August 9, 2013

People Watching Story Starters


Hey y’all! It’s Amanda (@akaAmandaK), bringing you an absolutely simple, no-planning-necessary date for you and your sweetie! Summertime means BUSYtime in my household, so this is the perfect season for a relaxed, no-fuss date that still packs in the fun! I don’t know about you, but my man and I LOVE to people watch! In our natural habitat, we humans are interesting creatures!

No human's anonymity was harmed in the making of this post. LOL

No human’s anonymity was harmed in the making of this post. LOL

When my sister and I were kids, we would make up stories about the people we saw, imagining cute couples on their honeymoon, movie stars passing through our small town incognito, or our long lost (and completely imaginary) twin coming to find us. The tradition has continued with my hubby and me. This creative date idea is a take on that same thing – observe people passing by and co-create some entertaining who/what/when/where/why’s for them!


For this fun (and cheap!) date night, grab some ice cream or your favorite portable snack, then head to the mall, park, pool, or other local hotspot, sit back, and see what unfolds! My favorite – go to the park, find a set of swings, and take in the surroundings…


Make up stories about the passersby’s you see – where they are going, who they will meet, where they grew up, what they are talking about now. Test your observation skills while giving your imagination the reins for the evening! A creative and entertaining date night that requires zero prep work… have FUN!

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4 Responses to “People Watching Story Starters ”

  1. Licia says:

    I LOVE this! Also, the pictures are beautiful! What is the flavor is that purple ice cream? LOL

    • akaAmandaK says:

      Hi Licia! So glad you love this! The ice cream is Hershey’s Raspberry – my absolute favorite, you should definitely try it!!! :)

  2. Tara Tara says:

    I seriously LOOOOOVE people watching! I could entertain myself ALL day with this idea. Airports are the best… and I have had plenty of time in them lately to people watch. lol I remember in High School, my English teacher gave us an assignment to go out in public to 2-3 different locations. We were to “people watch” and write down ALL of our observations. I chose the park & a local book store. I think that was one of my most favorite assignments in that class. It’s amazing how many different people there are out there. As I wrote down what I noticed about each person, I found myself secretly creating what I thought was the story of their lives. SOOOOO FUN!!! ….I wonder how accurate I was… hehe

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