July 29, 2013

The Ultimate Fire-Themed Date Night


First we would like to give a shout out to Firefighterwife.com! Tara and Wendy spoke at their first annual Flamefest this past weekend! This date is dedicated to them… to all the firefighters who serve us every day… and their amazing wives!

I am so proud to be called a FIRE WIFE!  As a fire wife my life is a little different then most wives. When my husband leaves to work, he doesn’t return home for two days or sometimes three and I constantly pray that he returns home to me in one piece. I have to be very supportive and uplift him because his job isn’t always roses and sometimes it’s very hard on him. I try to live in the present and show him how much he means to me all the time because we never know what will come tomorrow. He works on holidays, on birthdays, and anniversaries, which means that I have to be independent and have a flexible schedule. Regardless of all the downs, there are so many ups, one being that he loves his job and that means the world to me!

A few weeks ago, 19 firefighters died fighting a wild fire in Arizona. This is such a tragic event and it tugs at our heart strings. As a diva group, our thoughts and prayers go out to the spouses and families that lost their loved ones in that fire. These men and women are a the very definition of a hero and we are so thankful for firefighters who run towards the flames to save others. We want to encourage all of you to show your appreciation to your local serviceman (firefighters, policeman, and military), send thank you’s, say hi when you see them in public, and donate to their causes, they need your support and love for all that they do to serve our communities!



My hot hubby is my real life hero and I wanted to create a date that he would love and that would show him how special he is to me. I’m super lucky to have a group of ah-maz-ing diva friends who helped me put this ultimate date together and lucky to have Diva Wendy help me snap these photos with her dope camera!  I am super excited to bring this creative date and fun idea to all of you!!! As a wife of a firefighter, of course this date is centered around a FIRE theme! Your man will love all the attention focused on him and will have a blast even if he isn’t a firefighter!

Hold on tight because this is going to be an all day (or two or three) love affair with you and your man, which means this is going to be a long post. Stick in there, you are going to be BLOWN away by all the free printables (10 flamin’ pages!!!), hot love notes, sizzling intimate ideas, and a 4 alarm menu coming your way!!! We wanted to give you a TON of options for this date – so you can do them all or pick and choose the parts you know your man would love. 

Let’s get BLAZIN‘…

Get Prepared

Fire wives know that they need to schedule one on one time with each other! So this date is all about focusing without distractions aka kids, technology, work, etc. Take time to find a sitter. Swap with a neighbor, call in a favor with family, or find a teenager in desperate need of a little cash. Turn off the TV, cell phone, and computer. Do whatever it takes to have some alone time with your man.

You will need to gather treats, create an invite, blow up balloons, prepare a water fight, make a yummy dinner, put together a romantic bedroom game, and create a tag journal – all while your hubby is away. One thing I love about my husband’s schedule is that I always have time to surprise him without him having a single clue! Depending on your schedule, you might need to take a few days preparing every component of this date {if you choose to do all of it}, so take your time and make sure this happens right!

Not only is this date about adding some spark to your day, it’s also about making memories. Today is not the time to be camera shy, get out your camera and get ready to take pictures during each step of the date. 

Michelle-blazindate-Love notes

Before your man leaves for work, surprise him with several flammable notes and yummy treats. Tuck a few hot notes with their treats inside his car, his breakfast bowl, his duffle bag, his lunch, or his dresser drawer. Imagine his surprise when he finds steamy notes about being such a hottie! You are going to make his week!!!

Flammable Love Notes and Treats:

You help keep our relationship FLAMIN‘!- Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

I’d like S’MORE of you later- S’mores-(Wendy has a yummy recipe that she is sharing with all of us, recipe is below the list of hot notes.)

