April 16, 2011

Rockin’ Review: Carma Sirrine



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 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage

Carma Sirrine


I absolutely love it when we get to hear advice from people like Carma who have been married for over 50 years! What an incredible journey these two have been on!! I look forward to that day with my own hubby!! Carma lost her mother at a young age, she has come far, and she wants to share her success, as well as others, with all of you!! She has a very inspiring story and background. What an incredible mother, grandma, friend and I am sure WIFE! 😉

Carma’s book, 10 Secrets For A Happy Marriage, is a very insightful book on other marriages in this day and age. Short stories, of Carma’s friends and family, that share with the reader, the ins-and-outs of ways to create an everlasting marriage.  These are stories from real people!! I couldn’t even pick a favorite to share with you. There has to be at least one story in this book that everyone can relate to, with heartfelt ways to show unconditional love to your spouse.  My favorite part of the book, chapter 10. The last one, where she shares all her secrets…

Her stories and advice focus on the following topics…

Relying on the Lord

Making Decisions Early

Making Loving Relationships

Having TOTAL Commitment

Money Matters

Lighten Up Your Life

Having a Good Attitude

Sharing Thoughts and Feelings

Remembering the Best Times

These things are just a few of the many important matters we need most to make our relationships last. Carma has been very kind to share this book with us, and to allow us to give not one, but TWO signed copies away to our amazing readers!! So YES, you can own this book yourself!! It would be great for any couple, newly engaged, newly weds… well anyone!!! Hurry and enter, you are missing out!!!


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110 Responses to “Rockin’ Review: Carma Sirrine”

  1. Annette Burke says:

    I am “egg”sited about my husband taking me to Washington this summer! Looking forward to just some time with him!

  2. Sarah Tobler says:

    I am a newsletter reader and my advice for marriage is to be easy going and spend time together.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been a newsletter subscriber since the first one!

    Hmmmmm my very irreverent advice came from a ninety year old woman in my Mom’s childhood ward. “If you must argue, always argue naked. You will either resolve the argument in laughter or in love!”

    My own advice is to always pray together as a couple. It’s very hard to not feel cherished and loved when someone is expressing gratitude and concern for you to your Heavenly Father.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I’m extra EGG-cited for my birthday in ten days….a temple trip, great food AND retail therapy while our little one gets a special grandma weekend! The best of all worlds!

  5. Kayla says:

    I am a subscriber!

  6. Kayla says:

    I am EGG-cited about planning our wedding!!!!! (April 2012) 😉

  7. Lindsay says:

    I am a regular newsletter and blog-site reader and love your tips! I can’t wait until my husband and I are together again in June, and this 6 months apart is over, so I can use your dating ideas!!!

    I am EGG-cited about…..trying some of your group date ideas, because we have some awesome couple-friends here, and they are perfect for some of the sillier ideas!

    And I am also EGG-cited about. this book. I see far too many popular marriage and relationship books written by people who are on their 3rd or 4th marriage! Not confidence inspiring!

    My best marriage advice…listen to the meaning behind words from your spouse that feel upsetting. Is he frustrated? Upset about something else? Tired? Before I react, I now put things in context. It has saved me/us from misunderstandings more than once. Where did I learn it? My husband! He did this from the start, and I saw how much better it made our communication!

  8. Telsha says:

    Subscribed- I think when we are doing well is when I start thinking of my husband before myself. When I’m selfish it never seems to work

  9. Telsha says:

    Emailed a shout-out (Hey Did you see the giveaway from Dating Divas? It closes tonight so go check it out!

  10. Dezi A says:

    I am EGG-cited about spending time with my 4 day old baby. :)

  11. Sharylann says:

    I am a subscriber and my marriage advice is to take some time and laugh together. It lightens the load. Get in a wrestling fight and end with a tickle war.

  12. Natalie says:

    I am EGG-cited about seeing my mom and sister this weekend!

  13. Brooke Hill says:

    Subscribed- Always say I love you before going to sleep. And never, ever go to bed angry!

  14. Brooke Hill says:

    I am egg-cited that spring is almost here and I can spend time outdoors with my man!

  15. Katie C says:

    Subscribed already! I love you ladies!
    My marriage advice is to be silly! Do anything that makes you feel like a kid again and laugh away together! :)

  16. PAIGE says:

    I subscribe :)
    A secret – my husband loves to be loved through service –
    Somedays it is difficult – and I want to be selfish – but that is never productive!

  17. Katie C says:

    I’m egg-cited for the Easter egg hunt play group I’m having here at my house on Wednesday! 😉

  18. I already subscribe. :)

    My husband loves if I snuggle with him first thing in the morning. I’m not an extremely physical person and once I’m awake I like to get up and get going, but he appreciates it, so we do! He’s happy for the rest of the day!

  19. Jennifer Kohl says:

    I already get the news letters and a secret that I have learned is sometimes the best thing to do is just laugh (when appropriate) rather then get angry/ irritated about something :)

  20. tammy says:

    I subscribe! Be a team—there is strength in unity. Always be there for each other.

  21. Jennifer Kohl says:

    also posted on facebook :)

    “Love LOVE LOOOOVE the Dating Divas! A website with a ton of fun date ideas! This week there giving away a book. You should go take a look :)”

  22. MaryBeth says:

    I’m a subscriber. My tip is to put your spouse’s needs above your own.

  23. MaryBeth says:

    I am EGG-cited about the warm weather that is going to be coming.

  24. Karyna says:

    I am EGG-cited about our upcoming anniversary plans!!!

  25. Karyna says:

    Already subscribed. One of our “secrets” is always assuming the best! When something is said that comes out negatively we remember that we love and like each other and wouldn’t intentionally hurt each other so don’t take it personally, forgive if we are hurt, and talk it through if needs be

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