January 5, 2011

Giveaway: Scrappy Gifts


**This Giveaway has ENDED! Thank you SO much for entering! :)

I am very excited to introduce our NEXT “Giveaway Sponsor”!!  She’s super bubbly, super crafty, and she is giving away something I would LOVE to have!!!  I almost called off this giveaway just so I could have it…..lol….ok, so I would never do that….but I was sure tempted!  Here is the one & only Maryanne……

Hi! Maryanne here from Scrappy Gifts. I’m so happy to be doing a giveaway here on The Dating Divas! I love their ideas especially for dates. First let me introduce myself and then I’ll share my amazing giveaway!

My husband and I have been married for 6 years. We have a 2-year-old boy and another baby due at the end of April. Their Divas’ ideas are so helpful especially when you’re running around crazy with life and kids.

Need creative crafty gifts for family, friends, or for yourself? Don’t have the time to make a crafty gift or to scrapbook? Let me help you! I specialize in making scrapbooks: everyday scrapbooks, calendar, baby and wedding scrapbooks , guest books, scrapbook layouts, and creative gifts: scrappy canvas, clocks, and boxes. I can make any of these gifts: you choose the colors and what you want. All you have to do is add your pictures cut to size or pay me to add your pictures for you.

Love to scrapbook and need ideas? Share your ideas with others!  Check out my link party: Scrappy Saturdays. Doesn’t just have to be scrapbook layouts; it can be altered items, cards, mini-books, etc.

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Need to find time to scrapbook more? Get motivated and join in on my Online Crops at my Blog Frog Community to get some of your scrapbook projects done. Prizes, Games and Challenges.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

I figured the best product I have to give away for you Dating Divas fans was a Marriage Calendar Scrapbook. A customer favorite especially for wedding gifts.  Fully embellished: 24-26 page scrapbook that includes a calendar page on one side and a scrapbook page on the other with questions. On the scrapbook page, you can put your favorite picture of that month too. Perfect gift for newlyweds, but can be used for those who have been married longer to focus on each other more. {$50 Value}
  • 24-page scrapbook will be given to non-newlyweds. We can start with your anniversary month or with January.
  • 26-page scrapbook will be given to newlyweds or those about to get married. It starts with your wedding month and ends with your 1st wedding anniversary month.
It can be customized with your wedding colors or holiday/seasonal colors for each month. Here are some examples of pages from the Marriage Calendar Scrapbooks.

…and HERE is an up-close look at one….

If this isn’t something you would want for you and YOUR spouse….it would still be the perfect wedding gift for the next happy celebration you are invited to!!  Don’t miss out – check out the entry info below!


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Information for The Dating DivasWEEK of Giveaways
  1. Each day {Monday thru Friday} we will be offering an amazing NEW giveaway.
  2. The “rules” for entering will vary a little day-to-day depending on what that day’s sponsor requires.
  3. If you have signed up for our weekly newsletter….{and you would be crazy not to since we will be letting our “secrets” slip a little early to all of THOSE readers}…..then you are instantly eligible to enter all of the giveaways this week!
  4. You have the ENTIRE week to enter any of the giveaways.  Entries will be accepted up until Friday, January 7th 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.
  5. We will be announcing ALL of the winners on Saturday….so be sure to check back to see if one of them is YOU!!

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Wanna Enter THIS Giveaway?

A talented gal, huh!!  So….if you would like to enter THIS giveaway….you can do so by combining the following information….in ONE comment….

#1 – By subscribing to The DATING DIVA Weekly Newsletter {top right-hand corner of the website} & letting us know you are an official “newsletter reader”. :roll:


#2 – By checking out Scrappy Gifts & leaving a comment back on this post letting us know what your FAVORITE product is!  {Use the menu bar at the very top of her site to help.}

{Include ALL of the above in just ONE comment. Thank you!!}

Would you like an EXTRA SEPARATE entry??

