January 28, 2014

Secret Message in a Bottle


Are you someone who loves a little mystery and fun in their life? Me too!  Why not put a little bit of both in for an awesome gift for your husband?

cami-secret message in a bottle-pinterest

I LOVE the suspense in movies when someone is stranded on a deserted island, they figure out how to write a message of needing help, roll it up and place it in a bottle and send it on its way, hoping it reaches someone that can lend aid.  It just seems so exciting!  Now you can create a secret message for your hubby using INVISIBLE ink and then have him ‘discover’ it later on :).   How romantic! Sigh!

I have to give Juanita of  Juanita B Photography a quick shout out for taking these AH-MA-ZING pics!  She is SO talented!  Thanks Juanita!

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

What YOU need to create this awesome, romantic gift:

- Bottle with a cork (or a vase would suffice)

- Printables

- Scissors

- Paint brush OR Q-tips

-  Lemon

-Bowl or jar for lemon juice

- Ribbon (optional)

- Heat source for the one receiving the hidden message (listed below)

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Leah Aldous created these amazing printables for this post.  They include a printable tag to attach to your bottle, in invitation, and 2 love letter prompts.  She is amazingly talented!  Thanks Leah!!

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Once you have printed off the printables, you need to decide if you want to leave your cute hubby an invite for a special date night, a love letter, or BOTH!  Cut your lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl.  Take your paintbrush or Q-tip and write your message.  You will be able to see what you write in the invisible ink while you write but it disappears once it dries!  I suggest you write out your love message before hand on a separate piece of paper to copy because there is no erasing with this ink! :-)

Cut out your tag and you can tape it to your bottle, or hole punch it at the top and tie it to your bottle.

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Now that you have your secret messages ready, roll them up into a scroll and you can tape it or tie it with ribbon and insert into your bottle.

Next, you need to leave a little note next to it with instructions on how to read their hidden message.  A 3X5 card would be perfect for this.  Let them know that they have to heat up the paper(s) using a heat source.  This is the tricky part.  You need to heat up the paper without catching it on… FIRE! LOL!  But seriously, you need to be extra careful to not get the paper too hot.  There are lots of options you can use for a heat source: light bulb, iron (steam turned OFF), candle, or stove (gas or electric).  I personally liked using the iron best.  If my paper was getting too hot I put a thin rag in between the paper and iron and it did great!

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Voila!  You are done!  You have an easy,  great, and mysterious gift for your spouse.  I know he will love the mystery of it all AND the cute message/date you have given him.

For some awesome date night ideas check out Michelle’s Je T’aime Hotel or have a romantic spa night at home!

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10 Responses to “Secret Message in a Bottle ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    This is such a FUN idea, Cams! I love how the printables turned out!!! Gosh, we have so many ideas on here for V-Day… how am I going to make up my mind which one{s} to do?? XOXO

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    The idea of a secret message is brilliant!!! The printables are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!! xox

  3. Anete says:

    My Hubby made me a bubble bath, and that is where I found the bottle with a message. So You can do the same – use bath time to hide the bottle under bubbles :)

  4. Candice Candice says:

    Such a darling idea- love note and cute activity all in one!

  5. Lisa says:

    Last year for our anniversary, I wrote my husband a love letter and put it in a bottle with a cork and floated it among the bubbles in the hot tub. Unfortunately, I skipped the VERY important step of tying a ribbon or taping the rolled message together tightly before placing it in the bottle. And so, the decorative bottle complete with the love letter still inside sits on our mantel.

    • Cami Cami says:

      Oh Lisa- Such a cute thing to do for your hubby on your anniversary. I am sorry that there was a small ‘technical difficulty’ with your message getting stuck IN the bottle! Aaaaa! At least it gives you guys great memories and you can smile about what happened! LOL! Thanks for your fun comment!

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