November 13, 2010

MENu Dating Book Review Giveaway


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I know we have lots of advice and book reviews for the married, but what about all you single gals out there?  Well, we haven’t forgotten about you!

Tristan Coopersmith is the author of the book MENu Dating.   She gives us a new “taste” on what dating in this day and age is really like and guidelines to help you get to your “main course” (your future husband).

Now I must warn you, this is NOT your mother’s dating book!

MENu Dating gives a fresh look on dating, stating, “THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD DATE!” Oh, how I wish I would have had this advice when I was still single.  Tristan on dating; “I love dating for the natural adventure that it is.  I love that you never know what will come of a date.  I love how dating forces you to open your mind.  I love the comedy of interaction between the sexes.  I love how each date teaches you something new about the way that guys think… and what you think about the way that guys think.  I love swapping dating stories with my gal pals… But most of all, I love dating because every date is an opportunity to discover something about yourself and to become clearer on who you want as your future co-pilot on the ride of life, certainly not a decision to be taken lightly.  This investment of time and thought will have a huge payout in the long run, but the way I see it, all work and no play makes for one dull dating journey, so you may as well have fun along the way, too.”  Know that every date is a plate that will bring you that much closer your “main course”.

“Taste-test” tons of different man candidates (Mandidates!)…even the ones you thought you’d never date.  Yep!  You heard it right!  So what that he’s your “best friend” or he’s a few years younger than you.  Maybe his career doesn’t seem to fit your lifestyle, or his hair is blonde and he’s not the “tall, dark, & handsome” man you had always envisioned.  Never judge too early, and always step out of your comfort zone and you might be pleasantly surprised, or maybe not so much, but at least learned something and had fun doing it, right?!?!

Tristan teams up with her good guy friend, Todd Johnson, to give us a “guys-eye view” on dating, with blocks of advice throughout the entire book.  Todd writes, “Throughout the night, she continuously dropped hints about vacations she would love to take with me, how excited she was to introduce me to her parents, and that she had already gushed to her friends about meeting me.  While it was all very flattering, every time she did it, my insides cringed.  It was only the first date and it seemed like she was planning a lifetime for us.”

Sometimes it takes a guys-eye view to really help us realize those bad dating habits and maybe reevaluate the way we do things and the things that may scare those (what we thought was our main course) men away.

Tristan has lists of how and where to find mandidates, what kind of mandidates you are dating, and what you can do to get those mandidates coming to YOU!   This book has TONS of great advice to help you break those bad dating habits, get you closer to finding your “main course” and becoming an official Dating Diva!

*The Divas’ Disclaimer: This book covers a wide variety of ideas. There were parts I laughed at, parts I took notes on, and just a warning, parts I would not share with my Mother. :) It is a fun read and very humorous. I loved a lot of things about this book, although, from the conservative standpoint that the divas hold, I didn’t relate to or agree with every viewpoint presented in the MENu Dating Book.

Do you know someone who really needs this book?!?!  Or maybe you are the one desperately in need of this book?!?! Whatever the situation let us know that this book is for you by going to our sidebar and clicking “follow”.  Then – leave a comment letting us know that you are a follower AND a little about your worst dating experience ever.  We all have one of those, right!?!  We thought we would have a little fun with this giveaway and we can’t WAIT to hear your story!!  GOOD LUCK!

How To Enter The Giveaway… It’s SUPER easy!!
#1 – Be a public follower of our blog.#2 – Leave a comment & give us a summary of your WORST date experience ever.  {Keep it G-rated, please.)  lol

The giveaway will end this coming Monday, November 15th at Midnight MST.
We will announce the winner on our
Facebook Fan Page on Tuesday, November 16th – so don’t forget to check to see if the winner is YOU!!

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27 Responses to “MENu Dating Book Review Giveaway”

  1. Megan Maree Walker Boehm says:

    Im a follower!

  2. Regina says:

    im a follower

  3. Regina says:

    i wouldnt say it was my worst date, but it was embarrassing. it was our first date and we were 16 at the time. neither of us had a car so a friend of ours dropped us off at the movies and then my mom had to come pick us up. we laugh at it now!

  4. Mrs. Alston says:

    I am a follower!

  5. Mrs. Alston says:

    my worst date was when i was 19, and i was cuddling with this guy and he said my skin smelt like pee!! I got up and left! (for the record, i had several people smell my skin later that evening and it was determined it did not smell anything like pee, but rather unscented lotion!)

  6. momof2girls says:

    I'm a Follower!

  7. momof2girls says:

    I went on a date with a guy who didn't talk. He was so quiet and it was very boring.

  8. Party Girl Plus One says:

    hi girls,
    love the site. i've put you on the blogroll of my website:
    which is a comedy dating web series that chronicles a party
    girls dating diary in search of her perfect plus one.

    if you have a minute to take a peak, please do.
    again, great site. and i love the guys POV of advice. THAT'S KING!!
    that's what girls need to be reading.

    xo all the best,

  9. Connie Babe says:

    I'm a follower!

