October 28, 2013

Our Love Story


Recount the special moments of your relationship that brought you to where you are now!  With a crafty, date night create your own personalized Love Story Mini-book!

Paige - Oct Love Story - Pinterest

Clear the kitchen table and grab yourselves some snacks, it’s CRAFT NIGHT!  I’m sure not many of your date nights include crafts, but tonight’s date idea is super crafty, leaving you with a meaningful story book to share when you are done.  Grab your spouse and sit down for a night of great conversation and magazine clipping!

Materials Needed:

1. Old Magazines

2. Stickers

3. Glue Stick and Scissors

4. Markers

5. Hole Punch and Ribbon

6. The fantastically designed printables by Leah Aldous.


How to Create Book:

1. Print out the adorable “scrapbook” page printables, designed by the FABULOUS Leah Aldous.  There is a set for you and a set for your spouse.


2. Given the title on each piece of “scrapbook” paper, find images or words that come to mind to describe that special time in your relationship. {Example: On the page The Dating Days, find something that reflects your first date}

3. After both of you are done with all the pages, place the “Our Love Story” cover page on top and punch holes.


4. Use the ribbon to tie the book together.


5. Finally, reminisce as you look through the book! What’s GREAT is that each of you will have different but special memories, giving you a variety of fun things to look back on and laugh or cry about!  :lol:

Years later, reprint pages, Inside Jokes, Why I Love You and Post-baby Memories and find new images and words fitting those titles!  Add them to your book or create a new book and start your very own Love Story Mini-Series! For another keepsake book, check out Sarina’s Create Your Own Storybook Post! OR for a great DIY gift, try Sarina’s Exploding Love Box!

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4 Responses to “Our Love Story ”

  1. Candice Candice says:

    Love this, Paige! It’s always fun to reminisce and this printable set is the perfect way to start the conversation!

  2. Sarah says:

    I love this! Can’t wait to make!! Thank you!

  3. Joyce says:

    I love this! Thanks for the printables.

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