September 13, 2013

Quick Gift for Him: Menu Magic


It’s time for another LOVE ON THE RUN idea! If you are new to this series of quick and easy romance tips, check out all the details HERE.


If you are looking to leave a smile on your hubby’s face for his whole work day, this love on the run tip is perfect!


All you need to do is visit Design, Eat, Repeat to download this adorable PRINTABLE MENU.  Leave it for your spouse to find and fill out before he leaves for work.  Anticipation is the name of this game (wink!)… this little menu will leave him thinking about a delicious meal and spending quality time with YOU all day long!  Cheers to a easy, fun romantic dinner date!


If you have a couple of extra minutes as you are putting the final touches on your spouse’s favorite meal, check out this Love on the Run tip to make your dinner extra fancy!

See you next Friday for another romantic idea!

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7 Responses to “Quick Gift for Him: Menu Magic ”

  1. Tara Tara says:

    This SERIOUSLY cracks me up!! I am not a cook, so I def need to do this for Jamie. LOVE it! XO

  2. Paige says:

    Tara, I was going to say the exact thing! I’d probably have to print a couple because every time I cook its a BIG deal!

  3. Amy B. says:

    If I gave my husband that paper he would write “you. naked.” Not exactly a family dinner plan.

  4. Melissa says:

    Thanks for featuring my printable! It’s so fun to see it being used in a real setting!

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