February 18, 2014

“We’re Lucky In Love” Banner


St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and we are sharing some of the cutest ideas ever with you! I usually only look forward to a few holidays, but this year I have to add St. Patrick’s day to my list because of all this cute stuff that we have on our site this year! Ha! 


I am not super crafty and I don’t decorate all that splendidly, but look at this cute banner I made! If I can do it, so can you! You won’t believe how easy this is going to be! A huge thank you to Julie for putting together this easy and quick tutorial! Yes, we are totally going to steal her idea today!  Head on over and take a peek at Julie’s “I Love You” Banner. Keep that window open as well as this one because you will be using her tutorial.


Isn’t this banner super cute?!  A huge thank you to Strawberry Mommycakes for making these darling printables! She is fabulous, check her out!!!

Materials Needed:

Scissors and or Paper TrimmerI would highly recommend getting a paper trimmer, it cuts your cutting time in half!!!
Double sided tape
Craft Stapler
Green Craft Ribbon
Whole Punch
Printable Banner-printed onto white cardstock

Yep, that’s it! Seriously the easiest DIY banner ever, right?! Now that you’re ready to take on this super easy project, let’s get started!!!


Each and every page is essential for this banner, so print those babies up!

Pages 1-8: We’re Lucky in Love Banner words

Pages 9-10: Blank pages for the 3 leaf clovers

Page 11: Hearts to make the 3 leaf clovers to put onto blank pages

Page 12-16: Strips to make clovers (pay close attention to the dotted lines for cutting strips)

DIY Instructions:

Step 1) Cut everything out! This is where that paper trimmer comes in real handy! If you don’t have one, after this project you will wish you had!


Step 2) Make your three leaf clover out of hearts.  Grab those cute hearts you cut out and fold them in half. Use double sided tape to glue them onto your blank banner pieces.


Step 3) Make four or more three leaf clover strips.  Grab 3 lovely strips all of one design or mix it up. Using one strip, fold in the middle. Curve the ends together, to form a heart shape and staple in the middle of the heart. Do that with the two remaining strips. Staple all three hearts together to make your shamrock. Whole punch two spots at the top of your shamrock. Now that you’ve got one down, make several more. The Crafting Chicks also have a fabulous step-by-step tutorial on this you can use, if needed.

Step 4) Connect all the pieces. Refer to Julie’s “I Love You Banner” for easy instructions on putting your banner together. Grab your lovely ribbon, cut it into many small pieces, glue one ribbon piece onto one banner piece with double sided tape. Continue to do this until your entire banner is connected.


Step 5) Tie through the strip clovers. Cut one long ribbon piece and slide through the holes on the top of the shamrock. Make a knot at the end of the ribbon.

Step 6) Decorate away! Now hang this from your mantel, on your wall, or in the front window for all to see! Add a cute St. Patrick’s day printable and voila, your house is decked out!

This adorable banner will proclaim to your guests {and on those days when you need a reminder as well} that you are LUCKY IN LOVE all month long!!!

The decor for St. Patrick’s day is done, so let’s start planning some other fun St. Patrick’s day activities. Here are a few easy ideas to help you out! Start the day off by leaving a little green love note for your spouse to find. Enjoy the luck of the Irish on this lucky date.  Then end the night by getting lucky, literally! If you’ve already done these ideas, then take a peek at our St. Patrick’s Day section all month long for some brand new ideas that are absolutely adorable and fun!

Enjoy celebrating your love this St. Patrick’s day!!!

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4 Responses to ““We’re Lucky In Love” Banner ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    This turned out cute, Michelle! I LOVE how festive St. Patrick’s Day is… and I LOVE the color green. XOXO

  2. Candice Candice says:

    I love this, Michelle! All the shamrock hearts are adorable- what a great way to add instant charm to your decor.

  3. Teresa says:

    There is no “a” for the word “are.”

    • Chelle Chapman says:

      The “A” is not really missing, the banner says, “We’re” instead of “we are”. Hope this helps. :)

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