February 25, 2013

Fireproof Your Marriage!



 Every time I hear sirens… this amazing movie comes to mind!  So that means it is time to share a HOT date idea we received from an avid reader! We absolutely love your suggestions!! So please continue to send them our way!! {sassysuggestions@thedatingdivas.com}

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch the movie Fireproof?

We all know marriage can be totally smokin’ hot and wonderful AND we also know it can have its bumps in the road, too! Whether or not your marriage is in need of any kind of nurturing right now, THIS is a great date for you to re-connect and set some goals together!

My husband is more than on top of always making sure I am OK. He also always looks for opportunities to do anything he can to lighten my load during my day. His most recent act of kindness?? He comes home from work every night and the first thing he says to me, “What can I do to make your day better?” And he has received a few different answers, from the dishes to just relaxing himself. I cant believe how much this changes my whole day! Well, that is what this movie is all about! Service for the one that YOU love without expectations for ANYTHING in return.

A few ideas for this date could be:

-Invite your spouse with our totally rockin’ FIREPROOF PRINTABLE created by our dear friends over at Merrymint. {They sure do an amazing job!!!}


-Visiting your local fire department together and taking them a treat, thank them for their service while you’re there!!

-Plan a super romantic dinner for your date with roses, music, candles… go all out!

-Throughout the week of the date, do small random acts of kindness for your spouse. Things that may surprise them. Iron their shirt(s), make them breakfast, pick up their favorite movie one night, pack them a lunch for work with a few snacks and a cute love note, etc.

-One last one that really leaves a lasting impression on their heart, ask them daily when they get home what YOU can do to make their day better. And be sure to hop right to it if you get an answer from them!

Fireproof is available on Amazon!! {AND for a low price too!!}

The writers of this movie have actually put together a work-book called the The Love Dare, that can take you to the next step in repairing anything that may need attention. They have pages you can view, but here is one of those for you to check out!


These topics would be so much fun for conversation starters or helping sore spots in any relationship!! We also have two great dates you can try that will help out with getting the conversation going… Pillow Talk & the “My Choice, Your Choice” date night has great “Let’s Talk” printables in it. Now, since I don’t know the status of your relationship, I have left the planning up to you!! Make it a memorable night though!! Don’t forget the fireworks at the end!! {wink wink}

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18 Responses to “Fireproof Your Marriage!”

  1. Julie Julie says:

    I really liked this movie- and LOVE the message it gives! It is so important to always be working towards strengthening (or Fireproofing!) our marriages. Thanks for the good ideas:)

  2. Kari says:

    WENDY!! I Love this idea!! We watched this movie when it first came out and it was such an eye-opener! Even though my marriage hasn’t had these kinds of challenges, every marriage has challenges of some kind. It’s such a great message! I wish I would’ve had this date all planned out before we’d watched it, guess we’ll just have to watch it again!

  3. Kate says:

    This movie is so inspirational. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Sarah says:

    My husband and I received this movie and the book from our pastor when we got married, and we love it! Such a great movie and great reminders!

  5. Virginia Clark says:

    Loved this movie. I watched it while engaged, and I’m pretty excited to put this date together soon for my hubby.

  6. Judith says:

    I would love to see more ideas for marriages that need repairing. I love all of your date nights and ways to say I love you but when you are at a low point in your marriage these seem out of place and too “over the top”.

    • Wendy Wendy says:

      Judith! One thing we do that would be great for marriages in repair is our tele-retreat! Make sure you are all signed up for that, cause it is FREE!! Also we have a lot of great things in our community too that will be launched during the teleretreat! So please come check it out. :) Also, hopefully you can adjust some of the ideas to the level you need them for. :)

  7. mary says:

    the movie is great a even have the book. watched the movie with my husband and things changed between us the I’m starting the dare with him. I think any couple should watch the movie no matter what it makes things better and stronger.

  8. Erica says:

    Thanks for this great date idea. I have not seen Fireproof, but a movie with marital inspiration as a theme sounds like a good opportunity to reflect on ways to improve together. I just ordered a model firetruck kit from Amazon to complete this date. :)

  9. Tequila says:

    I will have to pass this on to my married friends and may have to get one for myself for when I’m married.

  10. LS says:

    good stuff, and it works

  11. Jessica says:

    I love this idea! My husband actually proposed to me while watching this movie, it holds a special place in our hearts. So when I was looking for a great way to celebrate our 5th anniversary and ran across this idea it was spot on for us. Thanks for the amazing ideas!

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