May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday: May 2012



Can you believe it’s MAY already??  This year seems to be flying by! Let’s sloooow down for a sec so you can browse through these amazing ideas that we aired LAST May! They were popular then & we think you will love them just as much now! Mark these babies to do THIS Spring if you haven’t already. {Click on the titles to see the entire post.}

15 Dates in 15 Minutes or Less

15 dates in 15 minutes


We live in a busy world where life is becoming rush, rush, rush. We have more and more responsibilities and less and less time in the day! Don’t let that stop you from having a weekly date night with your sweetheart! If time is the issue – then THIS post is the solution for you! To help you out, we grabbed fifteen of our date ideas that you could prepare in 15 minutes or less! Just scroll through our list & pick one out for this coming weekend!



At some point in your married life, you’ll more than likely be taking a trip to Disneyland. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. The Dating Divas are big fans of Disneyland because, well, it is a truly magical place after all! The only downside can be the expense. So we’ve gathered up our collective knowledge from our own trips to the “place where dreams come true” so that you can save a penny or two… or a LOT of pennies, as the case may be. :)


It’s time to surprise your spouse with a trip to NEW YORK!  Yep! This date night is going to take you on an exciting trip and you can even generate your OWN custom-made tickets!!  If life has been a little stress-full lately then it’s high time for a vacation… well, at least for a a few hours…


18 Creative Movie Date Nights

18 movie dates

Here… in ONE place… you can find a fabulous movie night with awesome ideas to make it a unforgettable date night! Now all you have to do is the hard part! Picking one of these awesome 18 movies!! Good luck! More coming soon! Just click on the title to get ALL of the ideas that goes along with that movie.


FIVE “Sexy” Printables

sexy printables


If your spouse is not a fan of candy or sweet treats, then these are the printables for you! Incorporate some healthier options with some sexy invitations for the bedroom. Wowza! You’ve got to LOVE anticipation. Get your spouse anticipating what’s going to happen later on that day so he (or she) has something to look forward to…


Diva Retreat: 2011

Diva Retreat 2011

Can you say girls’ night out?? Or better yet, how does a girls’ weekend sound?! You heard me right! The Dating Divas stole an entire weekend just because! It’s actually becoming a yearly tradition for us to get together just for da’ fun-of-it. No work and ALL play! Though it seems to be a bit tricky to get all of The Divas together due to conflicting schedules, babies on the way, and just life in general. But for the Divas who were able, we had a blast!

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