October 21, 2011

Giveaway: The 100 Day Promise



When Brian King’s wife first contacted us & told us about her husband’s book….I was instantly intrigued!  I am extremely familiar with the point of view of a wife, as I live that every day.  I was excited to see how a husband decided he was going to work on his marriage….as an experiment….without telling his wife what was *really* going on!

He set out to love and serve his wife for 100 DAYS!!  Ummm….do you know how long that is?!?  I read his book, fell in love with the concept, and decided I was going to try it out.  I was going to make a conscious effort to put my spouse FIRST each day….and I was going to keep a journal & record the whole process.

I think I *started* my 100 Days at least three times.  It’s HARD!!  Seriously!  We preach every day on our site to think about your spouse and think of what you can do for that person.  I feel that overall, I am a loving wife who would do anything for my husband….but we, as humans, are naturally selfish!  I tend to kinda want that last piece of chocolate…..or prefer to sleep in a little longer and let him get up first to handle morning duties….or am slow to be excited about watching a football game with him on TV…..

*I am addicted to chocolate.

*I looooove my sleep.

* I would rather watch a Chick Flick….or reality TV.

BUT – I do love my husband and he is more important than ANY of those things.  This is the message that Brian King tries to get across to his readers.  This book is a little different because he shares with us his journal entries.  We get to take the journey WITH him as he fights against any selfish instincts he may have and diligently serves his wife on a daily basis.   We get to see a REAL marriage completely exposed.  We go on the journey with him as he talks about the ups, the downs, the changes in his relationship, & the improvements in his marriage.

I started doing this again {for the 4th time} and I realized that both Jamie & I already DO put each other first most of the time, but I want it to become as natural as breathing to me. I don’t even want to have to think about it!  I did simple things like bringing him a drink when I got one for myself, offering to give him a backrub, letting him use the laptop first, giving him a compliment, offering to clean up dinner by myself so he could watch a game with one of our friend, etc.  Like I said, these are usually things we already DO….but it helps to have it foremost on my mind.

ALSO – part of this is holding our tongues.  Not saying those snappy comments, when on the brink of an argument, take the higher road and apologize first, etc.  Using KIND words is something the author stressed in the book.  Jamie & I don’t argue very often, but I am definitely going to try to take the higher road if any do come up.   :)

I would highly recommend this book.  It’s a quick & fun read….and you will want to immediately start YOUR 100 Days as soon as you finish reading!  See what Cami says below after she read it….

*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *

I believe that if people focused on trying to better themselves, both in their marriage and in their personal life, life overall would be so much better.  This is exactly what Brian King, author of The 100 Day Promise, did for his life.  The idea of his book came on a night, driving in the car on the way home from a trip, and having, yet again, another misunderstanding with his wife.  How many times do you have misunderstandings with your spouse that should be so small, but you make it so big?  It happens too many times for all of us.

Brian King wanted peace back in his relationship, so decided to do an ‘experiment’.  He promised himself that for 100 days he would make a conscious effort to love and serve his wife completely for 100 days.  He wondered what would happen to himself, to his wife, their marriage, and their family if he did this?  Well, he put his experiment to the test and wrote a book with his findings!  And it’s GREAT!

So, what do I LOVE about this book?  Many things, but to name just a few…I love that it is a FAST, easy read – with great results, I love that you can feel the author’s emotion and elation throughout the 100 days as he sees the improvements in his life, I love that it is such an easy, simple task to do: love and serve your spouse – something everyone in a marriage should be doing already, and I love hearing the improvements that not only came to the marriage, but the author’s overall happiness with life.  Who would have thought that serving someone else would make you feel so good?  In the book, Brian King states that he wanted to serve the way he would want to be served.  The Golden Rule to the T!

“Stretching our souls in service helps us to rise above our cares concerns and challenges.  As we focus our energies on lifting the burdens of others, something miraculous happens.  Our own burdens diminish.  We become happier.  There is more substance to our lives.”  David S. Baxter, page 23, The 100 Day Promise.

When serving others, we become happier.  What more could we ask for?!  And even more, when serving our spouse, they benefit too!  Brian King held himself accountable to this experiment by typing his thoughts down at the end of every night.  He recorded the things he tried to improve on everyday and his spouse’s reaction.  He tried to live with a different mindset, and it made a world of a difference in his life and marriage. I love that he was able to get over the ‘small’ stuff real fast, and move on.  He also states that being nice doesn’t really take much more effort than being ‘normal’.  How great is that?!  Something that does so much good for your life, isn’t hard to do!!!!

As the experiment goes on, living like this becomes 2nd nature to him.  Less than half way through the 100 days, he realized that his actions were driven less by the experiment and more by his natural desire.  He also said that he noticed that kindness seemed to bounce back right at him too!  Even though he was the only one doing this experiment, both people (in the marriage) are improving!  His wife said to him that “kindness comes back”.  Isn’t that so true?  A little bit of kindness goes a LONG way!

