September 17, 2013

A Pinterest Party with FREEBIES for Everyone!!


We are SOOOOOOO excited to announce….


7- One Stop DIY Shop


You heard it! Yes, there are all sorts of amazing Group Pinterest Boards out there, but we wanted to do something a little different. We partnered up with a few of our amazing BlogLand friends to bring you this ONE board that contains all of our best of the best. PLUS – we’ll be hosting giveawayscontests, and offer plenty of freebies for everyone that follows it!



Especially because we are kicking things off TODAY {September 17th} with a HUGE Pinterest Party… filled with giveaways AND freebies for everyone who participates!!

To prep for this, you probably want to get to know all of our amazingly talented blogger friends AND you definitely want to follow all of their Pinterest Pages!!  {HINT: If you are following all of their Pinterest Pages AND this new “One-Stop DIY Shop” Group Pinterest Board… you are going to be eligible for ALL of the big-ticket giveaways happening during the party.} You can thank us for that little tip later! WINK!


{Click the links below to view their websites & “follow all” their Pinterest Pages.}


bloggers dating divas

 Website / Pinterest

{Ahem… of COURSE we want you to follow our amazing Pinterest Page, cuz it ROCKS! Let’s be honest! MWAH!}


bloggers somewhat simple

  Website / Pinterest


bloggers lil luna

  Website / Pinterest


bloggers remodelaholic

  Website / Pinterest


bloggers i heart naptime

  Website / Pinterest


bloggers maskcara

  Website / Pinterest



  Website / Pinterest


 Now that you are following ALL of these fabulous bloggers on Pinterest… mark your calendars for:


{click here to convert to YOUR time zone}

WHY?? Because….


Party announcement and Rules


Thanks to Groopdealz for sponsoring this Pinterest Party! Groopdealz is an awesome daily deal site that offers boutique products at 30%-90% off the regular price! Groopdealz is special in that their deals are targeted for WOMEN. From jewelry to clothing to home décor, Groopdealz is sure to be your newest shopping addiction.

This event is in no way affiliated with Pinterest. We hereby release Pinterest of any liability related to this promotion. 

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Recent Comments

35 Responses to “A Pinterest Party with FREEBIES for Everyone!! ”

  1. Dawn says:

    I’m so excited! I’ve never done a Pinterest party before. :)

  2. Tara Tara says:

    I LOOOOOOVE all of these websites! Super excited for tonight!!!! XOXO

  3. Becca Becca says:

    Woot, woot!! Can’t wait!

  4. Michelle R. says:

    Sounds great! Looking forward to participating as much as I can since this appears to happen from 5-6 CST. I will not pin and drive. I will not pin and drive. I will not…

    Hope the party is a huge hit!

  5. Amy Blood says:

    Michelle R., it’s actually 9pm-10pm CST!

  6. Delina Wille says:

    Question- how do we ‘tag’ from Pinterest? I am excited to get my 20 20 20 done but this step has me stumped! Anyone who can answer thank you!!!

    • Becca Becca says:

      On no worries- it’s super simple. Just type the character @ and then start typing the name of the person you want to tag. A pop-up will show up with your Pinterest friends that start with that letter and you can select their name. Finish writing your comment or description and then click the Comment or Repin button to publish. After you tag the person, the description or comment of the pin features her name, and it will be linked to her profile page. Make sense?

  7. tania says:

    when tagging friend, does it have to be 20 different friends?

  8. Ashlee says:

    Do the 20 pins need to be pinned to a specific board? I’m thinking no, but thought I’d ask!

  9. Lori Finch says:

    This looks like fun! I hope I can keep up!

  10. Ashley says:

    I can’t tag 20 friends :( It thinks I’m spamming! Anyone have any tips?!

  11. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    Got comment blocked on Pinterest. Not a great idea to do 40 comments :/ + more for giveaways and photo captions.

  12. Joanna Rothe says:

    This is awesome!

  13. Marg says:

    It says it blocked my comments – too many I’m spam? What do I do?

  14. rebecca says:

    Pinterest is blocking me from tagging people and commenting! It says I’ve been doing it too quickly and they have a block in place to stop me from commenting too much!!! Aaahhh!!! What do I do?

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