October 15, 2012

Book Club with my Babe


Long distance relationships are HARD! Anyone that tells you otherwise is wrong. My husband is away for a few months and I wanted a way for us to be connected during this time apart. I love the feeling of us working towards the same goal and having a hobby together. So the idea of a long distance Book Club came to mind. (Obviously you don’t HAVE to be long distance to do this.)

Start by inviting your spouse to this exclusive Book Club. (Remember how I LOVE old library checkout cards?!) You can download your free copy of the Book Club Invite!

You can either pick the book ahead of time OR you could kick it off with a date to the bookstore to pick a book together. I would have LOVED that option, but we were too far apart. Jot in your info (book, date you want to start/finish, author, and any other note you want to write) and leave it out for them to find or mail it to your long distance love!

I LOVE to read, but my husband doesn’t read for pleasure as often as I do. I really had to search to find a book that I knew he’d enjoy and want to read. This is why it would be awesome to pick one together, but if you can’t try to be sensitive to each others’ interests. I choseĀ Unbrokenby Laura Hillenbrand and it was an AWESOME choice. A lot to take in and sad, but amazing that one man suffered so much and overcame it all. Seriously, check it out.

Another fun addition to our book club was our matching bookmarks. I found these babies via Pinterest and thought they were so fun. Several options for which color/quote/book you want on your bookmark. They printed easily and I folded them in a matter of seconds. Nice touch every time I opened my book.

Now you can do this at your own pace and make it fit for you personally. Decide if you want a schedule, stopping points, if you want to read together, or when you want to finish. We decided to read it at our own pace and then have a date to be finished, where we had another date night and discussed the book. And don’t forget to prepare some yummy food that ties into the book!

Overall, this is a fantastic way to feel connected and enjoy a hobby together. What book would you recommend next for our book club?

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3 Responses to “Book Club with my Babe”

  1. Licia says:

    I would suggest The Hunger Games. Happy reading!

  2. Julie Julie says:

    What a great idea! My husband and I both like to read and often will read a book the other suggests. It would be way more fun to both read the book at the same time so we could actually discuss it together too. A book suggestion that both my husband and I loved is called “Playing with the Enemy” by Gary W. Moore. It is a baseball/war/relationship TRUE story that guys and girls can both get into.

  3. Ami says:

    I usually read whatever my husband is reading or likes -fantasy books by David Eddings or Robert Jordan. Then we discuss who would play the characters in the movie version, etc. He doesn’t tend to want to read books l like lol but he did read Hunger Games for the kids.

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