August 3, 2011

All About You Basket



I recently created a list of 101 reasons why I love you, for my husband. I thought back to when we were dating and how I had done the same thing, and thought it would be a great idea.  So I didn’t leave it at that, I decided I would create an, “All About You” Basket, which would include my love letter but some gifts as well. (You could create a list at any length, I chose 101 because I had done this before.)

I had to spend some time coming up with meaningful reasons to write about in my 101 reasons. I didn’t do this in one sitting, but would write a few lines whenever I had a few spare minutes. It was easy and pretty quick to do, once my brain got started.

Then I headed to the store with all of my reasons to pick out a few things to buy to put into my basket. I spent a total 0f $35 on my basket which could be high because I bought a movie to put into the basket. The great thing is that you can be creative and include whatever you would like and spend whatever you want to spend.  Most of my things were $1-$3 items.  My basket was only $3 from my grocery store.  For speciality treats you could use ACandyStore to make your basket one of a kind.

 I picked out specific things in my letter that I could buy something for.  For example I bought some light bulbs for the phrase, you “light” up my life! I bought some sponges, because my man is so “Handy.”  Things like that were really easy and triggered my thoughts as I was at the store.  Of course I wanted to bring up some other things like the fact that he is sexy, so I bought him some sexy boxers to wear.  I bought Get Smart, because it goes with the phrase, he has a great sense of humor.   The sky is the limit for what you could buy and have things from your love note to tie together.

Once I bought my items, I came home and looked through them.  I typed up all of my phrases on the computer so that I could tape them onto them.  This was really quick and I even put them onto pink cardstock.  I grabbed my basket and put my list into it with my 101 Reasons letter to Brent.

Then I started to fill the basket with everything I bought and their tags. I didn’t have a lot of room so I had to stack things to make them look cute. Once I was finished I put cellophane all around it and tied it with a ribbon. It looked so cute and I was excited to give it to my sweet husband.  Not only was there great stuff in the basket, but it was totally meaningful which made it even better!

I got home and left it on the table as a present. When he got home, he was so surprised. He loved the basket and even reminisced about the “101 reasons” gift I had given him over 7 years ago. He grabbed that letter, which I didn’t even know he still had, to compare, and was shocked at how different they were. It was very romantic and made my husband excited. He appreciate the gift and thought it was awesome! So go make your husband or wife excited by making then an “All About You Basket!”

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45 Responses to “All About You Basket”

  1. Colette says:

    This is so cute! I was thinking of doing something like this do I was reading through and how CRAZY that as I was reading I got to the part where it says, ” I put the letter in for Brent” that is my husbands name! I feel like this idea is meant to be now and I really should do it! I feel like it’s a sign, it’s a great idea and I’m sure it was very meaningful to your Vrent as it would also be very meaningful for my Brent!

  2. lovethe idea says:

    What all did u put in ur basket i love it

  3. Maryssa campbell says:

    This is Maryssa Campbell
    I have some questions on the all about you basket

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    Hey I was wondering everything you put into the basket?

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