March 4, 2014

2014 Marriage Makeover Conference


Open Up Your Marital Beauty Bag –
It’s Time for A Marriage Makeover!

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The Dating Divas are thrilled to present you with the 2014 Marriage Makeover Online Conference! Last year’s online event was such a huge success for so many people that we’ve created a full 7-day Online Conference, focused on strengthening the most important thing in each of our lives… our marriages! We’re bringing together 6 of the TOP experts in marriage, parenting, intimacy, communication, and happiness to help you reconnect, re-energize and truly make-over your marriage, right from the comfort of your home, the week of April 6-12th!

Of course, we’re The Dating Divas, so this is no ordinary CONFERENCE – it’s a life-changing MAKEOVER-  you’ll get tips, tricks, and ideas while chatting it up the whole time, of course!
(It wouldn’t be a makeover, girls, if we weren’t all here to support each other!)

Did we mention you can be inspired without having to spend a fortune on traveling anywhere??

Makeover Your Marriage in 7 Days

A Peel of all Peels – How To Embrace Your Inner Hotness

Nourishing Scrub – 5 Crucial Keys to Nourish Your Marriage Today

Long-Term Cleanser – Keeping the Love Fires Burning While Apart

Facial Felicity – Scream-Free Parenting

Make-Up [you-know-what!] – Getting from 0 – 60 Sexually

Tips & Application – 7 Successful Tips for Marriage


You CAN have a fairytale ending to your story!

Get full access to all these AMAZING sessions, or pick and choose the ones that appeal to you and your spouse the most. Each topic will be an hour of information-packed makeover magic! Last year’s participants will tell you: Don’t miss even one minute of The Dating Diva’s life-changing 2014 MARRIAGE MAKEOVER!


Your Dating Divas will be chatting it up with each of these 6 Love & Marriage Specialists, and you can listen-in, sit back, relax, learn, take notes, and recharge your connection with your spouse!

Here's How It Works

#1) Purchase your All Access Pass today to reserve your spot!

#2) Immediately upon registration, you will be emailed our FIVE freebies along with a receipt for your purchase. Be SURE to mark your calendar!

#3) Sessions will be released starting on April 6th {see schedule below}. Each day, you will be emailed access to a new presentation. Information on how to access that presentation will be included in the email. Once you have access to a presentation, you can listen to it at your earliest convenience.

*APRIL 6th – Fawn Weaver {7 Successful Tips for Marriage}

*APRIL 7th – Hal Runkel {Screamfree Parenting}

*APRIL 8th – Laura Brotherson {Getting from 0 to 60 Sexually}

*APRIL 9th – Shannon & Dino Watt {5 Crucial Keys to Nourish Your Marriage Today}

*APRIL 10th – Leta Greene {How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness}

*APRIL 11th – Lori Mercer {How to Keep the Love Fires Burning While Apart}

*APRIL 12th – Start implementing what you’ve learned!! {Fill out & put up the cute goal cards you’ll get as part of registering.}

#4) If you have any questions about registration, please email


And we’ve made it SO affordable!

 $7.97 per session

or just

$37 for an ALL ACCESS pass to ALL 6 sessions!

Emily-Click Here to Register Marriage Makeover Conference

Want to WIN an ALL ACCESS PASS to this fabulous online Marriage Makeover Conference?

Grab your chance at an ALL ACCESS pass to this virtual marriage retreat!

**Be sure to go ahead and purchase a ticket, because we anticipate this event WILL SELL OUT (The Dating Divas will hook you up with a refund if you win).

So, reserve your spot today, but play to win!

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Recent Comments

26 Responses to “2014 Marriage Makeover Conference ”

  1. Kari says:

    I feel like we are really good at having fun and laughing together. I’d like to see us become more consistent in our life together, both in parenting and in our relationship with one another.

  2. Amberly says:

    I feel like we excel in our communication about life things like finances, schooling, work, etc. But I think we need to work on our communication of expectations and what we need from each other!

  3. Tara Tara says:

    I am SOOOOO excited for this conference!!

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    I can not wait!!!!!! I’m in love with all of the printables that go along with the conference! xox

  5. cara says:

    We are pretty good at communication, but need to work on the romance!

  6. Jenn says:

    I feel like our over all parenting goals are in alignment but we are so busy raising our seven kids that we forget how to make time for us before we are exhausted!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Can’t wait!!!!

  8. My husband and I do very well at making time for one another. We very rarely miss our weekly date night. I feel we could be better at communication. Sometimes I want to communicate way too much and my husband sometimes doesn’t want to communicate at all. Surely there must be a happy medium! :)

  9. Nicole Cox says:

    This just happens to fall the week of my anniversary! What a great anniversary gift!

  10. camie says:

    We have great chemistry and have so much fun together. I am excited to learn more about communication strategies!

  11. Lori says:

    I think we are good at helping each other out with things that need to get done around the house. I think we need more patience with our kids though.

  12. Chelsea says:

    Is there a specific time for each of these classes, or do we just have access to these as videos?

  13. Sierra says:

    I think my husband and I are good communicators.
    We need to work on being more productive together.
    Would love to win this!!

  14. Kellianne says:

    Awesome giveaway–can’t wait for the conference! :)

  15. Jessica Crocker says:

    Would love to win this!
    Couldn’t go to a marriage retreat. Need this!

  16. Carey French says:

    I am extremely excited about the conference!

  17. Debbie says:

    My husband and I are good at getting the stuff done that needs to be done, but I would really like our time spent together to have more quality. I often feel like we’re just getting through the days without working on our relationship.

  18. Susan Schaffer says:

    I think we excel at communication but we need help in finding ways to have alone time.

  19. Erin says:

    We excel at creating time with our kids but we need to work on communicating with each other!

  20. Rebecca G says:

    We are great at working through our problems but we could be better at communicating. :) Always room for improvement.

  21. Brenda H says:

    This is a great gift idea for my sibling who is getting married!

  22. We are great at having fun together but we definitely could work on our communication skills!

  23. Tina says:

    After 25 years of being married to a wonderful man, I realize there is still so much we can do to make our marriage even more wonderful. It is something that always needs time and attention and new energy.

  24. Lauren says:

    I think our communication and appreciation/love are what we excel in, and for what we don’t excel…im not sure, but I’d like to find out what we need to work on. We communicate so well that it seems to fix everything! Love marriage, but look forward to learning how to better it at conference! Thanks dating divas for the opportunity :)

  25. I’m enjoying my 40 years of marriage with my wife off course. 😀 And we reach 4 decades because of what I’ve protected, it’s called FAMILY. During my prime, I always take my wife on a date and buy her stuffs she wants. It’s really effective and the bond between you both are just getting stronger and stronger every year passes by.

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