April 28, 2014

Progressive Dinner Date


I love getting together with my friends and enjoying their company. Dinner parties are always a great excuse to get together with a group of friends or with neighbors. I am usually the host of the majority of parties with my friends. Most of you who are hosts realize how much time, energy, money, and work that goes into entertaining. Hosts don’t get to really enjoy the party or their guests because there is so much stuff to do to make sure everything goes perfectly all night long! I love hosting parties but sometimes I like to sit back and relax too, which is exactly why I am a huge fan of progressive dinner parties, because I get to do both!


If you haven’t experienced one, I’ve got to tell you that few things are more fun than a progressive dinner party!!! A progressive date gives every participant of the dinner party a chance to relax and really enjoy mingling with the rest of the couples involved.

A progressive dinner involves everyone going from home to home, and enjoying a different course of the meal at each home. Each couple has the chance to serve one part of the meal at their home. The key to these dates is movement and participation! The important part of this night is to keep your numbers manageable so that everyone hosting is able to accommodate the number on the guest list. The second thing that is important is to consider the traveling required to go from home to home, pick guests that live in close proximity of each other so that you aren’t spending most of the night rushing and traveling.

First, we have to say thank you, thank you, thank you to our talented Leah Aldous for creating these adorable printables! She is just amazing, hit her up for your next printable creations!!!!

I am just in love with these printables!!! They are simple, quaint, and adorable enough to be used for any progressive dinner party because they will compliment any theme! You will find an invite, location cards, food tents, and thank you cards in this printable pack.

Now that you’re all up to speed, it’s time to talk about this date!


Invites and Location Cards

Grab these invites, glue the front of the card to the back of the card with double sided tape or a glue stick. Fill out the date, time, and RSVP information.

Pick a group of your favorite friends, closest neighbors, or new acquaintances that are fun, outgoing, and ready to have a great time!

Pin down 4-5 friends that are willing to host. Call your friends or neighbors that you know would love to host a portion of the meal at their home. Assign a certain portion of the meal to each host, get their address, and calculate the time for each portion of the meal to start. Place this information on the time and address cards. Once you have a date and definite host, it’s time to send out your invites along with the itinerary cards.

Before the progressive dinner date, give the “Welcome To” home signs to each host, for them to put up on their door, on their mailbox, or on a stake in the front yard for all of your guests to see.


Dinner Menu

It’s hard to go wrong with Mexican food, at least with my group of friends! I would suggest putting together a dinner menu that your friends will all enjoy! You could pick a theme such as a “Around the World“, “The Country Fair”, “A Night In Paris”, or “Simply Tapas.” Aren’t you loving this theme idea?! There are so many ideas, the hard part is figuring out where to start. For a lot of tips check out our Around The World Progressive Date or Mexican Fiesta Date or Black and White Date Night. If a theme isn’t your thing, no biggie, just let each host pick their favorite dish to serve for their assigned course, surprises could be fun!

In the printable pack you will find food tents. I just love food tents because it eliminates a lot of “What is this?” questions, they quickly explain what the dish or items are, and makes it easy for your guests to decide what they want to eat. Before the date night send enough food tents to each of the hosts. 

For all of your recipe hoarders out there, you can grab the recipes for all of the dishes in the photo above HERE. They are mostly paleo, healthy, simple, clean, and oh so delicious!!!

 Progressive Dinner “How To”

Start the progressive date with an appetizer and drinks to allow all the guests to mingle. I would also suggest grabbing a ‘getting to know you’ game, such as The Newlywed Game, The Price is Right, or Making Music. Of course, you could skip a game and encourage your guests to mingle, mingle, mingle!

Next, get up and move to a new home for course 2: salad. Carpooling is a must!!!

Again, get up and move to course 3 at another home for the main meal.

For the last time, let’s move again and onto course 4 for dessert.


Kiss The Cook 

After you have enjoyed fabulous friends, conversations, and food you want to be a gracious guest by ending the night right! Nothing is better then enjoying a full night of fun and saying thank you to those who made date night fantastic!  So please remember to kiss the cook! 

In the printable pack you will find thank-you cards. Before the night is through, pass these around to all of your guests and have them write a little thank you message to each host.

Now it’s time to host your progressive dinner date!

Grab the Progressive Dinner Date printables HERE.


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8 Responses to “Progressive Dinner Date ”

  1. John says:

    Hmm excellent article I really appreciate this… Thanks for sharing this.!!

  2. Cathy says:

    FYI…recipe link goes to printables.

  3. Sue says:

    Loads of fun! Also, fun to do at Christmas to see friends/neighbors homes. I have done this with each hostess giving each couple a Xmas ornament so everyone goes home with baubles for their trees.

    • Michelle Michelle says:

      Sue, that is a fabulous idea, so clever! Christmas time gets so busy going here and there trying to make a visit to everyone before the big day. Collecting all of my friends in one place for a Christmas meal would be a life saver! Thanks for the idea! xox

  4. Candice Candice says:

    This looks like so much fun, Michelle! I can’t wait to try this with our group of friends :) Thanks so much for sharing your yummy recipes, too!

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