January 4, 2011

Giveaway: E-Mealz


**This Giveaway has ENDED!  Thank you SO much for entering!  :)

P.S. If you didn’t win….you should TOTALLY sign up for one if their plans!  We are HUGE fans!

I am SO excited to introduce our next giveaway to all you readers who are oh-so-busy wives and mothers, or maybe even husbands and fathers…Whoever it is that does the cooking in your house is going to be THRILLED to learn about our newest sponsor E-mealz.com.

“E-Mealz relies on a team of experienced meal planners, writers and editors to create new menus every week that are designed around grocery store sales, seasonal specials and diet preferences. For $5.00 per month, subscribers download a recipe plan for the week with a matching aisle-by-aisle grocery list. The easy-to-follow recipes usually contain fewer than seven ingredients to allow for prep times of less than 30 minutes.  It also helps families stay within budget by being prepared with a plan at the grocery store.  Even if you do not fully understand how to coupon yet, having a plan will save you money instead of just running to the store multiple times a week picking up whatever you need to make a recipe work.”

I used to enjoy planning what we were going to be eating for dinner and I would map out my week with new recipes I would find online and go to the grocery store with whatever coupons I could remember to bring with me……and then…life hit!  We had a baby, work got busier, etc… meal planning was now on the bottom of my list!!  Then, one night, my husband and I were listening to the Dave Ramsey Show and he started talking about E-mealz.com so I looked them up and I was immediately hooked!

I have personally been using E-mealz to plan my weekly grocery shopping and dinner making for a while now.  It has made my life so much more simple and has freed up a lot of my time I can now spend with my family.  Even though it is just my husband, daughter, and I – I subscribe for the family meals because we like to have lots of leftovers for lunches the following days.  All the dinner recipes have been really yummy and I have also been cooking things I wouldn’t usually cook.

“The E-Mealz program provides a consistent and reliable approach to food budgeting by factoring the weekly cost of ingredients into each menu plan. Menus are created around a budget of $75 per week for families and $35 per week for couples.”

“E-Mealz was created by sisters Jane DeLaney, mother of four, and Jenny Cochran, mother of three. The sisters were frustrated by the challenge of coming up with healthy, budget-conscious meals for their own families and inspired by their own mother’s frugal ways, they launched the program in 2003.”

Their goal is to provide:



  • Delicious family friendly recipes
  • Ingredients bought on special and/or at the best price available
  • An easy and stress free home-cooked dinner
  • Precious moments with the most special people in your life

NOW FOR THE GIVEAWAY!!!  E-Mealz has offered to give one of our lucky readers a THREE-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to the menu plan of your choice…..for FREE!!  Doesn’t this all sound SO wonderful!  I know you’re already planning what you will be doing with all your free time you will now have!

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Information for The Dating DivasWEEK of Giveaways
  1. Each day {Monday thru Friday} we will be offering an amazing NEW giveaway.
  2. The “rules” for entering will vary a little day-to-day depending on what that day’s sponsor requires.
  3. If you have signed up for our weekly newsletter….{and you would be crazy not to since we will be letting our “secrets” slip a little early to all of THOSE readers}…..then you are instantly eligible to enter all of the giveaways this week!
  4. You have the ENTIRE week to enter any of the giveaways.  Entries will be accepted up until Friday, January 7th 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.
  5. We will be announcing ALL of the winners on Saturday….so be sure to check back to see if one of them is YOU!!

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Wanna Enter THIS Giveaway?

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#1 – By subscribing to The DATING DIVA Weekly Newsletter {top right-hand corner of the website} & letting us know you are an official “newsletter reader”. :roll:


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{Include ALL of the above in just ONE comment. Thank you!!}

The giveaway will end this coming Friday, January 7th at 11:00 PST. We will announce the winner on Saturday, January 8th – so don’t forget to check back to see if the winner is YOU!!

Even if you don’t win the giveaway, E-mealz is delighted to offer The Dating Divas readers a new subscriber discount code for their first 3-month subscription!  Just enter the code “DATING” to receive your discount!

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98 Responses to “Giveaway: E-Mealz”

  1. Connie says:

    This newsletter reader shared the love on Facebook this morning. Great job, ladies! I love the new site.

    • LOVE this site! I am now subscribed to your newsletter and have shared the info about the giveaway on facebook and on our Stay At Home Mom’s website through Meetup.com. I’m sure my friends are going to love this site too.

  2. Christa says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter yesterday and made a post on my blog (jjtcrt2001.blogspot.com) this morning about E-mealz.com.
    Thanks for the amazing ideas

  3. Melanie says:

    I am subscribed to your newsletter and I shared the info about the giveaway on facebook this morning.

