October 11, 2013

“All About Us” Charades Date Night


Hello there to all you ladies (and gents!) who adore your lover & partner in life and fun! It’s AMANDA & I’m back to share another great idea for a fun couple’s night…. that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch in front of a TV. Have you noticed that after you’ve been together for a while {with barely more than a look or gesture} you know exactly what your sweetie is thinking or feeling? If so, then this is the date for you! Or perhaps your lover-reader-meter is a little off and you need some practice with what’s going on in your sweetie’s adorable noggin’? Once again, this date is right up your alley!


If you remember from my post last month – Get to Know Me” Matching Game then you probably guessed I’m a big fan of reveling in all the things we already know and love AND investigating aspects of our partners we haven’t yet discovered! However, this month has a fun, maybe even challenging twist that will keep you guessing! For this date, you provide information about yourself and your relationship… but without words. That’s right, it’s a game of “All About Us” Charades!


With this adorable printable designed just for us by the extremely talented Whimsicle Design Studio, you and your sweetie will have everything you need to make this date night memorable! All you need to do is print the printable, follow the provided instructions for assembling the cards, then fill in the blanks for who you will be wordlessly “describing.” We’ve even added blank cards if you have some extra clues you just have to act out! Whoever has the most correct guesses wins… the two of you decide what the prize will be…


As an extra note, this is also a GREAT group or family date! Whether you decide to make this date night just for the two of you or expand to a room full of people, I wish you an evening full of laughter, crazy gestures, and as always, more love for your special someone. Have fun!

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9 Responses to ““All About Us” Charades Date Night ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    Those printables are darling! What a FUN way to enjoy an evening & find out more about your loved one{s}!

  2. Becca Becca says:

    Love your fun games, Amanda. PERFECT for an at-home date after the kiddos go to bed. ;)

  3. akaAmandaK says:

    Thanks Tara and Becca – of course I love these games too – SO fun!! :) Glad you liked it!

  4. Jen says:

    Okay, I’m feeling a little silly. I don’t get how to play this game? So, we write our own names in the blanks, and then we act out our own clues and our partner guesses? Or do we act out their clues? I’m sure this is completely obvious, but I am missing it! Help!!

    • Jeanette says:

      I am with you Jen. I don’t really understand either. It is the love challenge for tomorrow so I was hoping to play. I am sure I am missing the obvious too. But, I could def use more instructions.

    • Tara Tara says:

      Hey Jen! Here’s what I’m guessing happens…

      Once printed & cut, divvy up the cards & write your names on there. So, half of the blank lines would have my name on them and the other half would have my spouse’s name on there. It doesn’t matter who gets what cards.

      The last two sheets are for you to make up your OWN things to act out.

      Then, place them all face down & take turns drawing cards & acting them out… the other person will be guessing.

      If it were ME playing, I would have a scoresheet & a time limit. If you have one of those hourglass timers, that would be awesome! Put the timer up and you have that amount of time to act out as many cards as possible. Each card your spouse guesses will be a point for you! {You’ll have to chat ahead of time to make sure they truly ARE trying to guess.} When the timer is up, then it’s his turn.

      Maybe make a wager ahead of time.. whoever gets the most points gets a backrub… is OFF diaper duty for a week, etc.

      Hope that helps! Have fun!

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to play this tonight!!! Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!!! xox

  6. akaAmandaK says:

    Hey Ladies!

    Tara gave a great description of how to play the game! You can really play it however you want – guessing only your own “clues” or putting them all in a stack after putting your name on half and your sweetie’s name on half, and acting out whichever person’s clue you draw!

    My original thought is you put your own name on the clues (you may even want to write in what the answer is as a reminder… or to keep everybody honest, in case somebody has a competitive streak. lol). You then act them out. Your sweetie is challenged to read your signals and gestures – about YOU! It’s still so fun to incorporate into a group date night too – just give everybody a chance to get to know you better or prove how well they already know you!

    However you choose to play, I hope you have so much fun!!!


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