September 26, 2012

Facebook Fun!


PLEASE tell me you know about our awesome Facebook page! No??? Oh my goodness, you have to come and find us! I wanted to write this post to let you know that we ARE indeed on Facebook and we LOVE to interact with our readers in “real time.”  Facebook lets us communicate with our readers and share TONS of great dates, quotes, pictures, and ideas with you! One of the main reasons we love our Facebook page so much is because you can post on our wall with YOUR fabulous ideas!! For example, about a month ago we got this from a reader, Karrie:

Hello, Just thought I would pass this along! Anyone with a Kindle or the Kindle app on one of your other smart phones of Ipad? Here is a free cook book for today (don’t know how long it will stay free!) called “Special Dinners for Two” check it out!

Special Dinners for Two (Easy Recipes from Scratch)

{And YES you can still get this book! It’s not free, but it’s really inexpensive and looks SOOO fun! Thanks Karrie! :-)}

Also, Facebook is a great way for us to help you! Here is a post from our wall from our reader, Erica:

Can some creative ladies help me…. hubby is traveling all week in San Fran next week. I’m flying up there to surprise him on the last day of his travels, which happens to be our 12th anniversary.  Any suggestions to surprise him with everyday until I get there? Thanks

Since Facebook notifies us when you post on our wall right away, we were able to respond quickly and help Erica that same day! Here is our response and the the long-distance idea we shared in reply to her request:

Erica, what a great city to celebrate your anniversary! We have collected a great list of long distance anniversary ideas. There are a few that I really love. I know you will find one or two that you’ll fall in love with too. Click on over to our post by following this link—> Happy anniversary to you two!!! xox ♥

We were able to lead her to a FABULOUS post by Cami (Find it HERE!) to help surprise her traveling husband for their 12-YEAR anniversary!! BTW, Congratulations Erica!!

Here are some other fun things you can find on OUR PAGE:

HAHAHA! Oh how this made me laugh! This is SOOO my husband!

And here are some of the SWEETEST things:

Ain’t that the truth?!?

Isn’t this guy the cutest? So sweet, seeing his bride to be!

And how about these little cuties?? Isn’t this a GREAT idea? I totally want this to be me and my husband, Zac in the years to come! I could make them now (since our ‘together since’ date will never change), and we could have them forever! Maybe an awesome anniversary gift idea??

Anyway, we hope to see ALL of our blog readers over there in Facebook land! It’s a great way to communicate with us, share ideas and laughs, and of course get some awesome date ideas!

If you’re interested in that ‘Special Dinners for Two’ book that our reader, Karrie told us about, you can get it right here!

Special Dinners for Two (Easy Recipes from Scratch)

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  1. Tara Tara says:

    Such a FUN post, Robin! I absolutely LOVE our Facebook Page!! 😉

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