#3 – Spread the word about The Dating Divas WEEK of Giveaways via email, blog post, text message, Facebook, or Twitter {Please re-post your actual “Shout-Out” that you sent to all your friends in your comment below & let us know which networking method above you used.  A link-back to that post/tweet/etc.  if possible, would also be great!}

The giveaway will end this coming Friday, January 7th at 11:00 PST. We will announce the winner on Saturday, January 8th – so don’t forget to check back to see if the winner is YOU!!  Open only to those living in the U.S. – SO sorry!!

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168 Responses to “Giveaway: Scrappy Gifts”

  1. Nicole says:

    I love the baby scrapbook idea. What a great baby shower gift for the soon to be very busy mom.

  2. Rachel says:

    I am a news letter subscriber. I love your website!! Keep up the great work with the awesome ideas!!

  3. Nicole says:

    Sent messages to friends on facebook as well as text message to those who do not have facebook accounts.

  4. Jana C. says:

    Subscriber, and posted on facebook.

    “Thanks to Karyn for posting about this. They also have some really awesome giveaways going on right now.”

    Definitely LOVE the scrappy boxes!!! Those are so inventive and cute. What a wonderful birthday gift for kids. Not only can you put something in the box, but the box itself is a gift!!

  5. Shonda says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  6. Becca O. says:

    I most certainly am a newsletter subscriber- of course!!! And I’m spreading the word through text to all my lovely friends. What a perfectly perfect giveaway! All of her products are adorable, but I especially love the scrappy boxes- and how wonderful that you can laminate them- genius!

  7. Rebecca Hyer says:

    I’m a newsletter reader AND my favorite product at Scrappy Gifts is the magnetic scrappy canvas.

  8. Kimberly Stephens says:

    I am a newsletter reader now and seriously everything on Scrappy Gifts site is adorable! I especially love these calendars and the scrappy boxes. What a great idea!

    I also blogged about this site.


  9. Kaitlin says:

    Subscriber to the newsletter and my favorite product are the Scrappy Boxes – particularlly the pink and green one at the bottom of the page!

  10. Stacie Durrance says:

    I am a newsletter reader! I LOVE the calendar! I just got married in June and have been looking for something fun just like this! The magnetic scrappy canvas is also great!

  11. Stacie Durrance says:

    Shared the giveaway link on facebook! :)

  12. Kassie says:

    I am a member to get the newsletter. :) I love this calendar! It is seriously soooooooo cute! It would have to be one of my favorites. I know everyone has said the Scrappy Boxes but I do LOVE them. I saw one at church and fell in love with them. Good job!

  13. Lauri J. says:

    I am a newsletter reader. I loved the scrappy boxes. My sister is getting married in August and I think I might have to get her something from this site.

  14. Kathleen says:

    I am an official “newsletter reader” and I have to say that those scrappy clocks are TOO cute!!

  15. Holly Borgholthaus says:

    I am a newsletter subsciber. I love the little step stool, my little ones would love it!!

  16. Danielle W says:

    subscribed! :) I also spread the word via FB!! My faves are the calendars & magnetic boards! Love them!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Such a great giveaway! I have subscribed to your newsletter. I really am a fan of the scrappy calendars and the Marriage/Baby Calendars…these are great!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    I have posted your link on facebook and said to my friends “I seriously LOVE these Dating Divas!!! Check them out for all of their amazing date ideas for you and your spouse…and for a bonus, they are having giveaways this whole week (and they all end tomorrow!!!) :D”

  19. Robin Robin says:

    I am a subscriber!

    My favorite product is the book she is giving away! LOL I really love her pre-done layouts too, so cute!

  20. bree says:

    Now an official newsletter reader and I like the scrappy boxes. Very cute!

  21. Selena Hargrove says:

    I get dating divas emails and I love the scrappy clocks!

  22. Selena Hargrove says:

    I sent to my sister on facebook a link to this giveaway and saying go look at it because she just got married a couple months ago and think it would be perfect for her

  23. April Bird says:

    I am a newsletter subscriber- of course!!! And I’m spreading the word through facebook to all my friends. I LOVE this giveaway! I am a HUGE scrapbooker myself. My favorite product is the scrappy clocks. What a great idea!

  24. Sarah says:

    I’m an official reader of the newsletter!

  25. Libby says:

    I’m a dating diva subscriber & I think the gift tags from scrappy gifts would be so fun to have!

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