Firefighters are RED HOT- Red Hots or Red Hot Pringles

You’ve ROPED me into the safe keeping of your arms- Licorice Ropes

Because of you this girl is on FIRE-Fire Doritos

You’re one HOT TAMALE- Hot Tamales

You’re my SWEETIE, you’ve rescued my HEART from the flames-Sweethearts 

Stop, drop, and ROLL…You are on FIRE-Tootsie Rolls

You’re smokin’ and need to be HOSED off-Water Bottle

Sound the alarm-a HOTTIE is in town-Atomic Fire Balls

You steal my breath away, hurry on over BIG HUNK and give me mouth to mouth-Big Hunk

Wendy’s Ooey Gooey Smores Treats

Graham crackers, THIS marshmallow frosting recipe & chocolate to melt and dip this deliciousness in! Super easy! Make the frosting, use a baggy to squeeze it onto the bottom cracker, add top cracker and dip the s’more sandwich in melted chocolate. Let it cool if you want a chocolate shell or eat it immediately, it is yummy either way! Enjoy!

Now it’s time to invite your honey on a date! First we need to prepare your invite, balloons, and notes. 

Michelle-blazindate-fire starter

This invite is really simple but you are going to make it adorable! Use sticky glue dots to attach a match and candle to the middle section of  the invite. The top section is for a photo of your man in action, a picture drawn by your kids of a fire truck or a fire station. 

Now this part is going to take a little bit of work. Place teasing note slips in red balloons before blowing them up, then tie with yellow ribbons. The good news is that you’re only blowing up 9 balloons, woot, woot!

Are you ready to be sneaky?! When he’s almost out of work, drive up to his station/office and place your invite and balloons in his vehicle. Can you see him eagerly popping balloons to read every single note?!  Snap a few pictures of your handiwork! 


Leave a little path of love notes using sidewalk chalk up to the front door. At the front door place two water guns, filled with water, and the note hinting at a “hose fight” AKA WATER FIGHT for him to find when he returns home for work. Be ready to jump out the door once he finds his note and get ready for a fight… the FUN kind! Have your camera ready to snap a picture of the two of you armed and ready to strike as well as a photo of the two of you drenched when the water fight is over.

A few hose fight ideas…take a peek at SOAK Up The Sun Date idea for a colored water fight. One suggestion to this date idea, after you’ve finished one color, swap colors and fight again! If you can’t get outside… play indoors {however, we wouldn’t recommend using colored water inside…}. Yes, your house will get wet but no worries, it’s just water and will dry in no time, the memories {unlike the water} will last forever!  Or if you want to kick it up a notch, have a white underwear/tank top water fight, he can only wear undies and you can only wear a white tank top!!!

Michelle-blazin' date-4 alarm menu

After you have played your hearts out and have worked up an appetite, it’s time for dinner. We have to keep our men in shape so we are serving something delicious yet healthy for dinner. A huge thank you to Diva Chrissy, Sarina, and Becca for helping out with preparing and snapping photos of their yummy dishes!

Fire Extinguishers

Water (yes this is “Bachelorette Jeff’s” water, but any will do!)

Flaming Peppers and Chillin’ Dip

 Firehouse Burgers  (Recipe courtesy of Be Envied Entertaining)

Sizzling Sweet Potato Fries

 Molten Lava Cakes (Recipe courtesy of tonyarohr)


Mmmm, I’m getting hungry, aren’t you?!

Take a few more photos during dinner, of your man taking a big bite of his burger or of you taking a scoop of dessert.

Michelle-blazin'date-bedroom game

Up to this point of the night you should have been turning up the heat by flirting, teasing, and playing with your man. He should be anticipating some heat in the bedroom….

The game of the night is Flamin’ Kiss and Twist which is a play on Twister. You can make this game several ways…

On a tarp: Print up 6 pages of each color, making 24 pages. Cut out each circle and place them on your playing surface. Make 4 rows of 6 circles. Glue each circle to your tarp with Modge Podge or a heavy duty glue. Or if you have a vinyl cutter, I would suggest using that to make the game on the tarp.

On a Twister mat: Print up one circle. Cut out the flame and use it as a stencil. Trace the flame on each circle on the twister mat. 