  10. Connie Babe says:

    worst date…details just can't be put in this comment, but it's the only time i called my best friend from the bathroom begging for strength…she told me i could do it and i'd get brownie points above…

  11. April says:

    I'm a follower.. :)

    I'm a recent single mom to 5 boys and I had a friend set me up on a blind date. We met for lunch and this guy was NOTHING like I had envisioned and all he did was talk about himself the entire time. It was horrible.

  12. Julie says:

    I am a follower.

  13. Answer to Many says:

    I'm a follower on FB and on the Blog.

  14. Answer to Many says:

    Worst Date ever…mmm there are so many to chose from. He took me to play laser tag turns out his ex worked there and when the lights came on and the game was over, he was cuddled up with her in the corner. And he asked me to find my own way home because he had "rekindled" with her. That one was pretty bad.

  15. JessiLeigh says:

    Recent Follower, and I'm in love with your blog ladies! Thanks for all the great stuff!!

  16. JessiLeigh says:

    My worst dating experience wasn't ON a date. I had been on too many dates with this guy I wasn't interested in (I was really really bad at saying no…) and I had kind of been avoiding him (trying to let him down easy). Well, I came home one afternoon and saw that his car was in the apartment parking lot, and he was in it! I hurried inside (thinking I hadnt been seen) and told my roommate to make something up, and I hid in my room. Sure enough, he was knocking on the door minutes later, and the conversation was unbelievable. She said I wasn't there, he said "well, I just watched her walk up here". She told him i went to the neighbors house from our connecting balconies, he said "well theres her phone, she wouldnt leave without that." It was bad. He never called again. What a chicken I was…. bad BAD me!

  17. Lindsey says:

    Well I'm a follower, and my date wasn't really horrible…it was more like the guy was trying too hard. He had no car so he brought over his bike and a pair of roller blades for us to get to our destination.We ended up walking instead. Then he invited his rather hot roommates along as well…not very well planned on his part cause they paid a lot of attention to me. So it wasn't my worst date but rather the date I FELT worst about for him. :)

  18. Heather Fofana says:

    I am a follower. My worst date has to be when the guy took my on a date with several other couples and kind of ignored me except on the drive there and back to my apartment.

  19. Kate says:

    Oh dating. I need all the help I can get. My worst date was when a friend called to set me up with her shy brother. She was asking a boy out as well, so it would be a group date with the four of us. I thought this girl was a little strange, but it was confirmed when with a knock at the door, it was she who came to pick me up, leaving her brother and her date in the car. Weird. We went to dinner and all was relatively normal, but I got the vibe that her date was more into me than her. We went to a haunted house, and I decided to link my arm in my dates because I was scared, not knowing that this was the this boy's first date (at 25 years old!) and he fell for me just because we had linked arms. Then the worst came when I felt someone grab my free hand, and it was my friend's date. At first, he grabbed my hand just like a friend because I was scared, but then he linked fingers… and he wasn't holding HER hand. Awkward. Let's just say, the night was a disaster, but OH! so funny! She hasn't really talked to me since.

  20. CodyG says:

    I'm a follower!!! My worst day was a TERRIBLE pity date I had because he knew I really liked him. He took me to spiderman, and bought me some candy, and ended it with I like you, but not like like you. Oh, sixth grade love, you were always a pain. Blech!

  21. Candace Stevenson says:

    public follower right hurr! Worst date experience: my first date. the kid picked me up, went to a fast food place, drove to his friends house where we watched a movie that was already 3/4 way over, then went to an LDS stake dance where he danced like a freak and made me join along. haha I do not miss being 16 :)

  22. Erika says:

    Lol on the public follower! I am now, on Google & Facebook :)

  23. Elizabeth & Broc says:

    I'm a follower! I love your blog!

    Worst date…I went on an all day marathon date, which is fine, but we went roller skating (which I'm HORRIBLE at) and I fell really weird and awkwardly with my left knee nailing the right wheel of the skate. No big deal, right? Wrong. I ended up having a HUGE black bruise on my knee that was THROBBING the entire rest of the night. By the time I got home I couldn't bend my knee. After a week of this HUGE black bruise and throbbing I went to the doctor who thought I broke a bone. I had x-rays and everything. Nothing was broken, thank goodness, but I damaged all the nerve endings in my knee and was told I might never get feeling back. So, about 5 years later…I still have no feeling in my knee. But I guess I will always remember that date!

  24. Cassie Mary says:

    I'm a follower!!

    I'd say my worst date experience was going to prom with a guy and then not wanting to have him dance with me very much. He just claimed he wasn't very good at dancing, but I still felt silly when I tried to dance with him only to be sort of rejected.
    No worries, though. That guy is my hubby now!

  25. One Happy Family says:

    I'm a follower. Hmmmm….worst date. Well, this really shy guy took me to see a movie. I was so tired and he didn't talk the whole time and the movie was so boring that I slept through the whole thing. He had to wake me up when it was over. It was embarrassing.

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