Hijack & Kidnap Him!

Yes! I hijacked my sweetie’s car and kidnapped him!

A totally awesome way to kidnap your spouse. Take them on a fun and adventurous date night – all while being handcuffed together! It will be a hilarious date night to remember, complete with handcuffs, a sweet dinner in the back of your car, and target practice. Here are are the darling details!

The Scheme

You gotta get him outta the house on a NEARBY errand. I mentioned I needed one little thing before our date and asked my honey to go to the grocery store for me – then you quickly follow him there, and once he goes inside for the errand, you run over to his car, hop inside and… WAIT.
*the errand should be QUICK one – we don’t want you falling asleep while on the lookout!*

*Variation: Another idea is to show up to and kidnap him from wherever – from work would be a fun surprise or simply leave your honey a personalized ransom note to find when he gets home. It could read that you have ‘X’ for him, and he must do ‘Y’ in order to get it, and you’ll meet him at ‘Z’ to get started!


The Note

I prepared a warning note for him {download yours below} and sent it with him in an envelope with instruction to open it in the checkout line (just so he would have a little suspense and not punch me in the face when he hears me in the backseat! Okay, maybe that’s a bit over dramatic, but I wanted him to become curious and aware…) As you can see, it is totally simple. I just printed this page and glued it on a black piece of paper to give it a black frame.

By this time when your honey jumps in the car and probably looks around, you’re already surprising him with a big smooch or else he’s screaming while you cover his eyes and say ‘guess who?’ (Just kidding, don’t freak him out too much!) But be sure to make it clear that he’s in for some FUN and you’re taking him as your love hostage on a date beginning NOW!

Oh yeah, one little detail…

You’re gonna wanna slap some cuffs on your love hostage. The catch? He’s gonna be handcuffed to you!

If you don’t already own a pair of handcuffs, you can usually pick up a cheap pair for a couple dollars at the Dollar Store or Walmart.

P.S. You’re going to want to cuff HIS RIGHT hand to your left if he’s driving and then sit as close as possible in the car so your honey can still drive safely.

I noticed this was a FABULOUS way to keep us holding hands! Remember how long you would hold hands before you were married?? Yeah, me too. I was surprised at how often I went to let go out of convenience, but of course, couldn’t… kind of an eye opener!


Next, without telling my honey our destination, I ordered him turn by turn down the road until we pulled up in front of his favorite Chinese take out restaurant.

I wanted to cater to my hubby’s tastes for dinner – try to pick a place HE would most likely choose… it’s the little kindnesses that mean the most! Then take your little bad selves inside – still handcuffed together – to get your dinner TO GO.

*Variation: OR you can easily have a picnic style lunch/dinner of your choice already packed in the car with you.

Of course you’ve gotta take your victim back to your hideout to eat. I choose an empty field not too far from our house. Once again I directed him where to drive, and we just pulled into the field a little ways off the road and ominously called it “the middle of nowhere.”

*This might be a different place for everyone. I planned to eat in the car because I could easily fold down the seats and make it our hideout that way. Other options could be going back to your house where you’ve set up “make shift” eating arrangements in a hiding area such as sitting on a soft blanket in the basement where you’re “out of sight” or in a blanket hideout fort in the family room – whatever your imagination can come up with!

So dinner was kinda hard being handcuffed, and we took them off after the first few minutes.

At the end of the meal, I handed him his fortune cookie and said,

“What do you want your future to hold?”

Take this perfect opportunity to say, “I love you and here’s my undivided attention. What can I do now or over time to help make your dreams/goal come true, BAAABY!?”

And then we had one of those REAL discussions that bring good things. What? That’s so boring you say? No way! Every marriage needs the partnership to nourish each other’s individual goals. Will your hubby be surprised that you want to proactively work on something to make him happy? My husband LOVES it when I do this because he shoots for the stars! This is an activity you won’t forget if you take it seriously, and I have found this very rewarding in my marriage. For example, some of the goals we have successfully helped each other accomplish are a few years ago, together (but mostly me) we developed a better budget to slowly save and allow him to go on a guided hunt he had wanted to take for his whole life (granted it was well over a year later, but we made it happen because of a dedicated talk like this!) And one for me is since December he’s given me the extra help I needed with the kids to make it possible for me to go to the gym 3 – 4 times a week. Woot woot!! It is so healthy for my mama-sanity (let alone for fitness!) I want to always be one of those wives who helps make my husband’s dreams come true and I’m pretty sure all you DIVAS feel the same!

Afterward, go ahead and head home…


The Ransom

This is the part where your honey gets a chance to earn his freedom back (but as you’ll see, if you rig the activity to slightly be in your favor, you can still keep playing him as your hostage until you get home, which can have benefits…if you know what I mean…) So I decided to have a little shooting competition with nerf guns to see which one of us could hit the bulls eye more times. I tried to make it sound like it flowed with the kidnapping theme – weapons! My advantage though?Take a look at his target:

and here’s HIS target next to MINE

(Any weapon that shoots will do – the Dollar Store here also sells a variety of little toy guns or else Target offers a tiny single shooter for as low as $3.99 – or you can even shoot rubber bands off your hands like a gun.)

To make the big target, I just used the brightest poster board I could find, cut a large circle from random 12×12 black scrapbooking paper I had lying around, and made one ring of color around the black bulls eye with marker and crayon. For the small target, I used a half sheet of regular copy paper and highlighters and a sharpie for the bulls eye. I know… my stuff is primitive, but c’mon, I’ve got 3 kids!

Of course, we got into it and ended up just shooting mostly at my target, but he did get a good laugh when I showed him his target!


The Finale

Time for some lovin! After all, he’s been through a kidnapping today, you whooped his booty at target practice, and he needs a little TLC don’t ya think? I put the handcuffs back on him (just him, not me this time) and led him upstairs. I’ll let the rest be left unsaid except for a suggestion that if you have an outfit or anything similar to this:

It wouldn’t hurt the fun factor to put them on!

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I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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15 Responses to Hijack & Kidnap Him!

  1. KIIRSTY – love you, girly! Cute date – you did AWESOME!!! Jamie was with me when I got on…and as soon as I saw the title…I hurried him outta the room! 🙂

  2. I seriously laughed my way through your post! Haha, this is TOTALLY up my husband's alley and he's going to love it! I've kidnapped him once, from work, about 5 years ago. And THAT was a great date. I love how you really talk about the future together, too. That's something I definitely need to be better at doing.

  3. That sounds like fun! I kidnapped my hubby after work for our 10 year anniversary last month. I played him a video message on my phone from my kids saying "you are going to christchurch" (a plane ride away from our city). I had his bags all packed and ready to go. It was so fun planning it and revealing it! Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Thank you so much for making this website. The husband and I have hit a low point in our marriage but are trying to work on it. I love all these different date ideas and I am so looking forward to trying some of them with the husband. Thank you thank you thank you! =D

  5. I am kidnapping my hubby this weekend and we are staying at a nearby luxury hotel for the entire weekend! He is shocked as I have never done this before – teehee! I did have to give him advance notice so he wouldn’t plan any meetings, etc….the anticipation is as much fun as the occasion! Can’t wait! Thanks for the support, ideas, and inspiration….this is a great site!