June 24, 2013

Summer Picnic and Party Games




Hello Summer!!

I hope you love the summertime as much as I do! There is something about summer that always brings out feelings of freedom.  Maybe it’s that whole “school’s out” mentality or spending so much time out in the open, fresh air, or maybe it’s that we celebrate our own freedom during the summer that makes me feel that way. Whatever it is, summer is a great time to take advantage of the great weather with a picnic and outdoor games!

I planned this date as something you can do with a bunch of other fun couples, alone with your spouse, or even to use as a big family date. It is so casual and low-key that everyone will enjoy this date. You can try this date at home or find a favorite park to meet at.


Get started by printing out these fresh and fun FREE invitations that Leah Aldous designed exclusively for us! I love the summer colors she chose for them:) If you are  inviting other couples you can let them decide what they would like to bring for the potluck, or you can make easy assignments. I love the variety you get when everyone just chooses what to bring, but if you are more of a planner you may want to go with a theme like ‘summer salads’ and have breads to go along with, or go with hamburgers- like Stephanie’s Fate Burger, or even have each couple bring something to make Café Rio Salads (yum!!). Since you are the lucky one hosting, you get to decide {wink!}

The party games we planned are so easy, fun, and cheap. These games will not break the bank and you are guaranteed some great laughs with all of them!

The Fabulous Leah also created these FREE signs to go with each of the party games AND she even left one blank if you have some party ideas of your own!


Watermelon Seed Spitting is a childhood favorite of mine! You will want to try to get the watermelon with the big black seeds in it if you can find it, if not the little white seeds will work too. Give everyone  a slice of watermelon and have them stand in a line. You can take turns spitting seeds as far as possible OR just let everyone go for it and see who can get their seed the farthest. This is particularly funny if you have any ‘girly-girls’ in your group as spitting seeds is not the most lady-like activity! :)

Pie-Eating-Contest is pretty self-explanatory. :) I would suggest using pudding and whipped cream to make simple pies in smaller-sized pans. Real pies take so much time to make, it’s not something you like to see smooshed all over someone’s face… unless of course it is your husband or wife’s face. Make sure you have your camera ready for this one!!


Bubble Gum Blowing is a favorite for all ages! See how big you can make your bubbles and find out secret talents… can your favorite fella blow a bubble inside of a bubble? Find out in this contest! You will want to pick up decent bubble gum like Hubba Bubba so it is nice and soft for great bubbles. No rock hard stuff to make your jaws all achy (you know the kind I’m talking about… the kind they throw at parades and even the most sugar-hungry kids let the horses stomp all over…) I picked up this New Mystery Hubba Bubba gum and the flavor was… well, it was still a mystery when we were done chewing it. It was tasty and I was thinking pink lemonade, but there was also orange, strawberry, and peach suggested. If you try that same kind of Hubba Bubba, I’d love to know what flavor you think it is!

Ring Toss is so simple and easy. Use your pool rings, or anything you have around (plastic bracelets anyone?) Set out jars on the grass to toss on – you can put some Cheap Prizes into the jars to make it a little more exciting, or just let bragging rights be the prize for this contest!


Shoot it Out can be done two different ways. I love both ways so it is totally a personal preference. Both require Squirt Guns so pick up a pack and you are set for the summer. The first way to play this game is to light two candles on a table. Let two people go at the same time and try to shoot out their flame with their squirt gun. This takes a little more skill than you might think! The second way to play this game is to have one partner sit down and get whipped cream sprayed on their nose. Their partner then tries to use a squirt gun to shoot off all the whipped cream before anyone else in the group shoots the whipped cream off their partner first. Make sense? This one totally cracks me up, we did it at a family reunion forever ago and I still love it!

Ice Cream Station is a great way to cool off and mingle after all these fun games. Have some ice cream and favorite toppings available for everyone to create their own sundae treat.


I hope you enjoy putting this  date together and all the great memories you will have from it! If you have any other fun picnic or party ideas for adults, I would LOVE to hear about them- just put them in the comment section:)

We hope this summer is your best one yet!

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4 Responses to “Summer Picnic and Party Games ”

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    So many fun ideas, I’m loving the watermelon seed game, that would be hilarious!!! Printables are cute too!!! xox

  2. Tom says:

    Totally love these ideas. I love how you make bubble gum blowing into a face off!

    One thing we love to play at picnics is trivia games, on a range of topics (like useless trivia or 80s music trivia). We tend to print up a bunch of questions and mix them up, to make an eccentric question list. Just nice and lazy fun that is easy to organise.

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