  4. Sam says:

    I just subscribed to the news letter and spread the word on my blog: http://www.thisgirlstake.com/2011/01/contest.html

    As a single mom and student, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one, it would be a total time saver for me!

  5. Melinda says:

    I love these giveaways. I haven’t won one yet, but I’m going to keep trying!

    I have already subscribed to the newsletter and have posted a link on my Facebook page to this giveaway! Do you have a mobile app yet?


  6. Laural Baker says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter and shared the love on facebook this morning! Keep up the good work. I’m lovin’ it.

  7. Dezi A says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter and tweeted. http://twitter.com/#!/dezroute/status/22320061377159169

  8. Meredith says:

    I signed up for the newsletter yesterday and shared the info on your site and noticed my sis in law and cousin have already liked your FB page so hopefully they have “hopped”on over here also!! Thanks to Laural Baker for mentioning your site, she is why I got hooked! Here is what i said about the emealz give away on FB
    **Check this out–these ladies are now giving away a chance to win e-mealz ! If you have never tried these before you should- meal planning at its easiest and with easy or diet friendly recipes!! Even makes your grocery list–how nice is that!!

  9. Sara says:

    I love the new website “make-over’! I’m totally signed up for the latest and greatest e-mails from you guys! Thanks!

  10. Brandy says:

    Hey Divas!!! I’m definately a newletter reader! Thanks so much for the fun dates and great give-a-ways! You ladies are awesome!

    I’ve spread the news on FB and on my blog

    “Holy Goodness… the Diva’s have done it again! They are having this AWESOME give-a-way on their newly launched website, thedatingdivas.com

    The new year brings out the resolutions in people and for most it’s to get healthy! Well check this out! For those of us on a budget and still want healthy food.

    Go check them out at… http://www.thedatingdivas.com

    here’s the link back if you’d like:

    fb: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/NUM1SUPERMOM

    blog: http://speecefam.blogspot.com/p/feature-sites.html


  11. Valerie says:

    I am on the email list and I tweeted “The Dating Divas are giving away 3 months of E-mealz planning! I want to win this badly!!! ” today!

  12. Kristine says:

    Already signed up for the newsletter and shared via Facebook!

  13. Lindsey says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter and texted this morning “How much easier would this make your life? Check out the Divas’ giveaway today! “

  14. Wow this sounds awesome especially if Dave Ramsey recommends them! I’m already a subscriber and I FBed and Tweeted: “Need help with meal planning and staying on a food budget? Check out the giveaway for today at The Dating Divas from E-Mealz! ”


  15. I just subscribed to your newsletter. I can’t believe it took me this long! And I “shared” on my facebook but I cannot figure out how to share a link. Sorry :/ So excited!!! Hope I win!!!

    Love, Kesia

  16. wendy clasen says:

    Just subscribed to the newsletter and shared the fab giveaway via facebook.

  17. Laurie says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter yesterday and shared this post on FB. Thanks for sharing this site. What an awesome idea!

  18. Heather P says:

    I am a subscriber! Hooray for me!

    I posted a little blurby on my blog this morning! The link to the post is: http://hcpehrson.blogspot.com/2011/01/dating-divas.html

    And the post said:
    Dating Divas
    One of my favorite blogs to read, The Dating Divas, just started a new website. If you remember my post about our book store date (This Date), the idea came from The Dating Divas. (Their original date is Here) I really want to start my new year off right and make sure that Clay always knows how much I love him, so I am excited to take more of their ideas and put them into action.

    They are doing giveaways all this week to celebrate their new website, so go check them out and you can even enter! Hooray!

  19. Jen A says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber and I shared the post on my facebook! (www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/jhashcraft)

  20. I subscribe and I sent out an email to all of my friends! What a fun giveaway!

  21. melissa says:

    I am excited to be a newsletter reader, and to use my fun new notes for the Hubby! Thanks! I have also shared this post through a massive text. My friends and I have been using another meal planning site and are looking forward to checking e mealz out!

  22. Brandi J says:

    News letter… check! Facebook… check! Tweet… check!

  23. Hannah says:

    I get your newsletter and wrote this on Facebook this morning:

    Today’s giveaway for Dating Divas is a 3month subscription to E-mealz. They do your menu planning for you as well as your grocery list. How cool is that. Check it out @ wwww.thedatingdivas.com

  24. Tracee Larson says:

    I’m subscribed, and I wrote about this on my blog! It’s awesome, nicely done.

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