On a fitted bed sheet: Print up two circles.  Cut out one circle and cut out the flame in the other. Place the sheet on the bed. Using fabric markers trace four rows of six circles of each color on the sheet. Using the flame stencil trace a flame inside each circle. This is how I created the game, was easier then the tarp and cuter then using the original twister board. 

To make your spinner: Cut out the black flame on the bottom of the spinner page. Using a small hole punch, punch the middle of the spinner board and the spinner. Place the hole of the spinner over the hole in the board. Grab a paper fastener and push it through to the back of the spinner board. Voila, your game is ready to go!

 Once you’ve prepared your game. it’s time to set the scene. Place a plastic tarp/cover over your bed then lay your game over the tarp. Cover the game with your duvet, fold down a corner so that the game is peeking through. 

You can invite your smokin‘ hubby to join you for play time by giving him the “You’re on fire… stop drop and roll” note after dinner has finished or you can lead him to the bedroom and place the note on the bed for him to discover. 

Rules of the game: First player, spin the spinner and follow the movement that is designated by the spinner. Second player does the same as the first. When the spinner lands on a circle in the kiss and twist section, the player must lean over the color that they’ve landed on and kiss whatever body part is nearest to them. Continue with the game until it gets too steamy and players can’t stand the flames any longer! Clothing off and Body Oil is a must!  (I suggested you place a tarp below your game because you don’t want to mess up your sheets, right?! I wouldn’t even consider playing this game with clothes on! Go for it in your birthday suit & oil up. Your hubby is going to flip!)

Journal Keepsake

Remember all those photos you took of your date night?  These are going to come into play right now! Download these photos onto your computer and print up a few of your favorites. Print up 4×6 and 2×3 sized photos, cut them out and fit them inside of the flaming picture borders. 

Cut out the fabulous poem, created by our darling and creative Diva Becca, and glue it to the first page of a red spiral bound notebook. Be the first to write an entry. You could write love letters, memories, wishes, inside jokes, silly questionnaires, or flirty suggestions to each other. Place the photos you’ve prepared scattered throughout your sweet love note. Leave one or two sexy photos loosely tucked within the notebook with a note that let’s him know that these photos are for him to tape to his locker, slip into a private desk drawer, or to keep in his briefcase to peek a sneak at whenever his heart desires! This will be a date that he will never forget!

Tuck the notebook secretly into his duffle bag or briefcase before his next shift. Are you imagining his surprise and excitement? I can totally see it! 


Whew…The end or is it just the beginning?!

This date is a doozy, right?! If this is too much to handle in one full day, linger over the date and take a couple of days to complete it in entirety.

Your sweetheart isn’t going to know what hit him.  What I love about this creative date and fun idea is that he is constantly going to be thinking what is coming next and be completely impressed with each new step of the date. Not only are the two of you, the “firefighter” and the “firefighter wife”, are going to have a blast but you will connect, focus undivided attention on one another which will rekindle those flames!  Nothing gets better then this!!! You are going to have soo much fun on this date and your hubby is going to brag about you for weeks!!!

A big SHOUT OUT to the Lehi Fire Station 82 C shift crew for welcoming us to the station to take pictures!!! We love you guys!!!! 


After this date, you are going to want to continue having ultimate dates and romantic moments that will bring to the two of you closer and make unforgettable memories forever! You are in luck because I am sharing my all time favorites with you…  

My list of favorite Ultimate Dates and Bedroom Games:

Boys and Girls Night Out 

 The WILD Jungle Safari Date

Je T’aime Hotel

Intimate Operation

Strip Trivia

Twist & Dare

 Pair any of these dates with an intimate bedroom game and the two of you will be scorchin’ in no time!!!

One more thing before you leave…Your printables by the rockstar Inked Leaf Designs aka Design Diva Sameeha (she is a design treasure, check her out!!!) are right here waiting for you… Print these smokin’ babies up, prepare a little, and you are flamin’ to go! 

A Blazin’ Fire Date Night Printables Package 


For amazing delicious recipes that OUR husband’s love, check out our Dating Divas Recipes Revealed Cookbook!

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