January 4, 2013

Keeping Your "Crush" Alive


Remember your first crush? You were probably in middle school or high school, and just the thought of seeing him in the halls at school would make your head spin! This is much the same way we feel when we meet our husbands for the first time. We spend the next few days wondering if he’ll call, or maybe daydreaming about him. Having a crush is so much fun! You doodle your name and his, get butterflies every time you hear his voice, and can’t stop thinking about him every minute of the day. Truth be told, I still have a HUGE crush on my hubby, and you should have one on yours as well!

As we journey farther along in our marriage, many of those “crush” feelings fade. Sometimes they get replaced by more mature, deep emotions. But sometimes they also get replaced by complacency, routine, and boredom. These feelings and emotions can be dangerous to a marriage. The trick to keeping your marriage fresh and fun, is to keep that “crush” alive! Keeping the “crush” mentality can be so easy, and extremely beneficial to your marriage. It keeps you longing for your husband, enjoying his company, and makes him feel extra loved. Here’s a couple quick and easy ideas to keep you “crushin” on your man just like you were in high school!

  • Hold Hands: Hold hands often! This is an easy way to stay connected physically and emotionally to your spouse. Holding hands on date nights is a must, but hold hands anytime you can – while watching TV, at the dinner table…
  • Pass Notes: We all love a good ‘ole love note! There’s tons of printable love notes here on the Dating Divas site, or you can write your own. Tell him how much you love him, the plans you have for your future with him, how cute he is, and make it even more fun by writing it on notebook paper and folding it just like you did when you were in middle school! You remember, right?! “Do you love me? Check Yes, No, or Maybe.” :)
  • Wear His Ring: When I was in high school, we would always wear our boyfriend’s ring, usually his class ring. It was always way too big, so we would either wear it on a chain around our neck, or wrap yarn around it to make it smaller. It was quite the fashion statement, and a clear sign that your heart was taken! Snag one of your hubby’s rings, if he has a class ring… even better. Wear it around and let him know that he has your heart!
  • Daydream About Him: We are usually so busy, we barely take time to enjoy the moments we have with those we love. I know I’m guilty! Take a few minutes to daydream about your spouse. Think about moments from your wedding, or your last date night. When you truly love someone, just taking a few quiet moments to think about them can fill you with butterflies and those warm lovesick feelings. :) (Send him a quick text after those daydreams… so he can think of YOU, too!)
  • Play M.A.S.H.: The fabulous girls over at Merrymint Designs have put together a grownup printable M.A.S.H. game! I just love it! Do you remember this game?! I used to play it all the time with my girlfriends in middle school. Have fun and play it with your spouse, and try to predict your future!

Looking for more quick and easy ways to keep your “crush” alive? Check out Erika’s Mini Love Notes post, or Stephanie’s Secret Love Note idea!


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5 Responses to “Keeping Your "Crush" Alive”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    This is SUCH a cute post and a darling printable! Great job, Angie!!

  2. Cora says:

    That’s awesome!!! Great advice. But… how do I get my crush to like me because I have no chance with the guy I like.

  3. Cami says:

    SO awesome! I used to play MASH ALL the time! Thanks for making and posting this! So fun!

  4. Lisa says:

    ok, really cute ideas, but I don’t really think guys care/like all this stuff. Cutesy notes and games don’t go over well with my husband or sons. any other ideas?

  5. Amy Redd says:

    Wow! Now that is bringing back some memories! haha

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