start!)
  • Timer
  • Small Prizes from the Dollar Store

Wacky Game Night Pictionary Materials

Before your wacky game night, print out our downloadable Pudding Pictionary Cards.  Kristin included several blank cards per category for you to fill in your own choices- make them as difficult or easy as you want!

Wacky Game Night Pudding Pictionary Cards

One person in each couple will draw shapes to identify the word on the card while the other person guesses!  Remember, the artist is not allowed to make hand gestures or say anything.  Take turns as each couple races to identify the correct object/person/place/animal within 60 seconds.

Wacky Game Night Pictionary

Bonus Idea: To shake things up, try a lightning round to see how many cards each couple can successfully complete in 1 minute!  Determine in advance what prizes winners from this challenge will receive.  Prizes can be super easy and inexpensive- perhaps just a treat from your local dollar store!  Wrap up the gift for added suspense!

Tip: If you are short on time and can’t prepare the pudding in advance, try playing this game with prepackaged pudding pouches.  They are a LOT easier to draw with too!

Wacky Game Night Challenge 2: Ice Cream Sculpting

This challenge is inspired by an awesome sassy suggestion sent to us during our 2nd Ultimate Creative Ideas Contest.

Wacky Game Night Materials

We LOVED Debbie Le Starge’s ice cream carving date idea and thought it would be the perfect challenge to round out this wacky game night.  For this activity, you will need:

  • 1/2 Gallon Ice Cream blocks (1 per couple) TIP: Use the kind in a box if available!
  • Assorted Candies
  • Printable Candy Labels
  • Sculpting Tools (1 set per couple): Knives & Spoons
  • Cookie Sheet (1 per couple)

Challenge Goal: Sculpt a masterpiece out of ice cream! Debbie explains:

*Place the ice cream on a cookie sheet and remove it’s box so you are left with a block. Then, using your carving tools, sculpt your desired shape out of the ice cream. The fun part of this is that you can eat the ice cream as you carve! Next, decorate your creation to your liking. When everyone’s done, rate each couple’s artwork, or elect a non-biased friend to judge them!*

Debbie and her spouse made a Medusa’s head during their wacky game night… how creative!

Ice Cream Sculpting Game Night

To keep all your candies organized, we’ve included a blank sheet of labels in our printable download.  To spark everyone’s creativity, you might want to include ideas for how each candy might be used.  We love how Debbie suggested using twizzlers for hair and fig newtons for roof shingles.  Definitely think outside the box!

Wacky Game Night Detail

There you have it…all the makings for a truly wacky game night!

Download all the amazing printables from CdotLove you will need HERE:

*Wacky Game Night Invite and Candy Labels*

*Pudding Pictionary Cards*

Cheers to an unforgettable couples game night where your guests are sure to leave with a smile on their face AND their sweet tooth satisfied (pudding AND ice cream!)!  Wouldn’t this wacky game night be the perfect idea for your next MONTHLY Couples Date Night Group?

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  1. Julie Julie says:

    Candice these are both such fun ideas!! Yum, we are totally going to try this date!

  2. Tara Tara says:

    So cute! I’ve actually done a couple of these but it WOULD be fun to do them all in one night! Love it. XOXO

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