July 25, 2013

Our Marriage Manifesto: Pin 4, then SCORE!


Here at The Dating Divas, we encourage a conscious and proactive approach to investing in your marriage.  We want to help make lasting marriages, which in return will create everlasting families.  We also understand that life is crazy, and it can be easy to forget our well-intended plans and let our marriage slip down our list of priorities.  SO, we decided to make a “Marriage Manifesto” that we could hang in our bedrooms as a constant reminder of what we want our marriage to be!  Sort of like our own marriage mission statement.

And, of course, we needed it to be pretty too!

So we enlisted Tasha, the talent behind Whimsicle Design Studio, to turn our words into this beautifully designed wall art…



How’d you like to SCORE our FREE printable Marriage Manifesto?

Yep, FREE!!!  We are giving it away to all of YOU lucky ladies!  You even have two different colors to choose from.


All you have to do is pin the 4 posts below and then follow us on Pinterest. That’s it!!

How about some more fun ideas for strengthening your marriage?  Coming right up!

1. Click on the “Love on the Run” picture and re-pin.


2. Click on the “Dating Divas Community” picture and re-pin.


3. Click on the “Date Ideas” picture and re-pin.


4. Click on the “Anniversary Ideas” picture and re-pin.

50 Anniversary Ideas

5. Follow The Dating Divas on Pinterest. (Just click the button below and then click the red “Follow All” on our Pinterest Page)




Just a couple of button clicks and voila- you’ve got instant access to…



You TOTALLY want to get your hands on this RIGHT NOW, right? I know! Who wouldn’t?! Just print, frame, and hang for fabulously romantic bedroom decor!

{Pstt…..this would also make a quick and easy anniversary or wedding gift!}

So follow us on Pinterest right now, pin those 4 fabulous posts above, and then…

Fill out this quick form below to let us know it’s done. IMPORTANT: Once you’ve hit “submit” – check your screen again for the link & password to access your FREEBIE!

OH- and if you love this print, you’ll want to check out our other set of DARLING Wall Art we had commissioned. The grey one even matches!  You could start your own “love collage.”

*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Pinterest. We hereby release Pinterest of any liability. Freebie offer starts Thursday, July 25th at 5:00 AM PST and COULD end Thursday, August 8th at midnight PST…. or maybe it WON’T!! {We’ll keep you guessing!}

WHAT?! You’re not on Pinterest?! {GASP} Girl, you are SO missing out! We need to get you up to speed STAT. Stop what you’re doing and click over to Robin’s post right now to get the whole Lowdown on Pinterest. Trust all, you’ll be so glad you did. Then come on back and snag your cute, free Printables!

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107 Responses to “Our Marriage Manifesto: Pin 4, then SCORE! ”

  1. Laurie says:

    It’s not letting me pin the 4th one. Saying inappropriate content

  2. Krystall says:

    If I don’t have a pinterest account, is there another way I could get a printout?!

    • Becca Becca says:

      Sorry- this freebie is exclusively for our pinterest followers. But the good news is- Pinterest is FREE and you can sign up for an account in just a couple of minutes. :)

  3. Terry says:

    I did it all and got the message with the link and clicked on it without looking at the password…oops. Anyway I can get the password emailed to me? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. JENNIFER says:

    I did everything, received the password and when i typed in the password or copy and paste… nothing… except the message you need the correct password….

  5. Tammy says:

    Hi, I just did everything and it will not accept the password. It says I need a correct one….

  6. Tara Tara says:

    These are AWESOME printables! Perfect for a marriage… and I LOVE the idea of these being wedding presents! What a great way to start off a new marriage!

  7. Lela White says:

    For some reason I didn’t get mine through Safari…of course it could have been an operator error?

  8. Kaye S. says:

    Pinned them all. Already followed on Pinterest.

  9. Raquel says:

    Do these fit in an 8 by 10 frame?

  10. Annie says:

    Clicked away from the page before seeing the password…oops! Can you email it to me? Thanks!

  11. Vanessa says:

    Hi there! I went through the process of pinning and typed in the password…I downloaded it, but I can’t seem to opent he file on my computer :( Is it possible you could email it to me? I just wanted to open it as a photo I can print off my computer..My one year anniversary is next week and I would love to frame this for my hubby!
    Please help!


  12. missy says:

    For some reason it will not allow,me to enter my info to get the free prints less. I have pinned the links and am now following you on pintrest. How can I get the free marriage prunranked? Thanks …I really like your stuff.

  13. Brooke Frizzell says:

    I did this but never received a password.

  14. Barbie says:

    I did not receive a password after pinning etc…for the free download Marriage Manifesto.
    Thank you

  15. Nichole says:

    I followed the instructions but the link went away to get it printed can it be sent to my e mail so I can print it?

  16. Sherra says:

    I completed all the steps but the password won’t work. Help.:)

  17. Abigail Griest says:

    It gave me the link and the password, but when i put the password in on the new page, nothing happens!!

  18. Susan says:

    I Love this Marriage Manifesto, I would love to print it in a different color scheme is the a plain typed version that I can print onto colored paper?
    Thank you

    • Becca Becca says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have a plain typed version and we don’t change our printables after they air as a rule. But I’m sure if you contact Tasha at Whimsicle Design Studio (she’s the fabulous designer who created this for us), she’d be glad to help you come up with a personalized version. http://www.whimsicledesignstudio.com :)

  19. Von says:

    It gave me the link and the password, but when i put the password in on the new page, the password was wrong :(. Help

  20. Von says:

    It gave me the link and the password, but when i put the password in on the new page, and the password doesn’t work HELP

  21. Von says:

    never got the memento

  22. Casey says:

    I typed in the password for the marriage manisfesto and it didnt work. It says the content is password protected?

  23. marielle says:

    I just did all the steps and got the HAPPILYEVERAFTER password, but when I try to submit it on the site nothing happens… :( Could you email me the printable file instead?
    Thanks! :)

  24. Chandra says:

    I received the password and was entering (using my iPhone) and it jumped and went to a different page before I hit submit

  25. Kaydrielle says:

    For some reason, it’s not working when I enter the password. It just says that I need to enter the password…

    • Becca Becca says:

      Just emailed ya, Kaydrielle! (Were you using Chrome, by any chance? For some reason that browser seems to have trouble with our password-protected posts. Sorry about that!)

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