October 12, 2012

Sassy Love Spell Treats


Halloween just isn’t Halloween without candy and a sassy love spell!   You are going to start the month of October off right with enchanting treats to cast your very own sassy, romantic, teasing, and flirty love spell.   Candy isn’t just for the kiddo’s this year! Grab a small can of your favorite planters peanuts and a couple bags of the best mini Halloween candy around.  Lastly print off this adorable Sassy Love Spell Treats printable to cover your can.  Isn’t this printable so clever and stinkin’ darling?  Robin, one of tour talented divas, made this oh-so-cute printable just for you!

Suggested Candies To Go Along With Printable:

Milky Way

3 Musketeers


Reese’s PB Cups


Baby Ruth

Kit Kat

Almond Joy

100 Grand


To ensure the effectiveness of the sassy love spell treats – consume them at the same time each day {when children aren’t present, *wink, wink.}  Each of you must pick out a treat, without peeking.  Ladies first, take a bite , read the treat’s spell, and slowly lose your inhibitions as the spell bewitches you, making you do all sorts of spicy things to tease and tempt your man.  Romance your sweetie until the spell has worn off.   Now it’s your hubby’s turn to take a bite of his enchanting treat.

If you follow these rules all month long, keeping romance on your mind, the two of you will be on a cloud in sassy love spell heaven!

If you don’t want to fall off your “love spell cloud” check out Love in Disguise by Kiirsten, she’s got a few bedroom ideas for those spicy Halloween costumes.

If you need help finding candy at a great price check out this big bag assortment of Halloween candy.

PS… Ok, so I know the end of the month will hit and you’ll be thinking, “I want to cast a love spell over my hubby all year through!”  A little tip, place your Sassy Love Spell can on your nightstand, keep it filled to the brim, and remind your hubby every now and again that it’s the bewitching hour.  Trust me, you won’t have to remind him twice.  He’ll get the hint and soon he’ll be reminding you.

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6 Responses to “Sassy Love Spell Treats”

  1. Julie Julie says:

    Chocolate AND Romance…what a great combo:)

  2. Cassandra Stone says:

    ok, this is one of the cutest ideas I have seen on your site so far!! Love it and can not wait for my husband to get back home so I can give it to him.

  3. Tara Tara says:

    LOL… I have to agree with Julie! Chocolate & romance! Perfect! :) XOXO

  4. Candice Candice says:

    Love this adorable idea! So fun!

  5. Anne says:

    I made this and gave it to my husband last night. It was easy to put together and it deffinitely adds a little spark to our relationship. Very playful and flirty! Thank you Divas!

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