I just love this book.  I think that everyone who reads it can benefit.  By the end of the 100 days the author notes how different his thoughts and actions were, how much his wife’s actions had changed, and the overall happy feeling of his household.  He noticed that he wanted to be home and couldn’t wait for work to get over to be there!   I loved reading how such small changes in his life could have such an amazing affect over his whole outlook and happiness in life!

This book is so great that we want our readers to be able to benefit as well!  We are doing a giveaway to one of our readers so you all have a chance to benefit from this AMAZING book like we did!

So, which one of YOU want to take on the 100 day challenge and see how it improves your marriage?!

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380 Responses to “Giveaway: The 100 Day Promise”

  1. Melanie says:

    I’m a facebook fan

  2. Melanie says:

    My marriage tip is to put your relationship before your pride – whether that means apologizing first or admitting when you’re wrong. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’d rather have a happy marriage than be right.

  3. ellen says:

    follow on twitter!

  4. Karissa says:

    I love my boo!

  5. Karissa says:

    Always be the first one to say “sorry”. My hubby is really good at that, but I still have some work to do. It has made a huge difference with arguments and disagreements to just apologize and try to understand what the other one is feeling. Holding a grudge is dangerous in a marriage! So it’s best to apologize first.

  6. Allison G says:

    I Liked you on Facebook and sent a shoutout on my profile! Love you girlies! 😀

  7. Allison G says:

    Also, my best advice to keep your marriage happy is just being honest. Even if it’s hard to say that you did eat the last piece of cake and you feel like a fatty for doing it… it’s nice for him to know that you did it, and you feel that he should know.
    I really like to surprise him at home too! If our house was a mess, and I just decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I would clean it up and he would come home to a pleasant surprise. Little things like that really do matter to him and lets him know I care! :)

  8. Allison G says:

    Wasn’t paying attention! I put two things in one box! I want this prize… haha. :)
    I Liked you on facebook!

  9. Kassie says:

    Follow you in facebook! This book looks great!

  10. Kassie says:

    Follow you on Twitter!

  11. Angela says:

    I am a fan on facebook

  12. Angela says:

    One of the things I do to keep my marriage strong: whenever my husband is “in the mood” and i am not (cuz we have 2 little ones that I stay home with and I don’t always feel sexy/vivacious/energized ;)), I ask him to give me 15 minutes. I go into the bathroom, soak in a bubble bath, put on nice perfume and slip into some lingerie. It always gets my mind shifted from children-pulling-on-my-leg-covered-in-trouble mommy to sexy-ready-to-please-my-man woman. :)

  13. Amy Richards says:

    My husband and I have been married just over 10 years. I think our success comes from genuinely being “with” each other when we are together. Listening to someone when they speak is important and we make that a practice. We put the phones up – the computer up and just enjoy each other and the kids. Communication is key in any successful marriage, however it is easiest to communicate without all the electronics on. :) I love my husband and will devote my days to the success of our marriage and our family.

  14. Amy Richards says:

    Amy Richards
    Awesome Book!

    Rockin’ Review: The 100 Day Promise | The Dating Divas
    This post is a review on the book The 100 Day Promise by Brian King. It highlights all the great things about this book and also gives five away!..

    Like · · Share · 19 seconds ago.

    Shared on my facebook page for the giveaway!! <3


  15. Amy Richards says:

    Follow you on twitter.. coachamy01 :)

  16. Gina says:

    I follow you on facebook!

  17. Brandy says:

    I follow on facebook and we have always heard the famous saying.. Treat others the way you want to be treated…. i find this is really true in a marriage you have to serve to be served and love to be loved.

  18. Jenny says:

    I’m a fb fan!

  19. Jenny says:

    We have finally figured out (10 years into marriage) what each other’s love language is. It has made a HUGE difference! Mine is time, his is service. So now we know what ways REALLY show our love to each other! For me, it’s a date night. AnyTIME spent with HIM where we’re focused on each other. Not sitting on the couch watching tv with his feet propped on me while he calls it “cuddling”. :) For him, it’s a clean house, a foot rub, an unexpected special treat, a little somethin’ somethin’. I know now that him going out of his to DO something for me is HIS way of saying “I love you”. And that if I want him to do it MY way, I have to tell him because it’s not his natural way of doing it. It was a mind-blowing realization.

  20. De-An Davis says:

    I am a faithful fan on facebook!

  21. Jana Johnson says:

    A successful marriage secret I like is: Time+Talk+Togetherness -Dr Jon Van Epp

    Also, I’m your biggest fb fan!

  22. De-An Davis says:

    Tip:Learn to communicate with one another on a daily basis find and make the time for your spouse.

  23. Tami says:

    My hubby and I received this piece of advise when we got married, “Try to never ever ever say anything unkind about the other person to anyone!” In six years of marriage it has definitely been something that keeps us closer to each other. And rather than husband bashing, I can think of all the good things my hubby does for me when others are complaining about the things they dislike in their spouse.

  24. Elyssa says:

    I follow The Dating Divas on Twitter!

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