January 15, 2013

Eat Your Heart Out


When the mood strikes, you MUST go with it!  I sure did…!  With Valentine’s Day on my mind, I conjured up a sassy way to get my man in the spirit!  One afternoon, while my hubby was at work, I printed out this simple yet cute printable!  I grabbed some bright {never before seen} lingerie and festive candy jewelry.  I took a picture of all the goodies with the printable and text the pic to my man with the phrase “Tonight, get ready to …”

“Tonight, get ready to …. Eat Your Heart Out!

// I knew, the rest of the afternoon, my hubby’s mind would be wondering… and wandering!  For dinner, instead of serving him a typical plate of food… we skipped right to DESSERT.  I laid out a pretty plate of all the treats for our evening of fun!


We grabbed the goodies and enjoyed a sweet treat… both of candy AND each other!


If you don’t like skipping straight to dessert… use Becca’s fabulous Hot ‘N Ready idea as your main meal {wink wink}!

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2 Responses to “Eat Your Heart Out”

  1. Julie Julie says:

    Wowzers Paige- nice idea that I am sure EVERY husband on the planet would love his wife to do!!

  2. Nisha Nisha says:

    lol….Ditto to Julie’s comment! We are way overdue for new lingerie!

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